Renault Megane 3 – fuse and relay

Renault Megane 3 generations were produced in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. During these 9 years the car has been restyled 2 times. The most common body options are a station wagon and a 5-door hatchback, although there are also coupes and sedans on the market (under a separate brand of Renault Fluence). We will describe the purpose of the relays and fuses in the Renault Megane 3, show where the boxes and their diagrams are.

renault megane 3 pics

Passenger compartment

Main box

It is located in the dashboard, on the left.

photo of the unit in the cabin


photo diagram of the block with fuses in the cabin


F310A cigarette lighter
F410A rear socket
F510A socket in the luggage compartment
F610A audio system
F75A electric heated exterior mirrors
F810A windshield washer, door open indicator
F930A automatic parking brake
F1010A dashboard shield
F1125A power seat, steering column switches
F1220A electric heated passenger seat
F1425A electric window regulator for the front passenger door
F155A brake light switch, brake pedal position sensor, ABS / ESP control unit
F1625A electric window regulator of the right rear door
F1725A electric window regulator of the left rear door
F1810A glove compartment lamp, left luggage compartment lamp, door lamps, sun visor mirror lamps, rain sensor
F1910A clock, outside temperature indicator, seat belt warning indicator, audio system connector
F205A air conditioning control unit
F213A mirror lamps in sun visors
F223A interior lampshades, rain and light sensor
F2320A trailer connector
F253A interior rearview mirror
F2610A navigation system, CD changer, audio system
F2720A audio system, parking brake control unit
F3015A UCH, direction indicators
F3230A electric window regulator driver’s door
F3325A UCH, central locking
F3430A ECU multiplex network passenger door
F3515A clock, outdoor temperature gauge, phone display
F3615A diagnostic socket, horn relay, alarm control unit, siren
F3710A brake signals, ECU
F3830A automatic parking brake
F3930A convertible roof ECU
F4040A air conditioning fan
F4125A electric sunroof
F4240A rear window heating
  • RA 70А – power relay (+ battery) with delayed shutdown (without power off at startup)
  • RB 70A – power relay (+ battery) with delayed shutdown (with power off at startup)
  • RC 40C – Heated rear window relay
  • RD 20A – horn relay

The fuse number 3 is responsible for the front cigarette lighter, and the rear outlet is 4 rated at 10A.

Additional relays

A separate “+” relay with the 40A engine running can be located under the passenger seat. Thus, a pair of additional heating relays can be located on the center console heater box.

Engine compartment

Fuse box

The unit is located in the engine junction box (in the engine compartment).

Unit under the hood access

The photo

photo of the assembly unit


block diagram under the hood

Circuits protected

  1. 10A – Side light (right headlamp, right tail light, headlamps), license plate lights, cigarette lighter lights, power window switch lights, audio system, navigation system control unit, multimedia system keyboards
  2. 10A – Side light (left headlamp, left rear lamp), left lamp on the tailgate
  3. 15A – Headlight washer pump
  4. 20A – Fog lights
  5. 10A – High beam (left block headlamp)
  6. 10A – High beam (right headlamp)
  7. 15A – Diagnostic socket, rear window heating relay, automatic transmission mode selector, electric headlight corrector, gas discharge lamp control unit, auxiliary heater control unit, speed limiter, automatic parking brake, automatic parking control unit, dimmable mirror in the passenger compartment
  8. 30A – to the ABS, ESP control unit
  9. 30A – Front wiper
  10. 10A – Airbag control unit
  11. 20A – Not used
  12. 7,5А – transmission ECU
  13. 25A – Engine management system
  14. 15A – Oxygen concentration sensors – heating
  15. 20A – transmission ECU
  16. 5A – Braking signals, electrical control unit, electric power steering
  17. 10A – Automatic gearbox operating modes sensor, electro-corrector of headlights, reversing light relay
  18. 15A – Electrical equipment control unit
  19. 30A – Starter
  20. – Not used
  21. 20A – Fuel module, ignition coils, LPG ECU
  22. 10A – Electromagnetic clutch of the air conditioner compressor
  23. 5A – ECU injection system
  24. 20A – Low beam (left headlight), electrocorrector
  25. 20A – Low beam (right headlight), electrocorrector
  26. – Not used

Fuses 24, 25 and 26 on the protection unit may not be removable.

Box №2

It is located in the junction box in the engine compartment under the protection and switching unit.

