Volkswagen Golf 4 – fuse and relay

The 4th generation Volkswagen Golf belongs to the compact class cars. Produced in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 with hatchback, station wagon and convertible bodies. In this publication, we will present an assignment of the diagrams of the fuse boxes and relays of the Volkswagen Golf 4 with photo examples. Separately, we note the cigarette lighter fuse.

golf 4

Differences in the presented material and your location are possible. Check the current assignment with the description on the protective cover. If you own a different generation of the vehicle, check the description for the 3rd and 5th generation, respectively.

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

It is located at the left end of the dashboard and is covered by a protective cover.

Protective cover for fuse box


Scheme with the designation in the cabin


F110A Glove box lighting lamp, electric heated mirrors
F210A Direction indicators, alarm, headlight electrocorrector
F35A Fog lamp relay, dimmer
F45A License plate lamps
f57.5A Air conditioning, engine management system, electric mirrors, seat heating
F65A Central locking and power windows
f710A Reversing lamps
F95A ABS, motion stabilization system, traction control system
F1015A Electronic control unit (ECU)
F115A Instrument panel
F127.5A Power supply for the diagnostic tool
F1310A Brake lights
F1410A Interior lamps
F155A Instrument panel, motion stabilization system
F1810A Right headlight (high beam)
F1910A Left headlight (high beam)
F2015A Right headlight (low beam), right headlight (discharge lamp), control of headlights with discharge lamps
F2115A Left headlight (low beam), left headlight (gas discharge lamp)
F225A Side light bulb (right headlight)
F235A Side light bulb (left headlight)
F2420A Windshield wiper motor, washer motor
F2525A Electric fan heater, air conditioner
F2625A Heated rear window
F2715A Tailgate glass wiper motor
F2815A Fuel pump
F2915A Electronic control unit, ignition
F3120A automatic transmission
F3210A Injectors
F3410A Engine management system
F3530A Socket 12 V
F3615A Fog lights
F3710A Car radio, comfort system, central locking, power windows
F3815A Trunk lamp, central locking, fuel filler flap cover
F3915A Alarm
F4020A Sound signal
F4115A Cigarette lighter fuse
F4215A Car radio
f4310A Engine management system
F4415A Heated seats

The fuse number 41, 30A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Relay box

The main box with the relay is located under the panel itself, on the driver’s side.

Relay box location

Photo for example

Passenger compartment relay box


Golf relay box 4

Protected components

Block R

  • I Horn relay – Relay 53
  • II Intermediate relay contact X – Relay 100
  • III Free
  • IV Fuel pump relay. Glow plug relay – Relay 409/167/103
  • V Wiper relay – Relays 603, 377, 389, 192
  • VI Free
  • A Fuse for electric seat adjustment
  • B free
  • C Fuse for power windows, central locking and heated exterior mirrors

Block Z13

  1.  Fog lamp relay – Relay 53
  2.  Rear door remote unlock relay
  3. Starter lock relay
  4. Free
  5. Free
  6. Radio / Telephone Junction Relay – Relay 147
  7. Electronic speed control (EPS) relay
  8. External light relay
  9. Fuel pump relay (Syncro-diesel) and alarm control unit – TAXI
  10. Alarm control unit – TAXI
  11. Starter & Reverse Lockout Relay – Relay 175
  12. Relay for energizing terminal 30
  13. Radiator fan relay (air conditioning)

Fuses on block Z13

  • D Free
  • E Rear power window
  • F Flashing light warning device for theft warning
  • G Theft warning horn

Relays designation

Relay (000 953 227 A) – Relay for comfort direction indicators
Relay 53 (141 951 253 B) – Horn relay, Fog lamp relay, Fuel pump relay (diesel, 4Motion),
Relay 79 (191 927 841) – Cover relay luggage compartment
Relay 87 (191 957 917 A) –
Overrunning clutch lock control unit Relay 100 (7M0 951 253 A) – N / O
relay Relay 103 (357 911 253) – Glow plug relay (diesel)
Relay 109 (1J0 906 381 A) – Fuel pump
relay Relay 147 (1H0 959 142) – Radio / telephone
relay Relay 167 (191 906 383 C) – N / O
relay for fuel pump Relay 175 (3A0 927 181) – Starter relay for automatic gearbox
Relay 181 (1J0 959 485) – Radiator fan off delay
relay Relay 185 (3B0 911 251) – N / O
relay ( Starter interlock switch) Relay 192 (1J0 955 531 A) – Washer / wiper intermittent control unit for vehicles m with rain sensor
Relay 206, 444 (1J0 927 841) – Relay with make contact for vehicles with electronic support system. course. stable. ESP
Relay 393 (4B0 919 471 A) –
Blown lamp control relay Relay 377 (4B0 955 531 A) – Intermittent wiper control unit
Relay 389 (4B0 955 531 C) – Intermittent wiper control unit
Relay 404 (7M0 951 253 C) – Universal relay (APF)
Relay 407 (1J0 947 221 A) – Trunk lid control unit for vehicles without central locking
Relay 409 (191 906 383 C) – Fuel pump
relay Relays 450, 452 (1J0 907 487 B) – Multifunction steering wheel control unit
Relay 456 ( 3U0 941 597 A) – Light control unit (Skoda Superb)
Relay 603 (4B0 955 531 E) – Intermittent wiper / washer control unit

