Volkswagen Transporter T4 – fuse and relay

Volkswagen Transporter T4  – represents the 4th generation of the legendary Transporter series. This model was produced in 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 with diesel and gasoline engines with different wheelbases: short and long, and with different roof height. Also on the T4, Volkswagen continued its lineup of luxury Caravelle, California and Multivan models. In our material, we will show the location of all electronic control sides and a detailed designation of the purpose of fuses and relays Volkswagen T4 with box diagrams in which they are located and their photographs. Note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.


The actual purpose of the fuses may differ from the one presented and depends on the year of manufacture and the level of electrical equipment T4 .



General layout in T4


1Air conditioning control unit 1 – with automatic temperature control – in the heater control panel, front
2Air conditioning control unit 2 – with automatic temperature control – in the heater control panel, rear – central pillar
3Evaporator Fan Control Unit (A / C) – With Rear A / C – Behind Right Rear Trim Panel
4Air conditioning / heater fan motor control unit 1 – with automatic temperature control – front – fan unit
5Air conditioning / heater blower motor control unit 2- with automatic temperature control – rear- bottom of the body, in the center
6Aerial amplifier – behind the dash, passenger side
7Alternator resistor – near additional relays – CV / AUF, with alternator 150A / automatic transmission / automatic temperature control – behind the central part of the dashboard
8Additional battery – under the driver’s seat
9Accumulator battery
10Central locking signal control unit – behind the dashboard
11Cruise control unit (with throttle motor) – cruise control is controlled by the ECM
12Electronic cruise control module (without throttle motor) – behind dash, passenger side
13Diagnostic connector (DLC) – instrument panel, driver’s side
14Diagnostic unit – 05/99 (except for AAC / ABL / AET / AES / AJA) – in the instrument cluster
15Cooling Fan Motor Relay – Behind Left Headlight
16Cooling Fan Motor 1/2 Resistor – Behind Left Headlight
17Coolant heater control unit (with additional coolant heater – D3W / B4W / D4W) – in the heater – underbody, in the center
18Coolant heater control unit (with optional coolant heater – B7W / D7W) – behind the dash, passenger side
19Engine oil pressure warning buzzer – in instrument cluster control unit
21Fuse / relay box, instrument cluster 1
22Fuse / relay box 2, dash – under dash fuse / relay box 1
23Fuse / relay box, dash 3 – above dash fuse / relay box 1
24Fuse / relay box, dash 4 – behind dash, center
25Fuse / Relay Box, Driver’s Seat – Under Seat
26Fuse / Relay Box, Engine Compartment – Battery Powered
27Additional fuse (5A / 7.5A / 10A) – in the back of the audio system unit
28Additional fuse (10A) – at the rear of the navigation system control unit
29Headlights not switched off warning buzzer – in the instrument cluster control unit
30Heater blower motor resistor – manual temperature control – blower unit, front
31Horn 1/2 – behind the front bumper
32Immobilizer control unit – behind the instrument cluster
33Immobilizer ring antenna – near the ignition switch
34Turn signal relay, alarm relay – in the alarm switch
35Instrument Cluster Control Module / Digital Multifunction Display – In Instrument Cluster
36Outside temperature sensor – behind the front bumper
37Driver’s seat heating control unit – in the seat heating switch
38Passenger seat heating control unit – in the seat heating switch
39SRS control unit – under the dash, center
40Sunroof electric control unit
41Theme control unit – in the display of the navigation system
42Telephone interface control unit – behind the instrument cluster
43Electronic gearbox control unit – near the engine control unit
44Vehicle speed sensor – gearbox

Passenger compartment

The main fuse and relay box is located under the dash on the driver’s side.

Main box

add to Т4

Photo for example

Photo of the unit in the cabin


T4 fuse block diagram

Relay assignment

  1. (105) Heater blower motor relay – rear (ventilation)
  2. (174) Rear window wiper / washer relay
  3. (30/109) Engine management relay
  4. (18) Ignition auxiliary circuits relay 1
  5. Reserve
  6. (22/21) Emergency ventilation relay (with repeaters for direction indicators on the roof)
  7. (95) Headlight washer pump relay
  8. (99) Relay for intermittent operation of the windshield wiper / washer
  9. (36) Headlamps warning buzzer
  10. (53) Fog lamp relay
  11. (53) Horn relay
  12. (167) Fuel pump relay


