Volkswagen Sharan – fuse and relay

The Volkswagen Sharan has been on the market from 1995 to the present in two generations. 1st generation was produced in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. During this time, the car was restyled 2 times. Accordingly, there are also several box execution diagrams. In this material, we will show the location of all electronic control units, we will describe in detail the purpose of fuses and relays in the 1st generation Volkswagen Sharan. Separately, we note the cigarette lighter fuse.

Sharan screensaver

The number of units, their design and the purpose of the elements may differ from the one presented and depend on the year of manufacture, the level of equipment and the country of delivery. We will present 2 of the most popular options: the 1st option is suitable mainly for models produced before 1998, and the 2nd after.



Volkswagen Sharan all blocks


1Air conditioner electronic control unit
2Heater air conditioner fan motor control unit, front (with automatic temperature control)
3Heater air conditioner fan motor control unit, rear (with automatic temperature control)
4Antenna signal amplifier – behind the roof panel
5Anti-theft control unit Central locking control unit – under the driver’s seat (^ 08/97)
6Anti-theft control unit – in the multifunction control unit (09/97 ^)
7Anti-theft alarm horn – intake system resonator (^ 04/00)
8Anti-theft alarm horn – intake system resonator (05/00 ^)
9Audio aerial – rear right side window
10Additional battery – under the passenger seat, if equipped
11Additional battery relay (11/98 ^) – under the front right seat
12Additional heater control unit
13Accumulator battery
14Central locking control unit – in the anti-theft system control unit – under the driver’s seat (^ 08/97)
15Central locking control unit – in the multifunction control unit (09/97 ^)
16Control Unit (Alarm) – Instrument Panel Fuse / Relay Box 2
17Cruise control control unit (cruise control)
18Diagnostic connector (DLC) – ^ 04/00 – under the front ashtray
19Diagnostic connector (DLC) – 05/00 ^
20Left front power window control unit -door
21Rear Left Power Window Control Unit – Door
22Right front power window control unit – door
23Rear right power window control unit – door
24Cooling fan motor control unit
25Electronic control unit 4WD – on the clutch
26Fuse / relay box, instrument cluster 1 – in multifunction control unit (09/97 ^)
27Fuse / relay box dashboard 2
28Fuse / relay box dashboard 3
29Fuse / relay box, engine compartment 1
30Fuse / relay box, engine compartment 2
31Heater blower motor resistor, front (manual temperature control)
32Heater fan motor resistor, rear (manual temperature control)
33Sound signals – behind the bumper
34Immobilizer control unit – behind the instrument cluster
35Immobilizer ring antenna – near the ignition switch
36Turn signal relay – in multifunction control unit
37Multifunction control unit – in dashboard fuse / relay box 1 – functions: windshield defroster / rear defroster, windshield wipers / rear window wiper, direction indicators, hazard warning lights, interior lamps, power windows, central locking, central remote control lock, anti-theft system
38Antenna for navigation system, telephone
39Parking aid control unit – under the driver’s seat
40Parking system buzzer, front – under the driver’s seat
41Parking system buzzer, rear – under the tail lamp cover
42Additional fuse (30A / 40A), additional battery – under the front right seat
43Additional fuse (30A), additional heater (09/01 ^) – under the front right seat
44Additional fuse (15A), accessory power connector 1 ^ 1/98 – 05/00) – under the front right seat
45Additional fuse (15A), accessory power socket 2 ^ 1/98 – 05/00) – under the front right seat
46Seat heating control unit, driver’s side – under the driver’s seat
47Seat heating control unit, passenger side – under the passenger seat
48Side impact sensor, on the driver’s side – under the driver’s seat
49Side impact sensor, passenger side – under the passenger seat
50SRS electronic control unit
51Body height sensor, front – headlight range control on anti-roll bar
52Body height sensor, rear – headlight range control – rear right axle shaft
53Electronic gearbox control unit – engine compartment, left
54Vehicle speed sensor – at checkpoint

Passenger compartment

The main fuse and relay boxes are located on the left side of the dashboard, behind the protective cover.

Access to the unit in the cabin Sharan

There will be an additional relay box behind it.

