Renault Kangoo 2G and 1G – fuse and relay

Renault Kangoo belongs to multi-purpose vehicles, as there are 2 and three-door cargo, as well as four-door passenger modifications. The first generation of this series was produced in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. Renault Kangoo 2 series was produced in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and up to the present. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the location of the fuse and relay boxes in Renault Kangoo 2 and 1 generations. We will show their diagrams, the purpose of the elements, as well as the cigarette lighter fuse.

Renault Kangоo 2 and 1 photo

1st generation

Engine compartment

Located on the left side, near the counter.

The photo

photo of the unit under the hood 1


kangoo 1 scheme 1


1(30A) Engine management (injection system)
2(30A) Cooling fan motor control (some models)
3(5A) Engine management (D7F726)
5(15A) Engine management
6(70A) ECU for preheating system
7(50A) Cooling fan motor control
8(60A) Combination switch, daytime running lights (select models), fuse / relay box, instrument panel (F4-F9), main ignition circuit relays
9(25A) Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
10(60A) Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
11(60A) Central locking (some models), combination switch, fuse / relay box, instrument panel (F35) (some models), warning lamps (some models), ignition switch
12(40A) A / C / heater blower control module, A / C / heater blower motor


relay circuit 1st generation


AD7F744, F8Q:  Not used
F9Q, K9K:  Immersion heater
relay F9Q790 (4×4):  Immersion heater 2 and W
relay K4M750:  Engine cooling fan relay
BD7F744: LPG  solenoid valve ON relay
F8Q, F9Q, K9K:  Not used
F9Q790 (4×4):  2nd speed relay for engine cooling
fan K4M750:  Fuel pump relay
CD7F744, F8Q, F9Q790 (4×4):  Power steering
pump relay F9Q, K4M750, K9K:  Not used
DD7F744, F8Q, K4M750:  Not used
F9Q, K9K:  Immersion heater
relay F9Q790 (4×4):  Immersion heater relay 1
ED7F744, F8Q, F9Q, K9K:  Not used
F9Q790 (4×4):  Relay for 1st speed electric cooling
fan K4M750:  Relay for low speed electric cooling fan (vehicles with air conditioning)
FD4F, D7F744:  Not used
K7J:  Starter relay
F8Q: Cooling fan  relay
F9Q, K9K:  Power steering
pump relay K4M752:  Not used
GD7F744: LPG  fuel pump cutout relay
F8Q, F9Q, K4M750, K9K:  Not used
F9Q790 (4×4):  Fuel pump relay
HD4F, D7F744, F9Q, K7J, K4M752, K9K:  Injection blocking relay
F8Q: Altitude  corrector relay
JD7F744, F8Q, F9Q, K9K:  Not used
F9Q790 (4×4):  Diesel injection ECU power relay
K4M750:  Injection lockout relay
KD7F744, F8Q, F9Q, K9K:  Low speed cooling fan relay (vehicles with air conditioning)
D4F, F9Q, K7J, K4M752, K9K: Engine cooling fan relay  (vehicles with air conditioning)
LD4F, D7F744, K4M752, K7J:  Relay for fuel pump
F8Q:  Relay “+” after ignition / “+” before ignition
F9Q, K9K:  Relay for electro fan of engine cooling system
MD4F, D7F744, K7J:  Relay for the electric fan of the engine cooling system
D4F, K7J: Slightly low speed of the electric fan (vehicles with air conditioning)
F8Q, F9Q:  Relay for diesel fuel 
heater K4M752:  Relay for low speed of the electric fan of the engine cooling system on vehicles with air conditioning
K9K:  Not used by

Passenger compartment

As in the 2nd generation Renault Kangoo, it is located on the left side of the dashboard.

the photo

block photo

See the current description on the back of the protective cover.

