Volkswagen Passat B8 – fuse and relay

Volkswagen Passat B8  is the 8th generation of the Passat series. Designed on a new platform – MQB. Years of release: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021. We will show where the fuse and relay boxes in the Volkswagen Passat B8 are located, their diagrams and photographs. Note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

passat b7 photo

Passenger compartment

It is located under the dashboard, on the driver’s side, behind the glove compartment.

block in saloon b8

Photo for example

Photo of the block in the cabin b8




130AControl unit for reducing agent heater -J891-
210ASteering column electronics control unit -J527-
47.5A / 10AAlarm horn -H12-
55A / 7.5AData bus diagnostic interface -J533-
65A / 7.5ASelector lever -E313-
710AHeater and air conditioning controls -EX21-
Operating and display unit for rear air conditioning system -E265-
Remote control receiver for auxiliary coolant heater -R149-
Heated rear window relay -J9-
Analogue clock -Y-
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System control unit -J502-
87.5A / 10ARotary light switch -EX1-
Electromechanical parking brake button -E538-
Rain and light sensor -G397-
Diagnostic connection -U31-
Anti-theft alarm sensor -G578-
Left background lighting LED -L181-
Right background lighting LED -L182-
Front interior light -WX1-
Anti-theft alarm sensor -G578-
Control unit for cornering light and headlight range control -J745-
Light for front left door contour lighting -L251-
Light for rear left door contour lighting -L253-
Light for front right door contour lighting -L252-
Light for rear right door contour lighting -L254-
95A / 7.5ASteering column electronics control unit -J527-
107.5A / 10ADisplay unit for front information display and operating unit control unit -J685-
Control unit for Head-up Display -J898-
1140AOnboard supply control unit -J519-
1220AControl unit 1 for information electronics -J794-
Control unit for navigation system -J856- 1)
1325AFront left seat belt -NX10-
1440AFresh air blower control unit -J126-
1510AControl unit for electronic steering column lock -J764-
167.5ATwo-way signal amplifier for mobile telephone/data services -J984-
USB charging socket 1 -U37-
Storage compartment with interface for mobile telephone -R265-
USB hub -R293-
177.5ADash panel insert -KX2-
Emergency call module control unit and communication unit -J949-
187.5AControl unit for overhead view camera -J928-
Rear lid handle -EX37-
Rear overhead view camera -R246-
197.5AInterface for entry and start system -J965-
207.5A / 10A / 15ARelay for reducing agent metering system -J963-
Vacuum pump relay -J318-
2115AAll-wheel drive control unit -J492-
2215ATrailer detector control unit -J345-
2320A / 30ASliding sunroof adjustment control unit -J245-
2440AOnboard supply control unit -J519-
2530ADriver door control unit -J386-
Rear driver side door control unit -J926-
2630AOnboard supply control unit -J519-
2730AOnboard supply control unit -J519-
2825ATrailer detector control unit -J345-
295ARemote starting system relay -J471-
3010ARemote starting system relay -J471-
3130ARear lid control unit -J605-
3210AFront camera for driver assist systems -R242-
Adaptive cruise control unit -J428-
Parking aid control unit -J446-
Lane change assist control unit -J769-
Lane change assist control unit 2 -J770-
335A / 7.5AAirbag control unit -J234-
347.5AInterior mirror -EX5-
Relay for power sockets -J807-
Reversing light switch -F4-
Pressure sender for refrigerant circuit -G805-
Air quality sensor -G238-
Centre switch module in dash panel -EX22-
Switch module 1 in centre console -EX23-
Control unit for structure-borne sound -J869-
Electromechanical parking brake button -E538-
357.5 / 10ADiagnostic connection -U31-
365A / 7.5AFront right headlight -MX2-
375A / 7.5AFront left headlight -MX1-
3825ATrailer detector control unit -J345-
3930AFront passenger door control unit -J387-
Rear passenger side door control unit -J927-
4020A12 V socket -U5-
12 V socket 2 -U18-
12 V socket 3 -U19-
4125AFront right seat belt -NX11-
4240AOnboard supply control unit -J519-
4340ADigital sound package control unit -J525-
4415ATrailer detector control unit -J345-
4515ADriver seat adjustment control unit -J810-
Front left seat cushion fan 1 -V514-
Front left seat backrest fan 1 -V512-
4630ADC/AC converter with socket, 12 V – 230 V -U13-
495A / 7.5AClutch position sender -G476-
Starter relay 1 -J906-
Starter relay 2 -J907-
5040ARear lid control unit -J605-
5125AOperating and display unit for rear air conditioning system -E265-
5215AElectronically controlled damping control unit -J250-
5330AHeated rear window relay -J9-

