Dacia Logan 2 (Renault Logan 2) – fuse and relay

Renault Logan 2 belongs to the class of budget cars. In Europe it is also known under the name Dacia Logan 2. It was produced with station wagon and sedan bodies. Released in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021. During this time, the model has been restyled. In this publication, we will show where the boxes with fuses and relays of the 2nd generation Renault Logan are located, their photographs and diagrams with an anssignment of the purpose of the elements, as well as show how to replace the cigarette lighter fuse.

Renault Logan 2

We draw your attention to the fact that the number of elements, as well as their location in the boxes, depends on the configuration and the year of manufacture of the car and may differ from the information provided.

Engine compartment

The mounting box is located on the left side, next to the battery and is closed with a plastic cover.

Block under the hood Logan 2


Block diagram under the hood Renault Logan 2


  1. Battery terminal
  2. Air Conditioning Compressor Diode
Ef140A Right windscreen heating element
Ef240A Left windshield heating element
Ef460A Immobilizer, passenger compartment fuse supply circuit F28-F31
Ef560A Power supply for passenger compartment fuses F11, F23 – F27, F34 and F39
Ef730A Heated rear window and mirrors
Ef815A Front fog lights
Ef915A Heated seats
Ef1015А Air conditioner clutch (equipment with air conditioning) / 25А First speed of the electric fan (equipment without air conditioning)
Ef1125A Fuse for the relay of the engine management system
Ef1240A Electro cooling fan
Ef1315A Engine management system
Er135A Relay for left glass heating
Er235A Relay for the right glass heating
Er320A Fuel pump relay
Er420A Relay for the air conditioner compressor or the first speed of the electric fan (depending on the configuration)
Er535A Engine control relay

Engine compartment

As with the 1st generation, this unit is installed at the end on the left.

Block in the cabin Renault Logan 2


Block diagram in the cabin Renault Logan 2


F130A electric glass front lifts
F210A high beam left headlight
F310A high beam right headlight
F410A low beam left headlight
F510A high beam right headlight
F65A rear dimensions, number illumination, illumination
F75A front dimensions
F830A electric glass rear lifts
F97.5A rear fog lamp
F1015A horn
F1120A central locking
F1310A interior lighting, air conditioning
F145A steering angle sensor
F1515A glass washer, parking radar, reversing light
F165A audio system, heated glass, speed limiter
F177.5A DRL
F187.5A brake light
F195A control system
F205A airbags
F217.5A reversing lamp, AMT control unit
F225A electric power steering pump
F2415A direction indicator
F2510A anti-theft system
F2615A electrical control unit
F2720A steering column switches (low beam input)
F2925A steering column switches (high beam input)
F3110A instrument cluster
F327.5A audio system
F3315A cigarette lighter
F3415A diagnostic connector
F355A heated exterior mirrors
F365A mirror drive
F3730A starter
F3830A wiper
F3940A air conditioner
R135A air conditioner relay
R235A rear defogger relay

For the cigarette lighter fuse 33 15A is responsible.

fuse cigarette lighter logan 2

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  • O App e excelente e fiel, aqui no Brasil nem as concessionárias querem fornecer o esquema elétrico. No manual vem um genérico do habitáculo e não mostra a banco de fusiveis do motor. Muito obrigado e parabéns, vc me ajudou muito meu amigo Deus te abençoe.

  • You’re diagram nor my car have 37, either and 39. Where are they in the actual car?

  • where do I find front wiper relay
    dacia logan estate 2
    thanks, Les.

  • Hi. Which fuse is for the rear lights on a Dacia Logan 2019 please ?

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