Volkswagen Golf Plus – Fuse and Relay

Volkswagen Golf Plus is a subcompact van created on a common basis with the 5th generation Volkswagen Golf. Produced in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009. After that, the car was restyled, some call it a generation change, and the updated one was produced in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. This change also slightly affected the electrical system of the car. In our material you will find a designation of the fuse and relay boxes in the Volkswagen Golf Plus with diagrams and photo examples. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Golf plus

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

The main fuse box is located behind the hinged glove compartment on the driver’s side.

location of golf blocks plus

From the top above it is the main unit with the relay. On some models, it is attached directly to the fuse box. There may also be a thermal fuse for the driver’s seat adjustment: 1 – 20A.

Blocks with relays

2 different versions of the fuse box are possible. Outwardly, they are similar, but differ in the number of elements – 58 and 60, respectively. The actual numbering will be applied to the box itself.

Type 1

The photo

photo of the fuse box


Block diagram in the cabin


110A Entry and start authorization control unit
210A Entry and start authorization control unit
95A Airbag control unit and front passenger airbag deactivation warning lamp
1210A Control unit for adaptive lighting and headlight range control on the left
135A / 15A Parking aid control unit, Climatronic control unit, Heater and operating mode selection switch, Fresh air blower relay, ASR and ESP shutdown button and their indicator lamp, Tire pressure indicator button, Reversing light switch, Air pollution sensor, Electrochromic interior rearview mirror, Start-stop mode button
1410A / 15A Data bus diagnostic interface, Instrument cluster control unit, Selector lever, Light switch, ASR and ESP off button, Tire pressure indicator button, Brake light switch, Multifunction switch, Tiptronic switch, Fuel pump relay, Power steering control unit Control unit, ABS control unit, Starter relay, Trailer detection control unit, Engine control unit
1510A Headlight range control, Air mass meter, Heating resistor for crankcase ventilation, Fresh air blower relay, Selector lever sensor control unit, Adaptive lighting and headlight range control unit, Left headlight range control actuator
1610A / 15A Control unit for adaptive lighting system and
headlight range control on the right
175A Instrument cluster control unit
1810A Control unit for mobile phone control electronics
2010A Selector lever, Climatronic control unit
2120A Onboard supply control unit, Rear left door control unit (central locking)
2210A Interior sensor, alarm siren
2310A Rear view camera control unit, Light switch, Rain and light sensor, diagnostic socket, Heated rear window relay, Onboard power supply control unit
2410A Driver’s door control unit (central locking), Front passenger door control unit
(central locking
2620A Brake vacuum pump
2920A Rear window wiper motor
3020A Cigarette lighter
3340A Supply fan relay
4015A Trailer recognition control unit
4115A Trailer recognition control unit
4220A Trailer recognition control unit
4330A Inverter with socket, 12V – 230V
4425A Rear window heater, Supply fan relay
4530A Driver’s door control unit (power window), Front passenger door control unit (power window)
4630A Rear left door control unit (power window), Rear right door control unit (power window)
4715A Fuel pump and its relay
4820A Onboard supply control unit
4940A Supply fan control unit
5030A Front seat heating control unit
5120A Sliding sunroof control unit
5220A Relay for headlight cleaning system
5315A Electric motor for longitudinal adjustment of lumbar support
545A PDA control unit
5715A Head unit

The fuse number 30 for 20A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Type 2

Photo example

2007 fuse box


Scheme 2


Current consumerFuse number (next in brackets current in amperes)
Traction – coupling device2 (5), 39 (15), 40 (15), 41 (20).
ABS14 (5), 18 (5)
Tilt sensor43 (5)
Braking signals13 (10)
Brake light switch14 (5)
Front glass lifters45 (30)
Rear glass lifters46 (30)
Fan33 (40) or 56 (40)
Heated rear window44 (25)
Rear glass cleaner28 (15)
Ultrasonics in the salon43 (5)
Fuel pump47 (15)
Headlight range control3 (5)
Outdoor socket53 (15)
Parktronic55 (5)
Remote control4 (5)
Rain sensor42 (5)
Headlight washers52 (20)
Electroluk51 (25)
Seat heating13 (5), 31 (5), 50 (30)
Fuel filler flap48 (25)
Telephone10 (5)
Central locking in the front doors24 (10)
Central locking in the rear doors48 (25)
Cigarette lighter49 (25)
Rear socket54 (20)
230V socket37 (30)

Relay box

The number of relays in the box, as well as the version, depends on the level of electrical equipment and the year of manufacture.

DiagramRelay block diagram

Protected components

  1. J496 – Relay for additional coolant pump (449)
  2. J39 – Relay for headlight cleaning system (53)
  3. J17 Fuel pump relay (449) / J643 Fuel pressure relay (449)
  4. J1З – supply fan relay (404)
  5. J333 – Fuel pump cut-off relay (404)
  6. not used
  7. J485 – Relay for auxiliary heater operation (449)
  8. J682 – Terminal 50 power supply relay (433), from May 2006 (53)
  9. – not used

A – S44 thermal fuse 1 for adjusting the position of the driver’s seat 30 A

J17 and J643 are mini-relays and are installed (depending on the equipment) in one slot of the relay block.

Engine compartment

Located next to the battery and covered with a protective cover. Consists of 2 sections – fuses and high power fuses.

Fuse and Relay Department Diagram

Golf 5 under hood fuse box diagram


1Engine control relay
2Exhaust air pump relay
F1(30A) Windscreen wiper
F2(5A) Steering column electronics control module / (30A) DSG gearbox mechatronic unit
F3(5A) Onboard supply control unit
F4(30A) ABS control module
F5(15A) Gearbox control module
F6(5A) Instrument panel
F7(40A) Power relay
F8(15A) Audio system / Head unit
F9(5A) Telephone control unit
F10(5A / 10A) Electronic engine control unit
F11(20A) Auxiliary heater control unit
F12(5A) CAN data bus, gateway control unit
F13(15A / 30A) Electronic engine control unit
F14(20A) Engine management system, ignition coil
F15(5A / 10A) Engine management system, Lambda probe
F16(30A) ABS control module, RH headlight
F17(15A) Horn
F18(30A) Audio system
F19(30A) Windshield wiper / washer
F20(10A) Coolant pump
F21(10A / 15A) Engine management system, Lambda probe, Drive blower magnetic clutch
F22(5A) Clutch pedal position switch
F23(5A / 10A / 15A) Engine management system, Fuel pressure regulator, Secondary air pump relay
F24(10A) Engine management system, EGR valve, Solenoid valve
F25(40A) ABS control unit
F26(30A) LH headlamp
F27(50A) Glow plug control module
F28(40A) Main ignition circuits
F29(50A) Thermal fuse 1 for seat adjustment
F30(40A) Starting system (50A) Relay for unloading contact X

Fuse-link diagram

fuse-link diagram

  1. 150 / 200А – Generator
  2. 80A – Power steering
  3. 50A – Radiator fan
  4. 80A – Relay of high power heating
  5. 80A – Terminal 30 connector, fuse box
  6. 40A – Low power heating relay
  7. 50A – Terminal 30 connector, fuse box

If you want to supplement the material or ask a question, write in the comments.

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