The fuse number 40, 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

The following fuses are also located inside the fuse box mount:

A15AOperating unit for front right seat adjustment -EX34-
Front right seat cushion fan 1 -V518-
Front right seat backrest fan 1 -V516-
B5ARemote starting system relay -J471-
C7.5AUSB charging socket 1 -U37-
R1Remote starting system relay -J471-


  • R1 Relay for reducing agent metering system -J963-
  • R2 –
  • R3 –
  • R4 Terminal 15 voltage supply relay -J329-
  • R5 Heated rear window relay -J9-
  • R6 Relay for power sockets -J807-

Engine compartment

It is located on the left side next to the battery and is covered by a protective cover. Consists of 2 sections: a communication section with fuses and relays, and a section for high power fuses.

Blocks under the hood

The photo

Photo of the fuse box under the hood Passat B8


diagram 2


125AABS control unit -J104-
240A / 60AABS control unit -J104-
ABS hydraulic pump -V64-
Engine/motor control unit -J623-
45A / 7.5A / 10ARadiator fan -VX57-
High heat output relay -J360-
Low heat output relay -J359-
Valve for oil pressure control -N428-
Turbocharger air recirculation valve -N249-
Intake manifold flap valve -N316-
Piston cooling jet control valve -N522-
Oil level and oil temperature sender -G266-
Turbine changeover valve -N529-
Engine component current supply relay -J757-
510AFuel pressure regulating valve -N276-
Fuel metering valve -N290-
Engine component current supply relay -J757-
Turbine changeover valve -N529-
65A / 7.5ABrake light switch -F-
77.5A / 10A / 15ACharge air cooling pump -V188-
Coolant valve for gearbox -N488-
Coolant shut-off valve -N82-
Auxiliary pump for heating -V488-
Coolant valve for cylinder head -N489-
Valve for oil pressure control -N428-
Control unit for fuel tank leak detection -J909-
815ALambda probe 1 before catalytic converter -GX10-
Lambda probe 1 after catalytic converter -GX7-
Control unit for NOx sender -GX30-
Control unit for NOx sender 2 -J881-
95A / 10AExhaust flap control unit -J883-
Exhaust flap control unit 2 -J945-
Automatic glow period control unit -J179-
Heater element for crankcase breather -N79-
Air mass meter -G70-
Auxiliary pump for heating -V488-
Activated charcoal filter solenoid valve 1 -N80-
Exhaust camshaft control valve 1 -N318-
Camshaft control valve 1 -N205-
1015A / 20AFuel pump control unit -J538-
1140A / 50AAuxiliary air heater element -Z35-
1240AAuxiliary air heater element -Z35-
1330AAuxiliary hydraulic pump 1 for gearbox oil -V475-
1440AHeated windscreen relay -J47-
1515AHorn relay -J413-
1620AEngine component current supply relay -J757-
177.5AEngine/motor control unit -J623-
ABS control unit -J104-
Heated windscreen relay -J47-
185A / 7.5ABattery monitor control unit -J367-
Data bus diagnostic interface -J533-
1930AWiper motor control unit -J400-
2010AAlarm horn -H12-
2130AHeated windscreen relay 2 -J611-
225A / 7.5AEngine/motor control unit -J623-
2330AStarter -B-
2440AAuxiliary air heater element -Z35-
3330AHeated windscreen relay 2 -J611-
3430AHeated windscreen relay 2 -J611-
3530AWiper motor control unit -J400-
3730AAuxiliary heater control unit -J364-


  • R1 Starter relay 1 -J906-
  • R2 Starter relay 2 -J907-
  • R3 Horn relay -J413-
  • R4 High heat output relay -J360-
  • R5 Main relay -J271- (petrol) / Terminal 30 voltage supply relay -J317- (diesel)
  • R6 Automatic glow period control unit -J179- (petrol)
  • R7 Low heat output relay -J359- (diesel)
  • R8 Engine component current supply relay -J757- (2.0l petrol engine)
  • R9 Heated windscreen relay -J47-
  • R10 Heated windscreen relay 2 -J611-

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