Volkswagen Beetle A5 – fuse and relay

Volkswagen Beetle A5 is also known under the name Beetle. Another car has the same nickname – Volkswagen New Beetle. However, these are different models. In our material, you can familiarize yourself with the designation of fuses and relays Volkswagen Beetle with photos and boxes diagrams for cars produced in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.

beetle auto

The number of fuses in the boxes and the purpose may differ and depends on the year of manufacture and configuration of the Volkswagen Beatle.

Engine compartment

It is located next to the battery, under the protective cover.

Location of the fuse box under the hood

The photo

Photo of the unit under the hood


Block diagram under the hood


High Power Fuse Links

  1. 200A – Generator
  2. Reserve
  3. 80A – Power steering control unit
  4. 80A – Fuses

Protected components

  1. Reserve
  2. 20 / 30A – Engine control unit
  3. 5A – Radiator fan control unit
  4. 15A – Lambda – probe
  5. 10A – Lambda probe, Electric fuel pump relay, Heating resistance relay, Turbocharging pressure limiting solenoid valve, Heating resistor for crankcase ventilation, Camshaft control valve 1, Turbocharger bypass valve, Intake manifold flap valve, Recirculation radiator changeover valve, Diagnostic fuel pump
  6. 10A – Fuel pump relay, Secondary air pump relay,
    Engine power supply relay , Turbocharging pressure limiting solenoid valve, Adsorber solenoid valve, Intake manifold flap valve, Oil pressure control valve
  7. 20 / 30A – Throttle body, Ignition coil 1 with output stage, Ignition coil 2 with output stage, Ignition coil, Fuel pressure regulator, Fuel metering valve.
  8. 10A – Air mass meter, Fuel pump relay, Solenoid valve for boost pressure limitation, Solenoid valve 1 of the adsorber, Valve 1 of the camshaft adjuster, Valve 2 of the exhaust gas recirculation system, Bypass valve of the turbocharger, Electromagnetic clutch of the drive blower, Oil pressure control valve, Coolant control valve, Coolant circulation pump 2
  9. 10A – Relay for pumping coolant after off. Engine control unit, Glow plug control unit, Low heating power relay, High heating power relay, Relay for additional coolant pump, Power supply relay for engine electronics, Fuel pressure regulator, Coolant circulation pump 2
  10. 5A – Clutch pedal position sensor, Brake light switch
  11. Reserve
  12. Reserve
  13. 30A – Voltage stabilizer, Control unit with display for radio navigation system, Control unit for navigation system,
    Head unit
  14. 10A – Motronic power supply relay, Terminal 30 power supply relay, Engine control unit
  15. 10A – Alarm siren relay
  16. 40A – Amplifier
  17. 15 / 30A – Gearbox mechatronic unit DSG
  18. 15A – Block Mechatronik KP DSG
  19. 5A – Onboard power supply control unit (battery)
  20. 30A – Onboard supply control unit
  21. 40 / 50A – Heating element for additional air heater, Secondary air pump motor
  22. 40A – Heating element of additional air heater
  23. Reserve
  24. 40 / 50A – Terminal 75 power supply relay 1
  25. 40A – Terminal 15 power supply relay
  26. 50A – Glow plug control unit
  27. 50A – Radiator fan control unit
  28. 20 / 30A – Fuel pump relay, Engine electronic components power relay
  29. Reserve
  30. 40A – ABS control unit
  31. 40A – ABS control unit
  32. 40A – Heating element of additional air heater, Secondary air pump motor

There are also separate elements of the relay: glow plugs, cooling fan, etc.

Passenger compartment

It is located under the dashboard on the driver’s side, behind a protective cover.

layoutThe location of the unit in the cabin

The photo

Location of the relay in the passenger compartment

Please note that the rest of the relays are located right there.


