Volkswagen Golf 5 / Jetta 5 – fuse and relay

Volkswagen Golf 5 th generation was produced in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 mainly in the hatchback, with both petrol and diesel engines. In our material you will find a designation of the Volkswagen Golf 5 fuse boxes and relays with diagrams and photographs. Let’s show the location of all electronic control units. Separately, we note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter. This material will also be useful to the owner of Volkswagen Jetta 5 cars, since these models have a similar electrical circuit.

Golf 5 red

Generation not right? Study the description for 4 or 6 respectively.



Golf 5 location of control units


1Air conditioner electronic control unit
2Air conditioner / heater fan motor control unit
3Side impact sensor, driver’s side
4Side impact sensor, rear left
5Side impact sensor, passenger side
6Side impact sensor, rear right
7Vehicle tilt sensor (anti-theft system)
8Accumulator battery
9Diagnostic connector (DLC)
10Data bus connector
11Driver’s door electrical control unit – in the door
12Rear left door electrical control unit
13Control unit for electrical equipment of the passenger door – in the door
14Rear right door electrical control unit
15Cooling fan motor control unit – on the cooling fan motor
16Fuse / relay box, engine compartment 1
17Fuse / relay box, engine compartment 2
18Fuse / relay box, engine compartment 3 – under engine fuse / relay box 1
19Fuse / relay box, instrument cluster 1
20Fuse / relay box, instrument panel 2
21Fuse / relay box, instrument cluster 3
22Headlight range control unit (models with xenon headlights
23Heater blower motor resistor
24Beep 1
25Beep 2
28Instrument cluster control unit
29Multifunction control unit 1 – in the dashboard fuse / relay box 3 – functions: Cigarette lighter, cruise control, fog lights, hazard warning lights, headlights, rear window defogger, horn, interior lights, rear window wiper / washer, reversing lights , front dimensions, brake lights, windshield washer, windshield wiper
30Multifunction control unit 2 – functions: Anti-theft system, tailgate / tailgate lock, tailgate / tailgate opener, central locking, power door mirrors, power windows, drive for opening the fuel filler flap, sunroof
31NOx sensor control unit – under the body
32Parking system control unit – luggage compartment right
33Power steering control unit – above the steering rack
34SRS electronic control unit
35Steering column electronics control unit
36Telephone control unit – under the seat, if fitted
37Trailer control unit – left luggage compartment
38Electronic gearbox control unit – behind the wheel arch
39Windshield wiper control unit – on the resonator of the intake system

Engine compartment

Fuse and relay box is located next to the battery and is covered by a protective cover. Consists of two boxes. 1 – Department of high power fuses in the form of fusible links. 2 – section of fuses and relays.

Block under the hood

Fuse and relay box

Type 1

Photo for example

Photo of the unit under the hood


Golf 5 under hood fuse box diagram


1Engine control relay
2Outlet air pump relay
F1(30A) Windscreen wiper
F2(5A) Steering column electronics control module / (30A) DSG gearbox mechatronic unit
F3(5A) Onboard supply control unit
F4(30A) ABS control module
F5(15A) Gearbox control module
F6(5A) Instrument panel
F7(40A) Power relay
F8(15A) Audio system / Head unit
F9(5A) Telephone control unit
F10(5A / 10A) Electronic engine control unit
F11(20A) Auxiliary heater control unit
F12(5A) CAN data bus, gateway control unit
F13(15A / 30A) Electronic engine control unit
F14(20A) Engine management system, ignition coil
F15(5A / 10A) Engine management system, Lambda probe
F16(30A) ABS control module, RH headlight
F17(15A) Horn
F18(30A) Audio system
F19(30A) Windshield wiper / washer
F20(10A) Coolant pump
F21(10A / 15A) Engine management system, Lambda probe, Drive blower magnetic clutch
F22(5A) Clutch pedal position switch
F23(5A / 10A / 15A) Engine management system, Fuel pressure regulator, Secondary air pump relay
F24(10A) Engine management system, EGR valve, Solenoid valve
F25(40A) ABS control unit
F26(30A) LH headlamp
F27(50A) Glow plug control module
F28(40A) Main ignition circuits
F29(50A) Thermal fuse 1 for seat adjustment
F30(40A) Starting system (50A) Relay for unloading contact X

Type 2

The photo

Block under the hood Option 1


Volkswagen Golf 5 fuse box diagram


1Relay 2 main ignition circuits
2Starter relay
3Fuel pump relay – 1.4 (BCA) / 1.6 (BGU)
4Relay 1 of the main ignition circuits
F1(30А) ABS
F2(30А) ABS
F3(20A) Multifunction control module 2
F4(5A) Multifunction control module 1
F5(20A) Horn
F6(5A / 20A) Engine management
F7(5A) Brake light switch (brake pedal position sensor), clutch pedal position sensor
F8(10A) Cooling fan motor control module, engine management
F9(10A) Engine management
F10(10A) Engine management
F11(25A) Engine management – petrol
F12(15A) Engine management
F13(20A) Automatic transmission
F15(40A) Starter
F16(15A) Steering column electronics control module
F17(10A) Instrument panel
F19(15A) Audio system, navigation system
F20(10A) Telephone
F23(10A) Cruise control system
F24(10A) Data bus connector
F26(5A) Engine management – Diesel
F27(10A) Crankcase ventilation heater
F28(20A) Automatic transmission
F29(20A) Engine management
F30(20A) Heater / air conditioner
F31(25A) Windshield wiper
F32(10A) Engine management
F33(15A) Fuel booster pump
F38(10A) Headlight range control
F39(5A) Engine oil temperature sensor, instrument cluster
F40(20A) Dashboard fuse / relay box 1 (F1-F11 / F29-F31)
F42(5A) Engine management – Petrol
F47(40A) Multifunction control module 1
F48(40A) Multifunction control module 1
F49(50A) Multifunction control module 1
F50(40A) Audio system
F51(50A) Glow plug control module
F52(50A) Multifunction control module 1
F53(50A) Dashboard fuse / relay box 1 (P32-B37), Dashboard fuse / relay box 2 (F4)

