Volkswagen Touran 1G fuse and relay

Volkswagen Touran is a compact van with five or seven seats. The 1st generation was produced with gasoline and diesel engines in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. During this period, the car was restyled 2 times. Since 2016, the 2nd generation Volkswagen Turan has been in production. In our material you will find a designation of the 1st generation Volkswagen Turan fuse boxes and relays with photo examples and boxes diagrams. Separately, we highlight the cigarette lighter fuse.

Turan Volkswagen

Volkswagen Touran 1st generation has been updated 2 times, respectively, for the value of fuses and relays in the boxes, it may differ from the one presented and depends on the year of manufacture and the level of vehicle equipment. 

Passenger compartment


Blocks in Turan cabin

All main units are located under the dashboard, on the driver’s side, behind the glove compartment.

the location of the unit in the cabin

The cover can be removed for easy access.

photo example of a block in the cabin


Block structure

Fuse box


Block diagram in the cabin


15 / 10A Electrochromic interior rearview mirror, Onboard supply control unit
25 / 10A Trailer connector, Data bus diagnostic interface, Fuel pump relay, Engine control unit, Power supply relay cl. thirty
35A Relay for headlight cleaning, Control unit for headlight range control, Power steering control unit, Trailer detection control unit, Control unit for adaptive lighting and headlight range control,
Trailer detection control unit , Stop light switch, Indicator lamp 2 ESP and ASR, Adjustment button angle of inclination of the rear left seat cushion, ASR switch, Tire pressure indicator button, DSG gearbox mechatronic unit, Automatic gearbox control unit, ABS control unit, ASR and ESP deactivation button
410A Fuel pump control unit, garage door opener control unit
55A Heated front seats, Air flow meter, Heating resistor for crankcase ventilation, Warning buzzer for training car, Control unit for electronics control of mobile phone
65A Airbag control unit, Front passenger airbag deactivation warning lamp
75A Heated front seats heater air conditioner
85A Heated windshield washer nozzles
95A Airbag 10A Onboard supply control unit, Adaptive lighting and headlight range control unit
105A Telephone, data bus diagnostic interface
1110A Power steering, Park assist control unit
125 / 10A Automatic transmission, Fuel pump control unit,
Left headlight range control actuator, Headlight range control unit, Trailer recognition control unit
1310A Headlight range control
145 / 10A Anti-lock braking system (ABS), Engine control unit 2, Crankcase ventilation heating resistor, Fuel pump control unit
155A Diagnostic connector (DLC), reversing lights, Airbag control unit
, Taxi alarm remote control unit , Taximeter mirror, Tiptronic switch
165A Data bus connector, Instrument cluster control unit, Fresh air blower switch, Heater and operating mode switch, High pressure sensor, Driver’s seat heating control unit, Quick heating button, Parking aid button
177,5А Special cars
185A Emergency Data Logger, Taxi Anti-Theft Remote Control Unit
195A Luggage compartment light, left, Taximeter
2010A Parking system control unit, Automatic gearbox control unit, ABS control unit
215 / 10A Radio signal receiver for auxiliary water heater, Multifunction switch, Onboard supply control unit, Automatic gearbox control unit, Selector lever position sensor control unit, Multifunction switch
227.5A Additional heater, Multimedia system control unit
2310A Stop lights, Voltage monitoring relay
2410A Auxiliary Heater, Diagnostic Connector (DLC), Heating Air Conditioning, Light Switch
2520A Brake vacuum pump, Automatic gearbox control unit
2610A Engine management (Injectors, ignition coils)
2720A Automatic gearbox control unit
285A Light switch, Rain and light sensor, Climatronic control unit
2915A Rear window wiper motor, Windscreen and rear window washer pump
3020A Headlamp socket, Rear cigarette lighter, Blocking diode
3115A Additional heater
3215A Windshield Washer
3310A Service vehicles 40A Heater and operating mode selection switch, Fresh air blower relay, Air conditioning control unit
3510A / 40A Heater air conditioner
3610A Service vehicles
4020A Trailer electrical connector
4120A Trailer electrical connector or TSU socket (Cigarette lighter)
4215A Accessory Power Connector (Cigarette Lighter)
4315A Fuel pump control unit
445A Anti-theft system, 40A Supply fan control unit
4520A Audio system, Sliding sunroof control unit
465A Multifunction control unit 1
47(25A)  Volkswagen Touran cigarette lighter fuse or front seat control unit
4820A Headlight washer system, Front seat control unit
4910A Door control unit (driver), door control unit (passenger)
5030A Heated front seats, Convenience system central control unit
5120A Hatch
5225A Multifunctional control unit 1, auxiliary heater
5325A Multifunction control module 2, Headlamp cleaning relay
545A automatic transmission
555A Service vehicles
5615A / 40A Heater air conditioner
5730A Door control unit (driver), door control unit (passenger)
5830A Door ECM (rear left), door ECM (rear right)

Fuse numbers 30, 42 and 47 are responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Relay box on the on-board supply unit


Relay block diagram on the on-board supply unit


  • B1 – J681 – terminal 15 power supply relay 2 (460)
  • B2 – J99 – heated outside mirror relay (449)
  • ВЗ – not used
  • B4 J689 Terminal 30 power supply relay 2 (449)
  • B5 – J9 – rear window heating relay (53)
  • B6 – J 4 – two-tone horn relay (449)
  • B6 – J 413  – horn relay (449)
  • B7 – J729 – relay 1 double washer pump (404)
  • B8 – J 730 – relay 2 double washer pump (404)
  • B9 – J 59 – relay unloading contact X (460)

J4 and J413 are mini-relays and are installed (depending on the equipment) in one socket of the relay block.

Body relay box

Located above the onboard supply control unit.


