Volkswagen Touareg 2 fuse and relay

Volkswagen Touareg 2nd generation NF and FL was produced in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. After that, the third generation of Tuareg entered the assembly lines of the Volkswagen concern. In this material you will find a description of fuses and relays Volkswagen Touareg 2 with box diagrams and photo examples of their execution. Highlight the cigarette lighter fuse.

Volkswagen Touareg 2

The design of the boxes may differ from the one shown and depends on the year of manufacture and the level of equipment of your car.


General layout of fuse and relay boxes

Location 1 in Tuareg

Location 2 in Tuareg

Passenger compartment

Left side box

It is installed on the left side of the dashboard, from the end, behind the protective cover.

For example

Block under the hood 2


Block diagram on the left 2


125A Driver’s seat adjustment and ventilation control unit
230A heater control unit
315 / 20A Signal
430A Wiper motor
530A Sliding sunroof control unit
615/30 Backrest release control unit
715A Electrically adjustable steering column control unit
85 / 10A Tire Pressure Monitor Control Unit, Steering Column Control Unit
95A Light switch, Rain sensor, Front roof module, Tire pressure monitoring system control unit
1030A sunroof control unit
1110 / 15A Steering wheel heater, Steering column control unit
12Not used
13Not used
1430A Onboard supply control unit
1525 / 30A Onboard supply control unit
1630A Driver’s door control unit
175 / 10A Interior sensor, Alarm siren, Hood limit switch
1830A Onboard supply control unit
1910A Engine control unit
2030A Onboard supply control unit, driver and passenger seat cushion heater
2110A Residual heat accumulator relay
2230A Onboard supply control unit
237.5A Diagnostic connector, Ignition and starter switch, Data bus diagnostic interface, Electronic control unit. steering column lock
2430A Relay for heating the left side of the windshield
2530A Relay for heating the right side of the windshield
2615A Fan 1 battery
275A Control unit for low coolant level indicator, Coolant level relay, Battery regulation system control unit
285A Electric actuator control unit
295A Automatic gearbox clutch pressure regulator
305A Power steering control unit, Electric power steering pump
31Not used
3215A Air conditioner compressor control unit
3330A Rear left door control unit
345A Control unit for opening the lid / tailgate
357.5A Control unit for opening the lid / tailgate
365A Electromechanical parking brake button
3715A Fan 2 battery
385A Electric drive control unit, Fan relay
3930A Automatic gearbox clutch pressure regulator
4030A Fan unlock relay
4110A Control unit for battery regulation system
425A Electrochromic interior mirror
437.5A Left headlight, Right headlight, Headlight range control
445A Rear seat heating control unit
455A Image processing control unit, Roll-motion sensor, Front camera for driver assistance systems
465A Lane change assist control unit
475A Parking aid control unit, garage door opener control unit, data bus diagnostic interface, diagnostic socket
4810A High pressure sensor, Air mass meter, Engine control unit, Starter relay, Engine control unit,
497.5A Adaptive cruise control control unit
505 / 30A Driver’s side belt tensioner igniter
515A Coolant low level indicator control unit, coolant level relay
5215A Rear window wiper motor
535A Control unit for adaptive lighting and headlight range control, Steering column control unit, Onboard supply control unit
5415A Left headlight
555A Coolant low level indicator control unit, coolant level relay
5640A Relay compressor ride height control
5740A Supply fan

Right side box

Located at the end of the right side of the dashboard, behind the protective cover.


