Renault 11 / 9 – fuse and relay

Renault 9 and Renault 11 are small family cars. Produced in 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1988. We will show the location of the relay and fuse boxes, as well as the box diagram in the Renault 11 and 9 .

Renault 11 photos

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

The fuse box is installed in the passenger footwell under the glove / glove compartment. To gain access to the fuses, you need to lower the panel down.

Renault fuse box 11 and 9

To access the unit, press the latches and open the fuse and relay panel by sliding it down.


circuit block with Renault fuses 11 and 9

A blown fuse is indicated by the fact that all consumers that it protects are de-energized. If the new fuse also blows, determine the cause and correct the defect before inserting another one.

Never try to solve the problem by inserting a fuse with a higher current rating or replacing it with wire or foil; this can overheat the wires and even cause a fire.


Relays are an integral part of some electrical circuits and their function depends on the purpose of the circuits. The relays are mounted on the fuse panel. Replacing the relay is very simple: you need to pull one out of the cartridge and insert the other. The relays cannot be repaired, they are sealed tightly. If in doubt about the functionality of the relay, insert a new one and check.

The following elements are located separately:

  • The turn signal and alarm relays are located next to the brake light switch under the instrument panels.
  • The intermittent wiper relay is located on the fuse panel. To replace the relay, the multi-pin electrical connector must be disconnected and the fixing screws must be unscrewed.

Battery fuse

A fuse is installed in the battery positive terminal circuit. If a short circuit occurs in the water of the main targets, in the starter circuit, for example, the insert will burn out and the circuit will open. The integrity of the insert can be checked visually or using a control light.

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