Renault Master 3G (Nissan NV400) fuse and relay

Renault Master 3 generations was produced in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021. During this time, the model has been restyled. We will provide information on the location of the Renault Master 3rd generation relay and fuse boxes, show photos of the boxes, a diagram and a description of their purpose. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter. This material is also suitable for owners of Nissan NV400.

renault trafic 3

The number of elements in the boxes and their purpose may differ from the one shown. In case of difficulty, contact your dealer.

Engine compartment

Located under the barrel. To access the box, it must be removed.

master 3 block under the hood

Type 1




F350BUS X62
F550Additional heating relay 1
F650Purpose-built body conversion, X62 BUS
F770Additional heating relay 2
F870Rear lights, passenger compartment fuse-relay box, diesel heater resistance
F970Passenger compartment relay and fuse box
F1050Motor fan relay 3, motor fan relays (rating depending on vehicle spec.)
F1140Motor fan speed Relay 1,Motor fan speed Relay 2 (rating depending on vehicle spec.)
F1240Starts engine
F1360Heating interface unit
F1460Heating interface unit
F1570Diesel glow plug relay unit
F1640Gearbox electro pump unit relay
50Fuse box 2
F15Lighting control relay power supply (GRUAU) Front and rear lighting
F25Lighting control relay power supply (GRUAU) Individual lighting (X81)
F350Relay 1155 power supply (70A + load shed accessory relay)
F425Relay 1155 power supply (70A + BCM battery relay)
F510Power supply for multimedia display from GRUAU kits
F65Door sill electronic control unit power supply

Type 2

The photo

мастер 2011 год блок под капотом


diagram 2


F17,5А Right side light
F27,5А Left side light
F310А Right dipped beam lights
F410А Left dipped beam lights
F520А Fog lamps
F610А Left main beam light
F710А Right main beam light
F825А ABS power supply
F930А Windscreen wiper
F1010А Airbag PIS (primary ignition supply)
F1220А Gearbox ECU power supply (Front wheel drive)
F165А Gearbox PIS (primary ignition supply)
F177,5А Passenger compartment PIS (primary ignition supply)
F185А Injection ECU/diesel heater relay
F1910А Rear running lights PIS (primary ignition supply)
F2210А Air conditioning (compressor) I
F235А Defrosting (relay control)

Passenger compartment

Main box

photo of the block in the salon master 3

The photo

photo block master 3 1

On the back of the protective cover you will find the current layout

Designation of elements

block diagram in the salon Renault Master 3


diagram main


110Infotainment system, seat heating, (Service relay 1. Engine running relay)
215Power outlet 1
310Cigarette lighter
410Power outlet 2
55Instrument panel
625Central locking (UCE Habitacle (CPE, SUPCPE), BFR)
725Turn signals, rear fog lights, body control module (UCE Habitacle + Batsecurite)
85Diagnostic connector
105ABS, Electronic Stability Program
1110Interior lights, brake lights
125Body control module
1315Brake light
145Body control module, power windows, air conditioning
1520Left heated rear window
1620Right heated rear window
1715Windscreen washer (Steering mounted controls)
185Electronic immobiliser
1915Heated seats (BFRH2, ADPCNC, adaptation compiementaire)
2110Cornering lights
2210Infotainment system, seat heating, vehicle display screen, audio connections, alarm
235Hands-free connection
25– (diode location)
26– (diode location)
2740Climate control fan
2810Additional adaptations (BFRH2, ACC deleste relay, easement relay 1)
2940Power windows, body control module

Additional boxes

They are located on the right side (left and right hand drive) under the dashboard and are attached to the right flange of the dashboard beam.

Box 1

Block 1


  1. 20А – 12 V load shed current distribution power supply
  2. 20А – Engine running information
  3. 20А – Heated seat

Box 2

block 2


  1. 20А Sliding door
  2. 20А Boot lid
  3. 20А Bus heated seat
  4. 20А Bus ESP
  5. 40А A/C info
  6. 70А BCM + battery feed
  7. 70А + load shed accessory feed


That’s all. If you find a mistake or have something to add – write in the comments.

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