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Volkswagen Phaeton is an executive class car. Produced in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Restyled in 2010. In this article we will show the purpose of the elements of the fuse boxes and relays in the Volkswagen Phaeton and their location, as well as highlight the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Volkswagen Phaeton wallpaper

There is no one generic designation for all fuse and relay boxes. The actual designation depends on the year of manufacture, the equipment level and the country in which the vehicle was delivered.


All electrical components are located in various places in the vehicle. The figures below give an idea of ​​their installation locations.

General arrangement of blocks in the phaeton

General arrangement of blocks 2

Main fuse box

The main fuse box is located on the left side of the trunk. The fuses included in this box protect the main circuits of the vehicle’s electrical equipment. This unit is connected to cables from the mains battery, from the windshield heater control unit (with a DC voltage converter), from the front and rear electronic devices and from the generator, as well as a wire for measuring the voltage in the on-board network. Consists of high power fuse-links.

main fuses photo

Rear relay box

Located on the left side of the trunk, behind the trim.

Trunk block


It can contain the following relays:

  • starter battery changeover relay (100)
  • mains battery changeover relay (432)
  • fuel pump relay 1 (404)
  • fuel pump relay 2 (404)
  • relay in terminal 50 circuit (433)
  • rear window heater relay 1 (100)
  • rear window heater relay 2 (104)
  • air suspension relay (214)
  • fuel cap actuation relay (404)

An up-to-date fuse diagram should be located next to the unit. In case of its absence, contact the nearest dealer.

Fuse diagram with designation

Fuse circuit in the trunk of the phaeton

Relay box in the air plenum

Located at the front of the air intake compartment.

Air block

Protected components

  • capacitor for smoothing voltage fluctuations in the on-board network
  • main relays 1 and 2 (53 and 100)
  • relay in terminal 75 (100) circuit
  • relay on terminal 15 circuit (433)
  • secondary air pump relays 1 and 2 (100)
  • Motronic power supply relay (167)

Thermo – bimetallic fuse box

It is located on the left side of the legroom.

Prev block


  • left windows 30 A
  • right windows 30 A
  • driver’s seat control unit 30 A
  • front passenger seat control unit 30 A
  • rear seat control unit 30 A
  • rear left heater on PTC posistors 30 A
  • rear right heater on PTC posistors 30 A

Relay box, right footwell

This unit is located in the front passenger’s footwell.

Block on the right side of the legs

The following relay elements can be located here:

  • coolant pump relay (404)
  • vacuum pump relay (404)
  • wiper panel heater relay (404)
  • seat heater relay (404)
  • sunroof drive relay (79)
  • relay in the circuit of terminal 15SV (100)
  • headlight wiper relay (53)
  • Servotronic power supply relay (631)
  • airbag warning lamp relay (464)

Main fuse box

It is located in the passenger compartment, under the dashboard on the left.

Phaeton main fuse box


Fuses under the steering wheel

Fuse numbers 84, 85, 86 at 15A are responsible for the cigarette lighter.

If you still have questions about the description of fuses and relays – write in the comments.

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