Ford F150 (12G) fuse and relay

The 12th generation Ford F-150 was produced in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. During this time, the model has been restyled. In this material, we will show a description of fuses and relays Ford F 150 with box diagrams and photo examples of execution. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Ford f150 12G

The assignment of fuses and relays may differ from that shown and depends on the year of manufacture and the level of electrical equipment.

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Passenger compartment

The fuse and relay box is located under the right-hand side of the instrument panel.

F150 12G photo

Type 1 (2009 – 2010)


Diagram 1


130A Moon roof
215A Not used (spare)
315A Not used (spare)
430A Not used (spare)
510A Keypad illumination, Brake Shift Interlock (BSI), SJB microprocessor power
620A Turn signals, Stop lamps
710A Low beam headlamps (left)
810A Low beam headlamps (right)
915A Interior courtesy lights, Cargo lamps
1015A Backlighting, Puddle lamps
1110A 2010: GPS module
127,5A Power mirror switch, Memory seat module microprocessor power, Steering column switch
135A SYNC®
1410A 2010: Ambient lighting module
1510A Climate control
1615A Ignition switch feed
1720A All lock motor feeds
1820A Driver memory seat switch
1925A Not used (spare)
2015A Adjustable pedals, Datalink
2115A Fog lamps, Fog lamp indicator
2215A Park lamps, Side marker lamps
2315A High beam headlamps
2420A Horn
2510A Interior demand lamps, Mid box power feed
2610A strument panel cluster, Key out inhibit solenoid, Radio info display (CID), Radio buttons, Key-in chime
285A Radio muting
295A Instrument panel cluster
305A Passenger airbag disable indicator
3110A Restraints control module
3210A Non-integrated compass module, Heated-only seat module
3310A Trailer brake controller
345A Electronic locking differential indicator
3510A Rear park assist
365A Passive anti-theft system transceiver
3710A 2010: Upfitter relay coils
3820A Subwoofer
4020A 2010: Rear heated seats module
4115A Automatic dimming mirror, Door lock switch illumination, Radio accessory delay
4210A Not used (spare)
4310A Heated mirror/ backlight relay, Rain sensor, Reverse camera
4410A Not used (spare)
455A Front wiper logic, Blower motor relay
467,5A Occupant classification sensor (OCS)
4730A Circuit Breaker: Power windows, Moon roof, Power sliding backlight
48Delayed accessory relay (Feeds fuse 41 and circuit breaker 47)

Type 2 (2011 – 2014)


Diagram 2


130Driver side front window
215SYNC, Display module (8 Inch) (2013-2014)
330Passenger side front window
410Interior lamps
520Memory module
65Not used (spare)
77,5Power mirror switch. Memory seat module
810Not used (spare)
910Radio display, GPS module. Electric finish panel module (2013-2014), Navigation display (2011-2012)
1010Run/ accessory relay
1110Instrument cluster
1215Interior lighting, Puddle lamps, lighting. Cargo lamp
1315Right turn signals/ stop lamps
1415Left turn signals/ stop lamps
1515Reverse lights. High-mounted
1610Right low-beam headlamp
1710Left low-beam headlamp
1810Brake-shift interlock, Keypad illumination, Powertrain control module wake-up, Passive anti-theft system
1920Audio amplifier
2020Power door locks
21102011-2012: Ambient lighting
2315Steering wheel control module
2415Datallnk connector. Steering wh module
2515Not used (spare)
265Radio frequency module
2720Not used (spare)
2815Ignition switch
3015Front parking lamps
315Brake on/off – Instrument panel. Engine
3215Delay /accessory – moonroof, power windows, locks. Automatic dimming mlrror/ Compass, Trailer tow power telescope mirrors
3310Rear heated seats
3410Reverse sensing system, 4×4 switch, Rear video, Off-road indicator (SVT Raptor), Front video (SVT Raptor), Camera splice module (SVT Raptor)
355Hill descent switch (SVT Raptor)
3610Restraint control module, Oc flcatlon system module
3710Trailer brake control
3810Delayed accessory – 110-volt Radio
3915Hlgh-beam headlamps
4010Rear park lamps
417,5Passenger airbag deactivate Auxiliary switch (SVT Rapto)
425Overdrive cancel switch
4310Not used (spare)
4410Not used (spare)
455Not used (spare)
4610Climate controls module
4715Fog lamps, Exterior mirror tu
4830Circuit breaker: Power windows, Power sliding back window
49Delayed accessory

Engine compartment

The main fuse and relay box is located under the hood in the middle. Another additional relay unit can be installed separately.