Fuse box

Type 1

Fuse links 1


  1. 150A / 200A – Generator
  2. 80A – Power steering control unit
  3. 50A – Radiator fan and its control unit
  4. 40A – Low power heating relay or Additional equipment
  5. 100A – Fuses in the cabin
  6. 80A – Fuses in the cabin, 100A – optional
  7. 30/40 / 50А – Trailer connection and additional equipment

Type 2

Fuse links 2


  1. 150A / 200A – Generator
  2. 80A – Steering booster unit
  3. 50A – Radiator fan and its control unit
  4. 40A – Fuses in the cabin
  5. 100A – Fuses in the cabin, 80A – additional equipment
  6. 80A – Fuses in the cabin, 100A – optional
  7. 50A – Reserve

In some models, additional relays may be located outside the unit: the glow plug control relay and the air supply pump relay.

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

It is located at the end of the dashboard on the driver’s side behind the protective cover.

Block in the cabin


Block diagram in the cabin


F1(10A) Diagnostic connector DLC, Engine control unit, Relay for auxiliary heater operation
F3(10A) Power steering, (5A) airbag control module
F4(5A) Heated seats, heater / air conditioner, air conditioning control unit, oil level and temperature sensor, reversing light
F5(5A) Brake light switch (brake pedal position sensor), clutch pedal position sensor, control unit for adaptive lighting and headlight range control, on the right headlight
F6(5A) Data bus connector, engine management, control unit in instrument cluster, control unit for adaptive lighting and headlight range control, on the left headlight
F7(5A) Headlamp leveling control module, interior mirror
F8(5A) Interior rearview mirror, (10A) – Trailer control unit
F9(5A) 4WD electronic control unit, navigation system
F10(5A) Telephone, seat occupied detection unit
F11(5A) Trailer control module
F12(10A) Door control module (driver), door control module (passenger), central locking
F13(10A) Diagnostic socket, light switch, rain and light sensor
F14(5A) Brake light switch (brake pedal position sensor), automatic gearbox control unit, ABS control unit
F15(7.5A) Multifunction control module (interior lighting)
F16(10A) Heater / air conditioner, antenna selection control unit
F17(5A) Audio system, rain sensor (windshield wiper), anti-theft alarm horn
F18(5A) Parking control module, selector lever position sensor
F19(5A) Emergency data logger
F20(5A) Anti-lock braking system
F21(5A) Control unit for maximum engine speed limitation, front left footwell (special vehicles)
F22(40A) Supply fan
F23(30A) Power windows, door control module
F24(25A) Cigarette lighter fuse, front and rear, convenience system central control unit
F25(25A) Multifunction control module (rear window heater, air conditioner control unit, heater and operating mode selection switch)
F26(20A) Charging connector (socket) (25A) Rear door control unit
F27(15A) Engine management (fuel pump)
F28(25A) Inverter with socket for special vehicles
F29(10A) Engine management
F30(5A) Airbag (10A) Injectors (20A) automatic gearbox control unit
F31(5A) Reversing lights (20A) Brake vacuum pump
F32(15A) Power windows
F33(25A) Luke
F34(15A) Power seats
F35(5A) Anti-theft system
F36(20A) Headlamp washers
F37(30A) Heated seats
F38(20A) Horn relay, anti-theft alarm, convenience system central control unit
F40(40A) Heater / air conditioner
F41(15 / 20A) Rear window cleaner / washer
F42(15 / 20A) Windshield washer, Cigarette lighter
F43(15A) Trailer control module
F44(20A) Trailer control module
F45(15A) Trailer control module
F46(5A) Air conditioning / heating system, heater and windshield washer nozzles
F47(5A) Heater / air conditioner
F48(7.5A) Power Seat, Steering Column Adjustment Drive, Mag-Lite Flashlight and Walkie Talkie Charger
F49(7.5) Light switch

Depending on the configuration and year of manufacture, fuses 24 or 42 are responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Relay box

The relay box is located under the dashboard on the driver’s side and consists of 2: main and additional.

Golf relay box 5



Relay block diagram


2Heated mirror relay
4Relay for multifunction control unit
5Heated rear window relay
6Horn relay
7Windshield washer pump relay 1
8Windshield washer pump relay 2
9Relay for auxiliary ignition circuits



Golf relay block diagram 5


1Headlight washer pump relay
2Booster Fuel Pump Relay – Diesel
3Starter relay
4Headlight washer pump relay
5aStart relay (fuel system)
5bRelay for auxiliary heater
A30A Thermo fuse 1 for adjusting the position of the driver’s seat
B30A Thermo Fuse 2 Seat Adjustment Driver

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