relay box

Fuse box

Type 1

Photo of the unit in the cabin option 1


Scheme option 1


2(72) Rear window washer wiper relay
3(30/109) Engine management relay – ADY / AKT / 1Z / AHU / AFN
4(18) Ignition auxiliary circuits relay
6(21/22) Alarm relay
7(95) Headlight washer pump relay
8(19/99) Relay for intermittent operation of the windshield washer wiper
9(36) Headlamps warning buzzer
10(53) Fog lamp relay
11(53) Horn relay
12(167) Fuel pump relay – AAA / ADY / AKT
13(128) Traffic light switching relay
14(169) Heated rear window relay
15(53/204) Windshield wiper motor relay
F1(10A) LH headlamp – low beam, headlamp range-left
F2(10A) RH headlamp – low beam, headlamp adjustment – RH
F3(3A) License plate lamps
F4(20A) Wiper, rear window washer, daylight system, air conditioning / heater blower motor – rear
F5(10A) Windshield washer wiper, windshield washer nozzle heaters
F6(25A) A / C system, A / C / heater blower motor
F7(5A) RH side / tail lamp, engine compartment lamp
F8(5A) LH / LH lamps
F9(20A) Heated rear window, defroster relay
F10(15A) Rear fog lamps
F11(10A) LH headlamp
F12(10A) RH headlamp
F13(10A) Horn
F14(15A) Reversing light (s), cruise control, heated windshield relay, central locking, power windows, power door mirrors, seat heater, air conditioning, auxiliary heater, 4WD system, automatic transmission (automatic transmission) , automatic transmission selector backlight
F15(5A / 10A) Engine management system, immobilizer, gearbox selector backlight, crankcase breather heater, exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) valve, fuel vapor accumulator valve
F16(3A) Clock, interior lamp – front, glove compartment lamp, rear window defogger relay, instrument cluster
F17(10A) Direction indicators
F18(10A) Fuel pump, heated oxygen sensor – AAA / ADY / AKT
F19(30A) Cooling fan motor control module, coolant blower motor
F20(10A) Brake light switch (brake pedal position sensor)
F21(10A) Instrument cluster, clock, audio system, audio CD changer, audio output amplifier, interior lamps, sunroof
F22(10A) Air conditioning, diagnostic connector (DLC)
F23(7.5A) Cooling fan motor control unit, coolant pump motor, A / C compressor magnetic clutch
F24(30A) Windshield wiper
F25(60A) Glow plugs
F27(50A) Heated windscreen
F28(30A) ABS control module
F29(30A) ABS control module
F30(10A) Central locking
F31(10A) Central locking, anti-theft alarm horn
F32(10A) Central locking, warning lamps – anti-theft system
F33(25A / 30A) Additional heater
F34(25A) Air conditioning / heater blower motor – rear
F35(20A) Cigar lighter, trailer electrical connector, bodywork power connectors
F36(10A) Telephone
F37(30A) Power windows
F38(20A) Spare
F39(25A) Front Climatronic module
F40(5A) Cooling fan motor relay 1 and 2 speed

In this version, the fuse number 35 for 20A is responsible for the cigarette lighter, 22 for additional sockets.

Type 2

Block in saloon Option 2002

The current appointment can be presented in the form of a brochure located on the back of the protective cover.


Scheme 2


Description brochure 2

brochure 2

Protected components

1(20A) Heated seats
2(10A) Power windows, power door mirrors
3(5) Cruise control, sunroof, glove box illumination, clock, navigation system, air conditioning system, auxiliary heater, multifunctional unit / board
4(10A) Engine management, immobilizer, crankcase breather heater-AAA / AMY / ANU
5(15A) Reversing light (s), automatic transmission (AT), AWD system
6(10A / 25A) Buzzer
7(20A) Cigarette lighter
8(30A) Windshield wiper / washer
9(30A) Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
10(30A) Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
11(20A) Headlamp washers
12(15A) Sunroof, clock, multifunction control module: Central locking, rear window wiper / washer
13(3A) Engine management – petrol
14(10A / 20A / 25A / 30A) motor control
15(30A) Cooling fan motor -AAA / AFN / AHU
16(15A / 30A) Cooling fan motor (06/00 ^)
17(10A) Automatic transmission
18(5A / 10A) Cooling fan motor
19(5A) Central locking, telephone, air conditioning, instrument cluster, audio system, parking system (11 / 98-05 / 00), diagnostic connector (DLC)
20(10A) Stop lights
21(25A / 30A) air conditioner
22(25A / 30A) air conditioner
23(10A) Audio system, audio system CD changer, navigation system
24(25A) Auxiliary heater
25(3A) Multifunction control module, telephone, audio system
26(30A) Start inhibit switch relay / reversing lamp relay
27(25A) A / C system, coolant blower motor
28(10A) Anti-lock braking system (ABS), coolant blower motor, windshield wiper / washer
29(5A) Multifunction control module, windshield washer nozzle heaters, windshield wiper (- ^ 10/98), heated windscreen, heated rear window, auxiliary heater, heating ventilation (-10/98), air conditioning
30(3A) License plate lamps
31(15A) Fog lights
32(3A / 10A) Engine management-ADY / AAAAJ H / AKT / ANU
33(25A) Trailer electrical connector, bodywork power connector (12v), additional battery
34(25A) Heating / ventilation system
51(20A) Heated rear window
52(20A) Direction indicators
53(10A) Interior lamps
54(10A) Anti-theft system
55(5A) Door opening lamps, instrument cluster, anti-theft system, central locking, power windows
56(5A) Front right side marker, rear right side marker lamps
57(5A) LH, Tail lamps
58(10A) Headlight range control
59(10A / 15A) LH headlamp – low beam
60(10A / 15A) RH headlamp – low beam
61(10A) LH headlamp-high beam
62(10A) RH headlamp-high beam

In this embodiment, the fuse number 7, 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter, 8 for additional sockets.