2 block under the hood Renault


Scheme of the 2nd block


  • A – Not used
  • B – Fuel heater relay
  • C – Reverse light relay
  • D – Not used
  • F1 – 80A immersion heater control unit
  • F2 – 70A preheating unit
  • F3 – Not used
  • F4 – 80A immersion heater control unit
  • F5 – 60A / 40A fan relay
  • F6 – 20A Fuel heater
  • F7 – Not used
  • F8 – 30A fan relay
  • F9 – Not used

Box near the battery

arrangement of blocks on akb

Battery disconnect unit (1)


Block diagram for disconnecting battery


  • F1 – 190A Starter
  • F2 – 50A fuse and relay box in the passenger compartment
  • F3 – 80A fuse and relay box (control and switching unit) in the engine compartment 1, fuse and relay box in the passenger compartment
  • F4 – 300A / 190A engine compartment fuse and relay box 2 / alternator
  • F5 – 80A electric power steering
  • F6 – 35A electronic engine control unit (ECU) / fuse and relay box (control and switching unit) in the engine compartment 1
  • F7 – 5A fuse and relay box (control and switching unit) in the engine compartment 1

High Power Fuse Block (2)

The photo

photo of the unit on the battery


Fuse-link diagram


  1. 70A – additional heater of the passenger compartment
  2. 80A – fuse and relay box in the passenger compartment
  3. 80A – fuse and relay box in the passenger compartment
  4. 80A – fuse and relay box (control and switching unit) in the engine compartment 1, fuse and relay box in the passenger compartment
  5. 30A – additional heater
  6. 50A – ABS ECU with ESP

Next to the electric fan, a  relay for the electric fan of the engine cooling system can be located.

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  • Megane 3 engine comp’mt fuse 22 a/c clutch circuit , how to access this fuse. As after removing the top cover the fuse box under appears inverted. The fuses are underneath and cannot be accessed. Please advise anyone next step to access fuses to check continuity. Do I need to loosen the wiring loom to rotate the fuse box to face up ?

    • Yes. I disconnected all and checked everything.

      Not so hard to do with a flatt screwdriver.

      But most stupid box ever i know.

      I struggling to get the turn light to work.
      Blinkers blink both sides.
      Do you think this is a box on the front lamp itself that is destroyed?
      Fuses is ok so next must be maybe a stwitch on the steering collum that is broke or something. If it works on the same as the blinkers it should work but.

      Maybe someone has taken away the program by ODB2 contact or maybe it can be adjusted buy the push buttons on the steering collum

    • J’ai soulevé le boitier en faisant remonter les faisceaux, ensuite j’ai testé les fusibles à l’ohmmètre. Sur le haut du fusible il y a 2 petits trous qui permettent d’accéder au circuit électrique et dans lesquels les pointes de l’Ohmmètre entrent facilement pour faire contact.

  • Megane III ~ RS250, am I totally blind? Can anybody tell me if they see a fuse for the Cruise control please?

  • Thank you so much. Was very helpful in finding the correct fuse for licence plate lights.
    Brilliant page 😀

    • Won’t start put foot on brake peadel press button there is a clicking sound in the relay but nothing is there a fuse for this and if yes what number would it be

  • Is the power steering fuse accessible or does the whole box need changing

  • Thank you very much, I have megane 3, 2010 farmeri 1.6, the problem is horn doesn’t work and airbag light is on, where can I find their fuses?

  • Does anyone know which fuse i need to take out of a 2016 renault megane dynamique to dissarm the engine stop/start , its irretating.

  • Good day I have a Renault Megane 3 2013 model 1.6 dynamic, my air conditioning system is not working, I have checked all the fuse and they are still fine

  • Hi I’m looking for the fuse gor the hazard lights can anyone help? Thank you

  • Hi can anyone tell me is there a fuse for front park lights on a Renault Megane gt-line or how do they get power.

    • same problem did you solve it ?

    • Hi I have a 2002 Megane Fidji 1598cc and the hazard switch is inoperable, therefore failed the MOT. I have purchased a new switch, hopefully that will be ok, but just in case, what fuse would work the hazard lights and where is it located please.

  • Hi

    where is the sidelight fuse on 2014 renault megane?

    paula welsh

  • Could Anyone Help With The Location Of The ” Fuel Pump Relay ” Please …… Cheers.

  • I have a 2012 megane currently showing an emission light. The car drives fine, light has been on for a year or so.

    Does anyone know if there is a fuse that controls the emissions light / detection?

    Thanks. Harry

  • I need to change/check fuse and relay for the heated rear window, is it possible to do this through the stupid small access panel to the fuse box, or do I need to remove the glovebox or more? Thanks

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