photo of the block cover


fuse diagram


2(10A) Audio / navigation system, clock, multifunction display, power door mirrors, telephone
3(15A) Multifunction control module
4(30A) Thermal fuse (F2 / F3)
5(30A) Trailer socket
6(10A) Anti-theft system (some models), diagnostic connector (DLC), immobilizer, dashboard, multifunction control unit
7(30A) Heated rear window
8(30A) Multifunction control module
9(15A) Fog lights
14(15A) A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay (some models), rear window wiper / washer, reversing lights, windshield wiper / washer
15(20A) Multifunction control module, windscreen wiper / washer
16(15A) Stop light switch (brake pedal position sensor), diagnostic connector (DLC), instrument cluster, SRS electronic control unit, telephone, automatic transmission selector lock relay
17(10A) Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
18(2A) Anti-theft control module (some models), multifunction control module
19(25A) Power windows
20(25A) Power windows
21(20A) Seat heaters (some models)
22(20A) Luke
24(15A) Air conditioning control module (LHD)
25(15A) Audio / navigation system, Renault kangu cigarette lighter fuse, multifunction control unit, main ignition circuit relay:
26(25A) Air conditioning / heater control panel
27(10A) LH headlamp-high beam, instrument cluster
28(10A) RH headlamp-high beam
29(10A) LH headlamp – low beam, headlight range control
30(10A) RH headlamp – low beam, headlight range control, instrument cluster
31(10A) Air conditioning / heater control panel, audio / navigation system, central locking, cigarette lighter, multifunction display, alarm, rear window defogger switch, instrument cluster, front left-hand side marker, license plate light, multifunction control unit, sunroof switch, exhaust lights
32(10A) Power windows, seat heater, front right side marker, switch illumination, automatic transmission mode selection switch
33(10A) Instrument panel, rear fog lamps
34(15A) Horn
35(10A) Indicators / alarms (some models), multifunction control box
36(10A) Heated door mirrors

Fuse number 25 or 12 at 15A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

There is also a box with a relay nearby.


relay circuit 1 generation in the cabin


AAlarm buzzer about non-switched off outdoor lighting
BWindshield Wiper Relay
CRelay-interrupter for direction indicators and alarm
DNot used
Rear window wiper relay
EHeated rear window relay
GRelay “+” after ignition switch / “+” before ignition switch
HRelay “+” after ignition switch / “+” before ignition switch
A / C compressor relay
IFog lamp relay
Door lock remote control receiver
JFuel level sensor relay (1061) (petrol / LPG systems)
KRelay for electric door locks
LReceiver for remote control of door locks
MRelay for permanent low beam headlights
NDaytime running light relay
ODaytime running light main relay (vehicles with automatic transmission)
PDaytime running light main relay (vehicles with manual gearbox)
QReceiver for remote control of door locks

2nd generation

Engine compartment

Communication box

Getting to him is rather difficult. To do this, remove the battery, unscrew the block cover next to it and turn it over.

photo of block 2 location


block diagram under the hood


17,5А – Fuse of the right side light lamps (172-226)
27.5A – Fuse for left side lights (173-227) – right rear lamp (172) – middle license plate lamp (1324) cigarette lighter (101) – sockets for additional equipment of the 1st row of seats (506) – door lock switch and emergency alarms (1391) – headlight range control switch (562) – climate control panels (319-419) – audio systems (261) – multifunction display
310A – Fuse for the right headlight (low beam) (226) – headlight range control switch (562) – right headlight range control motor (538)
410A – Fuse left headlight (low beam) (227) – left headlight corrector motor (537)
520A – Fuse right and left fog lights (176 – 177)
610A – Fuse left headlight (high beam) (227)
710A – Right headlight fuse (high beam) (226)
825A – ECU anti-lock braking system (118) or trajectory stabilization system (1094)
930A – Windshield wiper motor fuse (212)
105A – Fuse “+” after the ignition switch of the electric power steering (1232)
11Not used
1220A – ECU automatic transmission (119)
13Not used
1415A A car with a gasoline engine: injectors 1-2-3-4 (193-194-195-196) – an adsorber (371) – a downstream oxygen sensor (242) – an upstream oxygen sensor (887) or A car with a diesel engine: flow regulator Fuel (1105) – Cylinder Sensor Solenoid Valve (746)
15Not used
165A – ECU of an automatic transmission (119)
177.5A – Auxiliary heater relay 1 (1067) – Auxiliary heater relay 2 (1068) – Diagnostic socket (225) – Airbag / pretensioner ECU (756) – Parking control ECU (1222)
185A – Fuse “+” after ignition feed of the water-in-fuel sensor (414) – relay block in the engine compartment 2 (1683) – injection computer (120)
1910A – Fuse “+” after the ignition switch for the reverse light switch (155) or the reverse light switch with the top dead center sensor (1109)
2020A – ECU injection system (120)
21Not used
2210A – Fuse electromagnetic clutch of the air conditioning compressor (171)
2330A – Heated rear window (200) – exterior mirrors (239-240)