Relay boxes

Type 1

Main box


Relay box 1-1

Functions of the elements

  • 1 Splitter Diagnostics
  • 2 Splitter Terminal 15a
  • 3 Splitter Terminal 58b
  • 4 Speed ​​signal splitter
  • 5 Splitter Terminal 54
  • 6 End splitter off doors
  • 18 – Radio loudspeaker switching relay – telephone
  • 19 – Daytime Lighting Relay (200)
  • Reserve
  • 31 – Relay for rear ventilation windows (149)
  • 22 – the Relay for heating a windshield (170)
  • 23 – Not used
  • 24 – Relay for electric glass lifters (53)
  • 25 – Rear heater supply fan relay (94)
  • 26 – Warning relay not wearing seat belts

Type 2

Main box


Sharan relay block diagram in the cabin


1(361) Control unit for folding mirrors
2(361) Control unit for folding mirrors
3Audio / Telephone Speaker Switch Relay
4(94) Heater blower motor relay – without air conditioning
5(53/131/181) Cooling fan motor cut-off relay (after stopping the engine)
6(175) Start inhibit switch relay / reversing lamp relay
7(106) Auxiliary heater relay (^ 04/98)
8(95) Headlight washer pump relay
9(200) Daytime Lighting Relay – If Equipped
10(53/404) Horn relay
11(94) A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay – AFN / AHU
12(168) A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay
13(153) Diode
14(185) Immobilizer relay
15(114) Heater blower motor relay – auxiliary heater (^ 04/98)
16(149) Relay for power rear side windows
17(53/404) Auxiliary heater relay
18(94) Coolant pump relay
19(109) Engine management relay

Additional box

relay box vw sharan


vw sharan relay block diagram

Functions of elements

  1. 50A – Heated windshield
  2. 50A – Secondary air pump, 25A – Additional heater
  3. 25A – Additional heater
  4. 30A – Separate fuse for glass – lifters
20(404) Auxiliary heater operation relay
21(53) Windshield wiper motor relay / radiator fan relay (361)
22(53) Exhaust air pump relay / heated exterior mirrors relay (404)
23(100) Heated windscreen relay
24(167) Fuel pump / blower relay (53)
25(53) Coolant heater relay
26(100) Ignition auxiliary circuits relay
27(114) A / C compressor magnetic clutch cut-off relay

Engine compartment

The main power fuse box is located next to the battery and is covered by a cover.

Main box

the photo 

Block under the hood in sharan 1


  1. 60A – Glow plugs
  2. 40A – Radiator fan
  3. 40 / 60A – Radiator rotator
  4. 110A – Salon interior
  5. 150A – Generator
  6. 3A – Multifunctional control unit
  7. 30A – ABS
  8. 30A – ABS (pump)

On some models, another additional unit was installed

Additional box

block under the hood 2


Additional relay box 1 - 2


  • 50 – Air conditioning decoupling relay (114)
  • 51 – Relay off air conditioner (147)
  • 52 – Reserve
  • 53 – Reserve
  • 54 – Relay of high power heating (103)
  • 55 – Relay for starter and reversing lights (158)
  • 56 – Air pump relay (53)
  • 57 – Secondary air pump relay
  • 58 – Fuse for radiator fan, glow plugs of additional heating elements for coolant
  • 59 – Relay low heating power (103)


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  • Excellent information and useful. Thanks for the valuable information.

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  • Good day, I have sharon 2003 model. Whenever I am driving the door light and inner light blink. What can cause it

    • There could be a few potential causes for this issue. Here are some possibilities to consider:

      1) The blinking lights may indicate a problem with one of the door switches. These switches are responsible for detecting whether a door is open or closed. If a switch is faulty or becomes loose, it may send incorrect signals to the light circuit, causing the lights to blink.

      2) Another possibility is that there is a loose electrical connection somewhere in the lighting system. Vibrations from driving can cause loose connections to intermittently disconnect and reconnect, leading to blinking lights.

      3) It’s also possible that there is a problem with the wiring in the door or interior light circuit. Worn-out or damaged wiring can cause intermittent connections, resulting in blinking lights.

      4) And last one is malfunction in the vehicle’s electrical system could be the culprit. This could be due to a faulty relay, control module, or other electrical component that controls the lights. A diagnostic scan using specialized equipment may be necessary to identify the specific cause.

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