Block diagram in the cabin


  1. 5A – BU 2 control of blind spots
  2. 10A – Control unit of the emergency call module and communication unit
  3. 5A – BU of a combination of devices
  4. 5A – Receiving – transmitting telephone device
  5. 10A – control unit of the instrument cluster, onboard supply control unit, left fog lamp
  6. 10A – Button for unlocking in the tailgate handle, Rearview camera
  7. 5A – Dimmer for switches and instrument cluster illumination, License plate illumination
  8. 10A- Windscreen washer pump
  9. 5A – Airbag control unit, Front passenger airbag deactivation warning lamp, Seat occupied recognition control unit
  10. 15A – Intermittent wiper switch
  11. 5A – Lighting switch
  12. Reserve
  13. 5A – Start-stop mode button, Folding mirror switch, Tire pressure indicator button, Reversing light switch, High pressure sensor, Air pollution sensor, Heater control unit, Parking aid control unit, Vehicle tracking system control unit, Electrochromic interior mirror , Washer jet heating resistor
  14. 10A – Cruise control switch, Tiptronic switch, Oil level and temperature sensor, Additional instruments, ABS control unit, Instrument cluster control unit, Power steering control unit, Steering column control unit, Voltage stabilizer, Data bus diagnostic interface, Fuel pump control unit , Selector lever sensor control unit, Engine control unit, Crankcase ventilation heating resistor
  15. 5A – Dimmer for switches and instrument cluster illumination, Air flow meter, Vibration suppression system control unit, Headlight range control actuator, Connector, 16-pin, diagnostic connector.
  16. 5A – Engine control unit
  17. 10A – Interior monitoring system sensor, Vehicle tilt sensor, Alarm siren
  18. 15A – Lamp of the left headlight dipped beam
  19. 15A – Lamp of the right headlight dipped beam
  20. 10A – Tiptronic switch, Heater control unit, Automatic
    transmission control unit, Climatronic control unit, Air conditioning control unit, Selector lever sensor control unit, Ignition key extraction lock solenoid
  21. 15A – Onboard supply control unit
  22. 5A – Ignition and starter switch, Vehicle tracking control unit
  23. 10A – Rain and light sensor, Onboard power supply control unit, Telephone transceiver, Control unit for emergency call module and communication unit, Connector, 16-pin -T16-, diagnostic connector, Additional devices
  24. 10A – Onboard power supply control unit, Access and start authorization control unit, El. steering column lock, data bus diagnostic interface
  25. 10 / 25A Automatic transmission control unit, Multi-function switch, DSG mechatronic unit
  26. 30A – Vacuum pump of the brake system
  27. Reserve
  28. 25A – Terminal 75 power supply relay 1
  29. 5A – Onboard supply control unit
  30. 20A – Blocking diode, Cigarette lighter , 12V socket.
  31. 30A – Light switch
  32. 15A – Fog lights switch
  33. 40A – Heater control unit, Air conditioning control unit
  34. 10 / 15A – control unit of the instrument cluster, control unit for onboard power supply, lamp of the left high beam headlight, lamp of the right high beam headlight, headlights
  35. 1A – Steering column control unit
  36. 30A – Onboard supply control unit
  37. 5A – Lamp of the left module of daytime lighting
  38. 5A – Lamp of the right daytime running light module
  39. 30A – Relay for manual dipped beam and light signal (high beam)
  40. Reserve
  41. Reserve
  42. Reserve
  43. 30A – Front passenger door control unit
  44. 30A – Onboard supply control unit
  45. 30A – Driver’s door control unit
  46. Reserve
  47. 20A – Fuel pump relay
  48. 30A – Onboard supply control unit
  49. 40A – Supply fan control unit
  50. 30A – Front seat heating control unit
  51. 30A – Sliding sunroof control unit
  52. 20A – Onboard supply control unit
  53. 20A – Onboard supply control unit
  54. 25A – Automatic transmission control unit
  55. 20A – Light switch, Low beam and light switch (including high beam)
  56. 20A – Onboard supply control unit
  57. 25A – Control unit with display of the radio navigation system, Head unit
  58. 10A – Reducing agent dosing system relay
  59. Reserve
  60. Reserve

The fuse number 30 for 20A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

If you have something to add, write in the comments.

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  • Where and what number is Volkswagen Beetle A5 Cigarette lighter fuse /relay?

  • Which fuse is responsible for the light rings around the speakers? (2013 Beetle)

  • I have a 2013 convertible beetle and I am trying to find the fuse for the heated mirrors.

  • Where is the fuse for the tail lights, specifically the RIGHT side?

  • I figured out where the fuses were for the AC, but what about the compressor clutch relay? I don’t see where you have identified any of the relays. Please assist anyone.

  • Thank you so much, this is amazing information!

  • Asking about my 2012 VW Beatle with a 5 speed transmission:

    AC blower fan only works on HIGH, not on ANY of the LOWER settings.

    Based on the above info, it appears that Position 20 is a 10A fuse for this function and others depending on the car’s options/configuration.
    But, I am unsure.

    Am I correct, or does the A/C switch on the center lower dash need to be replaced?

    I welcome your knowledge/comments.

    Dennis Uzzell

  • Still trying trying to determine what fuse and/or relay that controls wiper motor on 2013 Beetle with 2.5 petrol, Im not getting any power to the wiper plug.

  • I’m having a very hard time finding the relay for the turn signal/hazard flashers. mine are working fine, flashing but no clicking sound.. not sure if thats a relay issue or not.

  • Your vw fuse box is a piece of shit nothing is marked.

  • What about the relay numbers and functions?On the VW 2014 Beetle 2.5 liter Automatic

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