110A Left headlight – low beam, headlight range control
210A Right headlight – low beam, headlight range control
310A License plate lamps
415A Rear window wiper / washer, auxiliary ignition circuit relay 2, additional equipment
515A / 20A Windshield wiper / washer, heaters for windshield washer nozzles (05/01)
630A Air conditioning system, heater fan motor
710A Front right side / rear right side lamps
810A Lamps front left / rear left
920A Heated rear window, heated outside mirror
1015A Fog lights, fog lights
1110A left headlamp-high beam
1210A RH headlamp-high beam
1310A Sound signal
1410A ABS system (with ESP), automatic transmission control system, additional equipment, central locking, cruise control system, power windows, power rear-view mirrors on the doors, reverse light (s)
1510A Engine management system, crankcase ventilation heater, cruise control system, vehicle speed sensor
1615A ABS indicator, glove box illumination lamp, turn signals, immobilizer, instrument cluster
1710A Additional heater
1820A Engine management system, fuel pump
1910A Cooling fan motor control unit, coolant pump motor
2010A Stop lights
2115A Audio system, diagnostic connector (DLC), interior lamps, navigation system
2210A Cigarette lighter fuse, radio

The fuse number 22, 10A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Additional fuse box

It is located under the main block.

additional row of fuses


115A Accessory power connector
215A Trailer electrical connector
310A Roof identification light
420A Additional heater (AC V / AH Y / AJT / AU F)
510A Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
6FOR Phone
715A Taxi
810A Roof fan
915A Audio system, instrument cluster
1015A Central locking
1115A Heated seats
1230A Heated door mirrors, heated rear window
1430A Air conditioning system – manual automatic temperature control
1520A Additional heater

Additional relay box 1

Located at the top of the main unit.


Transporter T4 additional relays


1(53) Coolant pump relay
2(125) Idle speed control (AM) relay
3(137) Glow plug control unit (ABL)
4(53) Ignition auxiliary circuits relay 2 (some models)
5(53) Ignition auxiliary circuits relay 2 (AES, with air conditioning)
F1(30) Power window fuse
F2(15) Engine control unit
F3(15) Actuator

Additional relay box 2

It is located behind the dashboard in the center.


Transporter T4 relay box 2


1(106) Auxiliary heater relay
2Audio / Telephone Speaker Switch Relay
3(53) Heater blower motor relay – rear (warm air)
4(114) Heater blower motor relay – automatic temperature control
5(152) Heater radiator coolant valve relay (rear heater)
6(38) Air intake changeover actuator relay (A / C / heater)
7(53) Alternator relay (AES, with 150A alternator)
8(53) Alternator relay (ACV / AUF, with alternator 150A / automatic / automatic temperature control)
9(175) Start inhibit switch relay / reversing lamp relay
10(87) Wheel hub connection control unit

Another unit can be located under the driver’s seat. The following items may be located there: (214/426) Relay for additional battery, (403) Relay for additional heater, (30A) Additional liquid heating system, (5A) Sockets , etc.

Engine compartment

This unit is located on the cover in front of the battery.


Scheme under the hood

Protected components

160A Glow plug relay
250A Cooling fan motor
350A Cooling fan motor
450A Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
5110A / 150A / 175A generator
630A System of maintaining exchange rate stability
730A Anti-lock braking system (with ESP)
85A System of maintaining exchange rate stability


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    TRYING TO LOCATE IF THERE IS ONE FITTED, LOW/HIGH BEAM RELAY. As intermittent fault occurring . (S121LCK)

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      I have a volkeswagen T4 1998.model and I have a light problem , I went to fit a toggle switch but tried the lights now don’t work .

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  • Re: 1997 VW EuroVan Camper
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    Could you please provide me with the relay designations for the above mentioned VW Vehicle
    or direct me where I can find it for that exact year, make and model. Thanking you in advance.


  • Hello,

    In my CARAVELLE t4 from. 2001 I need to temp disable all airbags, in the fuse schematics I can’t find any fuse description to deactivate/pull the system… How to do this without removing all components from the dash and steering wheel? (Including deactivation of of the warning lights..)

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  • buenas tardes de sharan 2005 motor 1.8 turbotendran informacion gracias

  • I have short circuited the alternator on my 1997 VW t4 Caravelle VR6
    The underbonnet fuses are not as per your picture I cannot find the 110A / 150A / 175A generator can any help further ?

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