Location under the hood

Fuse and relay box


Diagram 3


1130Power running board motors
12402010-2014: Electric fan
502011-2014: Electric fan (3.5L, 6.2L with max trailer tow, SVT Raptor)
1330Starter relay power
1430Passenger power seat
15402010-2014: Electric fan
502011-2014: Electric fan (3.5L, 6.2L wlth max trailer tow, SVT Raptor)
16202013-2014: Hlgh-lntenslty discharge headlamp -passenger side
1730Trailer brake control
18302010-2014: Auxiliary switch 1 (SVT Raptor)
19302010-2014: Auxiliary switch 2 (SVT Raptor)
20204×4 module (electronic shift)
2130Trailer tow battery charge relay power
2230Auxiliary power point (Instrument panel)
2610Powertrain control module – keep alive power and relay coll, canister vent solenoid, transmission (2009-2010)
2720Fuel pump relay power
28102010-2014: Auxiliary switch 4 (SVT Raptor)
29104×4 integrated wheel end solenoid
3010Air conditioner clutch relay power
31152011-2014: Run/start relay power
202009-2010: Trailer tow park lamp relay
3240Rear window defroster relay power, Heated mirror relay power
33402011-2014: 110-volt AC power point
34402009-2014: Powertrain control module relay power
502011-2014: Powertrain control module relay power (3.5L engine)
35202013-2014: Hlgh-lntenslty discharge headlamps -driver side
3630Roll stability control / Anti-lock brake system
41152012-2014: Front camera washer (SVT Raptor)
2010: Heated mirror
4252011-2014: Run/start relay coll
43152011-2014: Trailer tow back-up lamp relay power
202009-2010: Backup lamp relay
44152010-2014: Auxiliary switch 3 (SVT Raptor), Trailer tow power folding mirrors
45102011-2014: Alternator sensor
202009-2010: Trailer tow stop turn relay feed
4610Brake on/off switch
4760Roll stability control / Anti-lock brake system module (2011-2014)
48202011-2014: Moonroof
4930Wiper relay power
5140Blower motor relay power
5252011-2014: Run/start – Electronic power assist steering. Blower relay coll
5352011-2014: Run/start – Powertrain control module
2009-2010: PCM, 6R80 transmission
5452011-2014: Run/start – 4×4 module. Back-up lamps, Roll stability control /Anti-lock brake system. Trailer tow battery charge relay coll. Rear window defroster relay coll. Front camera washer relay coll (SVT Raptor)
2009-2010: 4×4 module, Back up lamp, RSC, Trailer tow battery charge relay
5552009-2010: Electronic compass mirror (6R transmission only)
56152011-2014: Heated mirrors
58152009-2010:Trailer tow backup lamps
59152009: Heated mirrors
602009-2010: One-touch Start diode
612009-2010: Fuel pump diode
63252010-2014: Electric fan relay power
64302009-2010: Amplifier
402011-2012: Vacuum pump relay power (3.5L engine)
6520Auxiliary power point (Instrument panel)
6620Auxiliary power point (Inside center console)
67202011-2014: Trailer tow park lamps relay power
68254×4 module, 4×2 elocker module (2013-2014)
6930Front heated or heated/cooled seats
71202011-2014: Heated rear seats
7220Auxiliary power point (rear)
73202011-2014: Trailer tow stop/turn lamps relay power
7430Driver power seat/memory module
75152009-2014: Powertrain control module – voltage power 1
252011-2014: Powertrain control module – voltage power 1 (3.5L engine)
76202011-2014: Powertrain control module – Voltage power 2: General powertrain components (Mass air flow/intake air temp sensor -3.7L, 5.0L, 6.2L engines) (Canister vent solenoid – 3.5L engine)
2009-2010: Voltage power 2, Voltage – battery voltage, Mass air flow/Intake air temp, CMS 12 and 22 with 6R80 transmission, Brake on/off switch (BOO)
77102011-2014: Powertrain control module – Voltage power 3 (Emission related powertrain components, Electric fan relays coll)
2009-2010: Voltage power 3, Electric fan clutch, A/C clutch relay coil, Floor shifter (4–speed transmission)
78152010-2014: Powertrain control module – Voltage power 4 – Ignition colls (3.5L, 3.7L, 5.0L engines)
202011-2014: Powertrain control module – Voltage power 4 – Ignition colls (6.2L engine)
252009: Ignition coils, Voltage power 4
7952011-2014: Rain sensor
102009-2010: CMS 4–speed transmission, 12 and 22 with 4–speed transmission
82102009-2010: Trailer Brake Control Module (TBCM), After market Center High Mounted Stop Lamp (CHMSL)
1Powertrain control module
3Blower motor
4Rear window defroster
52010-2014: Electric fan (high speed)
6Trailer tow park lamp
72010: Upfitter 1 relay
2011-2014: Run/start
8Fuel pump
9Trailer tow battery charger
102010: Upfitter 2 relay
2011-2014: Powertrain control module (3.5L engine)
23Air conditioner clutch
37Trailer tow left stop/turn
38Trailer tow right stop/turn
39Trailer tow back-up lamps
402010-2014: Electric fan
622011-2014: Wiper motor
2010: Upfitter 3 relay
852010-2014: Electric fan (low speed)

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuses in the Ford F-150 are the fuses №22 (Cigar lighter), №33 (110V AC power point, since 2011), №65 (Auxiliary power point (instrument panel)), №66 (Auxiliary power point (inside center console)) and №72 (Auxiliary power point (Rear)) in the Engine compartment fuse box.

Relay Box

The relay box is located in the left-hand corner of the engine compartment near the windshield.


Relay diagram


1Auxiliary switch 1
2Auxiliary switch 2
3Auxiliary switch 3
4Auxiliary switch 4
5Front camera washer

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