Power supply circuit box


circuit protection block diagram


160A Coolant Heater Interface Unit
27A Diesel Engine Glow Plug Relay Block (980) – Coolant Heater Interface Unit
330A Relay block in the engine compartment 2 (1683) – heating element of the fuel heater
440A Door window motor fuse
570A Fuse and relay box in the passenger compartment
650A ABS ECU (1094)
740A Additional heating relay 1
870A Fuse and relay box in the passenger compartment
970A Additional heating relay 2

Fuse box on the battery cover

on the battery cover


Block diagram for akb


F1175А Generator fuse (103) – power supply circuit protection fuse box (777) – Protection and switching unit (1337).
F2Fuse for the supply circuit “+” of the battery to the starter through the fuse (163) – 2 A on cars with gasoline engines or 500 A on cars with diesel engines
F340A Fuse “+” of the battery through the fuse to the engine systems through the protection and switching unit
F440A Fuse “+” of the battery through the fuse of the electric fan of the engine cooling system (1014-188) through the Protection and switching unit (1337) – the starter (163) through the Protection and switching unit (1337)
F570A Fuse “+” of the battery through the fuse to the electric power steering (1232)
F640A Battery + circuit fuse via passenger compartment fuse / relay box (260) – UCH (645).

Passenger compartment

It is located behind the protective cover to the left of the steering wheel.

The photo

photo of block 1


fuse diagram in the passenger compartment 2

Circuits protected

1Not used
210A Fuse for cigarette lighter (101) or socket for additional equipment (506)
315A Audio system (261), multifunction display (653), seat power relay (1399), brake light relay (1524) – relay of consumers of electricity No. 2 (1389)
410A Socket for additional equipment 2nd row of seats (1382)
55A Power supply of the instrument panel (247)
630A Fuse for central locking or interlocking system of internal door handles
720A UCH (645) (warning and fog lamps)
810A Fuse for heating elements for outside rear-view mirrors on the driver’s and passenger’s side (239-240)
910А Relay of consumers of electricity No. 2 (1389) and relay “+” of a working internal combustion engine (1615)
1015A Audio system (261) – multifunction display (653) – multiplex network interface unit (multiplex network (1714) – video display (1127)
1110A ECU of the air conditioner (419), relay of current consumers 1 (1155), interior lamp, luggage compartment lamp, brake light switch
125A CEBS (645)
135A Fuse for front lamp (213) – central lamp (529) – rain and light sensor (1415)
145A Power window control relay (471) – Child safety relay (750) – Power window relay (703) – Air conditioning ECU (419)
1510A UCH (645) – ABS ECU (118)
1615A UCH (645), brake light switch (160), ABS and automatic transmission ECU (119), right and left tail lights, upper brake light (639)
1720A Block understeering switches (1519), two-way pump washer for windshield and rear windows (677)
185A Fuse UCH (645) – receiving ring (1618)
1930A Power window relay (471)
2015A Seat power relay (1399) – driver and passenger seat heating (385-386) – right and left seat heating switches (1513-1514)
2115A Block of understeering switches (1519) – main electromagnetic sound signal (105) – diagnostic connector (225)
2215A UCH (645) – rear window wiper motor (211) – door wiper motor (1881)
23Power supply for electric cold air blower (164) 20 A for air conditioning or 30 A for standard heating
2420A Power supply of the electric cold air blower (164)
25Not used
26Not used
2740A UCH (645) – the electric motor of the window regulator of the driver’s and passenger’s doors
28Not used
29Not used

The fuse number 2 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.


  • 1155 – 70А Relay of consumers of electricity 1
  • 1067 – 40A Additional heating relay 1
  • 1068 – 70A Additional heating relay 2
  • 471- 40A Relay for control of electric glass lifters
  • 703 – 40A Electric glass hoist relay
  • 1615 – 20A Relay “+” with the engine running
  • 1389 – 20A Relay for consumers of electricity 2

The child safety relay is located in the tunnel next to the parking brake lever.

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  • I have a 2014 Renault Kangoo and I would like to know which fuse to replace for the hazard warning lights, which have stopped working. Thank you.

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