Turan relay block diagram


  1. J496 – Relay for additional coolant pump (449)
  2. J39 – Relay for headlight cleaning system (53)
  3. 1) J17 Fuel pump relay (449) 2) J643 Fuel injection relay (449)
  4. J13 – supply fan relay (404)
  5. J3ЗЗ – fuel pump shutdown relay (404)
  6. not used
  7. J485 – Relay for auxiliary heater operation (449)
  8. J682 – Terminal 50 power supply relay (433), from May 2006 (53)
  9. not used

A – Thermal fuse 1 for driver’s seat adjustment – 30A. J17 and J643 are mini-relays and are installed (depending on the equipment) in one slot of the relay block.

Engine compartment

Blocks under the hood of Turan

Fuse and relay box

This communication box is located on the left side of the engine compartment, next to the battery.

Type 1

Photo for example

Photo of the block under the hood Varaint 1


Scheme under the hood, option 1

Protected components

A1(100/458) Ignition main circuit relay
A2(100) Exhaust air pump relay (BSX)
1(20A / 25A / 30A) Windshield wiper motor 2 (dual wiper motor system)
2(5A) Steering column control module
3(5A) Multifunction control module 1
4(30A) Anti lock brake system (ABS)
5(15A) Transmission control system (automatic transmission) (manual transmission (DSG)
6(5A) Instrument cluster control module
8(15A) Audio system, navigation system
9(5A) Telephone
10(5A / 10A) Engine management
11(20A) Auxiliary heater
12(5A) Diagnostic unit
13(25A / 30A) Engine management
14(20A) Engine management
15(5A / 15A) Engine management
16(30A) Anti lock brake system (ABS)
17(15A) Horn, multifunction control module 1
18(30A) Audio system (some models), special vehicle
19(30A) Windshield wiper motor 1
20(40A) Glow plug control module
21(10A / 15A) Engine management
22(5A) Brake light switch (brake pedal position sensor), clutch pedal position sensor
23(5A / 10A / 15A) Engine management
24(10A) Cooling fan motor control module, coolant pump relay (some models), thermostat, engine management
25(40A) Multi-function control module 1
26(40A) Multi-function control module 1
27(40A / 50A) Glow plug control module, exhaust air pump motor
28(40A) Multifunction control module 1, multifunction control module 2
29(50A) Coolant pump relay (some models)
30(40A) Instrument cluster 1 fuse / relay box (F7 / F8 / F28-F35), auxiliary ignition circuits relay

Type 2

The photo


Block under the hood option 1 diagram


A1Relay 2 main ignition circuits
A2Starter relay
A3Fuel pump relay – 1.6 (BGU)
A4Relay 1 of the main ignition circuits
130A Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
230A Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
325A Windshield wiper
45A Multifunction control unit 1
520A Multifunctional control unit 1, Signal
615A / 20A Engine management system, Ignition coil – petrol
75A Engine Management, Clutch Pedal Position Sensor
810A Cooling blower motor, EGR valve
910A Engine Management, Fuel Pump Relay, Glow Plug Control Unit
105A / 10A Engine Management, Secondary Air Pump Relay, Lambda Sensor
1125A / 30A Engine management
1215/25 / 30A Engine management, Motronic control unit, Injection system control unit
1315A automatic transmission
1540A Starter
1615A Steering column control module
1710A Instrument cluster
1830A Audio system
1915A Audio system
2010A Phone
2410A Data bus connector
2610A Engine management system – except 1.6 (BGU), Motronic control unit
2710A Crankcase ventilation heater
2820A automatic transmission
2910 / 20A Engine Management – 1.6FSi (BAG) / 2.0FSi (AXW), Ignition Coils
3020A Auxiliary heater
3125A Windshield wiper
3210A Engine management, Cylinder injectors
3315A Booster fuel pump
3810A Headlight range control
395A Engine oil temperature sensor, instrument cluster
4020A Dashboard relay fuse box 1
425A Engine Management, Air Mass Meter,
Engine Electronic Component Power Relay
4320A brake booster vacuum pump
4515A Heated oxygen sensor, Lambda probe
4740A Multifunction control module 1
4840A Multifunction control module 1
4950A Relay 1 main ignition circuits
5140A Glow plug control unit
5250A Multifunction control unit (Onboard supply control unit)
5350A Door control units, instrument panel fuse / relay box
5450A Radiator fan control unit

Input fuse box

It consists of high power fusible rates.


Scheme 1


1(150A / 200A) Generator
2(80A) Power steering
3(80A) Cooling fan motor
4(80A) Service vehicles
5(100A) (for vehicles manufactured after October 2005) – additional heater
6(80A / 100A) Dashboard fuse / relay box 1 (F20-F24 / F42-F56) 40A Low heating power relay
7(50A) Dashboard fuse / relay box 1 (F39 / F41) (for vehicles manufactured before April 2006) – trailer electrical

Additionally, on the bottom of this unit, in the model with a diesel engine, a relay unit can be installed to control and protect the glow plugs.

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  • could not solve my front-right dipped beam failure. where is the fuse/or what is the solution. according to workshop the bulb is fine. can any help?

  • The left front passenger door also window and indicator on same door don’t work and lights don’t flash when using keyfob since the garage fixed rear brakes and said they joined wires at front brakes because of false warning light could it be relay or fuse or the wire they told me that was joined up. They told me to take it home and get door to open and being it back to change the lock but I thought it was the hook to handle as it was opening from outside but not from inside everything else was working window and indicator on same door now doors not or window or indicator or lights not flashing.

  • Morning

    I have a VW Touran 2014 2 Tdi

    Can lock door s with key but not remote, changed battery in remote.

    Remote was tested, OK

    Doors still dont work.

    Where can I look please

  • I have a Touran 2008 model only opens rear windows front windows does not open

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