Block diagram on the right 2 Volkswagen Tuareg


1Not used
215A Control unit for ride height control
310A Interwheel differential lock control unit
430A Interwheel differential lock control unit
515 / 25A Trailer recognition control unit
615A Trailer recognition control unit
715 / 25A Trailer recognition control unit
815 / 25A Trailer recognition control unit
930A Rear right door control unit
10Not used
1130A Front passenger door control unit
12Not used
1315A Trailer recognition control unit
1410A Airbag control unit, control unit for seat occupied recognition
1510A Transfer case control unit
165A Electromechanical parking brake control unit, Ride height control panel, washer jets heating resistor, ASR and ESP deactivation button, ABS control unit, Downhill assist button, Electromechanical parking brake button, AUTO HOLD button, Voltage stabilizer
1715A Right headlight
1830A Seat belt pretensioner igniter 2, front passenger side
195A Tiptronic switch, Multifunction switch, Automatic transmission control unit
2025A Front passenger seat adjustment control unit, driver and passenger seat control unit
2125A Rear seat heating control unit, Rear air conditioning control and display panel
22Not used
2325A Tailgate control unit
2410A Climatronic control unit, rear air conditioning control and display panel
255A Outdoor camera control unit, Rear view camera control unit
2630A Rear window defogger relay
275A Device for receiving radio signal of an additional liquid heater
285 / 20A Gearbox hydraulic pump relay, Transfer case control unit, Automatic transmission control unit (Before November 2012)
2930A ABS control unit
305A Tiptronic switch
3120 / 30A Central control unit for comfort system
3230A Rear intake fan
3330A Central control unit for comfort system
34Not used
355A Vehicle tracking system control unit
3630A Central control unit for comfort system
3720A Automatic gearbox control unit, Gearbox hydraulic pump relay
3815A Cigarette lighter, 12V socket 2, Rear seat heating control unit (Before August 2014)
3915A Additional 12 V sockets
4020 / 30A Inverter with socket, 12 V – 230 V
4110A Connector 2 for connecting external audio devices
425A Trailer recognition control unit
4310A Interwheel differential lock control unit
445A Air pollution sensor
4530A Voltage stabilizer
4630A Voltage stabilizer
4710A Electronic information system control unit
4830A Digital audio system control unit
49Not used
505A TV tuner, Mobile phone control electronics control unit
5120A Head unit
525A Control unit in dash panel insert -J285-
535A DVD changer
545A Interface for external multimedia devices -R215-
55Not used
5640A ABS control unit
5740A Electromechanical parking brake control unit, Transfer case control unit

In the 2nd generation Volkswagen Tuareg, fuse number 38 at 15A is responsible for the front cigarette lighter, and for additional number 39.

Box under the driver’s seat

the location of the unit under the seat in the cabin


1100A Fuse box
250A Control unit for ride height control
3100A Fuse box
480A Fuse box
540A Fuse box
650A Socket relay, Fuse box
760A Fuse Box, Rear Supply Fan
860A Wire Connector, Terminal 30 Power Relay
9125A Fuse box
1060 / 150А Heating element for additional air heater, GB hydraulic pump relay
1140A Power supply relay terminal 15
125A Diagnostics

Relay boxes

In the area of the steering rack, at the bottom of the dashboard, the following blocks are located.

relay blocks in 2


  1. Fuse and relay box 1
  2. Fuse and relay box 2
  3. Onboard supply control unit
  4. Convenience system central control unit
  5. Parking aid control unit

Fuse and relay box 1


Relay circuit 1


E1Heated windscreen relay, left (643)
E2Heated windscreen relay, right side (643), Coolant low warning switch control unit (422)
E3Socket relay (100)
E4Gearbox hydraulic pump relay (644)
E5Residual heat accumulator relay (404), Coolant level relay (646)
E6Fan release relay (449)

Fuse and relay box 2


Relay circuit 2

Relay designation

1Ride height control compressor relay (373)
2Coolant Level Switch (404), Residual Heat Accumulator Relay (646)
3Heated windscreen relay, left (645)
4Horn relay (395)
5Gearbox hydraulic pump relay – (100), Socket relay (644)
6Gearbox hydraulic pump relay (404), gearbox hydraulic pump relay (646)
7Heated rear window relay (643)
8Fan release relay (646)
9Coolant low level warning switch control unit (422), Right windscreen heating relay (645)

Engine compartment

Under the hood, the fuse and relay box is located in the mounting block, in the plenum chamber on the left.

Block under the hood

Photo for example

photo of the unit under the hood 2


Block diagram under the hood Volkswagen Tuareg 2


140A Starter relay, Starter
2Not used
340A Secondary air pump relay
430A Vacuum pump relay
5Not used
6Not used
715A Fuel pressure regulator, Fuel metering valve, Ignition coil
810A Exhaust gas recirculation radiator pump
930A Engine control unit
1010A Radiator fan control unit, Glow plug control unit, Additional coolant pump relay, Brake light switch, EGR cooler changeover valve, Throttle valve, Cylinder head coolant valve, Oil pressure control valve, Electronic coolant control thermostat engine, throttle body
115A Oil level and temperature sensor
1210A Relay for auxiliary coolant pump, Relay for residual heat accumulator, Coolant circulation pump
1325A Fuel pump control unit
1415 / 30A Reducing agent pump, Reducing agent level estimation module, Engine control unit 2
1510 / 30A Terminal 30 power supply relay, Engine control unit
1630A Reductant heating system control unit
1715A Lambda probe heating element
1810A Lambda probe heating element


  1. Glow plug control unit (457)
  2. Engine electronics power supply relay (645)
  3. Secondary air pump relay (100)
  4. Main relay (614)
  5. Reserve
  6. Additional coolant pump relay (404)
  7. Reserve
  8. Reserve
  9. Starter relay (100)
  10. Brake servo relay (100)
  11. Reserve
  12. Reserve
  13. Starter relay 2 (433)
  14. Reserve


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