Engine compartment

Relay box

An additional relay box is located under the bonnet on the bulkhead.

Additional relay box

There may be a relay: switching on the secondary air pump or glow plugs. The direction indicator and alarm relay is built into the alarm switch itself. And the control unit for the electric fans of the cooling system is installed on the left side member under the battery.

fan control unit

Box on the battery cover

It is located on the battery cover itself.

block access

Consists of a department of fuses and high power fuses.

Photo of the block on the battery Photo of the block on the battery


diagram with the block designation under the hood


S13150A Secondary air pump
S13250A Engine management system
S13340 / 50A Engine cooling fan motor
S134110A Electrical equipment
S138110 / 150А Output “B +” of the generator
S16230A ABS
S16330A ABS
S16430A Engine cooling fan motor

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  • Wich is the fuse for the speedometer lights

  • ou est l emplacement du relais principal svp

  • my 2004 golf, locking the doors from the inside, they go down and pop right back up? Seems my remote key isn’t working the locks now either…

  • Changed my cooling sensor , oil sensor.
    Flashing red oil can stopped popping up now.
    Haven’t noticed for some time my cooling fans working.
    My temp is at 90 Deg celcius

    VW golf 2001 model GL
    1.6 litre manual.
    Any one have suggestions.

  • I had a problem with the windows and locks with my 2004 Golf . There is a relay card inside the panel on floor on the drivers side. That can get wet and short out. First place to check.

  • Very useful information. Thank you

  • I have a problem with my car Volkeswagen 4 1.6 Lt manual gearbox from time to time the engine shutdown while driving. It takes some time to restart the engine again. I have changed the fuel pump, the fuel filter,the the return, camshaft sensor and the crankshaft sensor but the problem still exists, please advise if there is any possibility to fix this problem
    Best regards
    Abdulmajed Sharif

    • There are several possible reasons why your car engine shuts down while driving, even after changing some of the critical components like fuel pump, fuel filter, return, camshaft sensor, and crankshaft sensor. Here are a few more potential causes and solutions you could consider:

      1) The ignition system plays a crucial role in starting the engine and keeping it running. A faulty ignition coil or ignition module can cause your car to stall while driving. Consider having your car’s ignition system checked by a mechanic.

      2) Electrical issues can also cause your car’s engine to shut down unexpectedly. A failing alternator, battery, or starter can disrupt the electrical system and cause the engine to stop. Have a mechanic inspect the electrical system to see if there are any problems.

      3) Vacuum leaks in the engine can cause a sudden loss of power and result in stalling. Check for any vacuum leaks and repair them if found.

      4) Blocked or damaged air intake system: A damaged or clogged air filter, throttle body, or mass airflow sensor can disrupt the air intake system and cause the engine to shut down. Check these components and replace or clean them as necessary.

      5) A faulty fuel injector can cause a lean fuel mixture, resulting in stalling or rough idling. Consider having your fuel injectors checked or replaced by a mechanic.

      In conclusion, the causes of engine stalling can be various, and it is difficult to diagnose without a proper inspection by a qualified mechanic.

  • Hello I have a golf 4 1.8 lit they need relay fuse for it so I don’t know which fuse must I buy can you help me with the number of relays that are used in it

  • My golf loosed acceleration what might be the problem

  • I have heard mention of a fuse or fuses that are sometimes used in error for aftermarket Radios, It has been mentioned that this can block scanner access to the ECU making life difficult ! Does anybody know about this ?

  • Hi. I have a challenge with my Jetta 4 2L. It has a blinking key in a car yellow icon in the dashboard. It cranks but can not start.

    I attended the keys transponder and other chip issues, the key is ok and reads 48 on the tester.

    I attended the fuse and relay, they are ok.

    What could be a problem here ?

  • Golf 4 TDI 96 KW 2001yr. all 4 windovs are dead after changing riverse light. Probably some how short cut. Could any please help with name and position of fuse or fuses. As per original VW manual I am not able to find it. Thanks

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