Mercedes-Benz Vito W638 fuse and relay

The Mercedes-Benz Vito W638 represents the 1st generation of the Mercedes Vito lineup with the designation 638 and was produced in 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 with both petrol and diesel engines. During this time, the model has been restyled. In this publication you will find a description of the fuse and relay Mercedes Vito 638 with box diagrams and photo examples of their location. Select the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

mercedes 638

The execution of the boxes and the purpose of the elements in them may differ from those presented and depend on the year of manufacture and the level of electrical equipment.

Box under the steering wheel

The first fuse box is located directly under the steering and is covered by a protective cover.

fuse box 1 location


Diagram 1


110/15A Right marker lights, power circuit 58 relay K71, trailer connector X18
210/15A Right high beam, X146 connector
310 / 15A Left high beam, high beam indicator, fog lamp relay 1 K88 (DRL system), connector X146
415A Convenience locking system control unit, horn relay, reverse lamp limit switch (manual transmission), automatic transmission selector position switch (sensor), Cruise control button (M111)
515A Stop light sensor, Cruise control button, transmission failure indicator (M104.900)
620A Wiper, rear wiper, alarm
710 / 15A External lighting lamp failure control unit, heat exchanger (M611), tachograph, diagnostic connector, glove box illumination lamps, speed sensor (M104.900), cabin air recirculation switch, fluid level indicator in the washer reservoir, indicator lamp and ADS/ABD system display, ABS/ETS indicator
820A Navigation system processor, cigarette lighter, interior lamp, sliding door lamp, automatic antenna, radio, trunk connector
910/15A Direction indicators (alarms), instrument cluster, tachograph, clock
107.5 / 15A Instrument cluster illumination, license plate lighting, daytime running lights, car radio or receiver, air conditioning control unit illumination lamps, automatic transmission selector illumination lamp, cigarette lighter lamp, license plate lamps, windshield wiper relay K19 winding unit -headlights, relay for switching on the front fog lamps K88 / K89 (only with DRL), tachograph, instrument cluster, backlight lamps for buttons and switches
1110/15A Left position lights, license plate lights, circuit 58 of relay K71, trailer connector
1215A Right low beam, rear fog lamp, DRL system relay, front and rear fog lamp switch illumination lamp
1315A Left low beam, DRL system relay
1415A Front and rear fog light switch, front fog light switch
1515A Car radio or radio, navigation processor, airbags
16Not used
17Not used
18Not used

For the cigarette lighter, fuse number 8 is responsible for 20A.

Two relays are installed on the side of the block. Left – Turn Signal Relay, Right – Wiper Relay.

Fuse box photo

More information about the power supply circuits of the windshield wipers (front and rear) in the Mercedes Vito 638, you can find here: “download wiring diagram“.

Box under the glove box

The second fuse box is located at the bottom of the panel, in the passenger’s footwell, under the glove compartment.

fuse box 2 location


Diagram 2


17,5A Body side window vents
230A Right door power window and front sliding sunroof, front sliding sunroof position switch, central power window switch (driver’s door), passenger’s door power window switch
330A Left door power window and rear sliding sunroof, rear sliding sunroof position switch, driver’s door power window switch
425A Central locking control unit, lock actuators
510A Left sun visor lamp, right sun visor lamp, left side lamps, right side lamps, rear lamps
620A Power outlets
77.5A GSM mobile phone unit, mobile phone handset
820A Anti-theft control unit, anti-theft alarm button
910A Auxiliary water heater relay
107.5A/10A Anti-theft Siren (ATA)
117.5A Anti-theft system control unit, additional direction indicator control unit (left turn signal), special signals control unit (left turn signal), anti-theft system control unit (ATA 2), left turn signal lamp, left front turn signal lamp, left rear turn signal, left side turn signal relay, left turn indicator lamp
127.5A Anti-theft system control unit, additional direction indicator control unit (right turn signal), special signal control unit A44 (right turn signal), anti-theft system control unit (ATA 2), right turn signal lamp, right front turn signal lamp, lamp right rear turn signal, right side turn signal relay, right turn indicator lamp
137.5/15/20A Anti-theft system control unit (ATA 2)
147.5A Anti-theft system control unit (ATA 2)
157.5A Front ultrasonic sensor (ATA2), rear ultrasonic sensor (ATA2), anti-theft siren (ATA 2) H18
16Not used
17Not used
18Not used

Box under the driver’s seat

On the side, under the driver’s seat, there are 2 separate boxes with fuses and relays.

location 3

Fuse box

Photo example

passenger fuse box




17.5/10A Electronic control unit ABS, ASR, EBV, air suspension control unit
225A Rear window wiper control relay combination (M111, M611) / Vehicle authorization system (DAS) control unit (M104)
37.5A Radiator fan (M111 until 01.02.00) / Control unit for the vehicle control authorization system (DAS) (M111, M611)
425A Radiator fan (petrol engine), charge air cooler (diesel engine)
525A ABS electro-hydraulic unit (from 01.02.00)
610A ETC control module, Vehicle Authorization System (DAS) control module / ME-SFI control module (M104)
730A Heater control unit
820A Headlight wiper relay
97.5A Additional heater control unit / ASR mode switch (M111, M611 from 01.02.00)
1025A Socket trailer, refrigerator
1130A Rear wiper combination relay, towing protection device (EDW/ZV), left side turn signal relay, right side turn signal relay
1210A Air conditioner control unit
1330A Air suspension compressor relay
147.5A Air suspension control unit, tachograph, auxiliary light, stationary water heater control unit, turn signal auxiliary control unit
157.5A Radio power supply
1615A Heating control unit, taxi console
1715A Automatic transmission control unit, automatic transmission gear selector, automatic transmission program selection button (M111 from 02/01/00 and M611), automatic transmission mode switch (M111 until 02/01/00), automatic transmission selector position switch (sensor)
1810A Anti-theft control unit, GSM mobile phone unit, handset unit, driver’s door mirror adjuster, passenger’s door mirror adjuster, heated exterior mirrors, mirror adjustment switch block
1915A Starter Interlock Relay (M111), Fuel Pump Relay (M111), Radiator Fan Motor (M111), Fluid Pump Relay (M611), Breather Heater (M611)
2015A Terminal 15 (petrol engines)
2115A Ignition coil supply (petrol engine)
2220A Fuel pump (petrol engine)
237.5A Diesel engine control unit
2425A Diesel engine control unit
2510A Stationary water heater relay
2625A Heater control unit (diesel engine), non-volatile heater power supply (engine stopped operation)
2725A Additional heater control unit
2815A Relay supply circuit D+, fog lamp relay (DRL)
2910A DRL system relay (daytime running lights)
3010A DRL system relay (daytime running lights)
3110A Power circuit relay 58
3230A Heated and seat adjustment circuit, left
3325A Right seat heating and adjustment circuit
347.5A Water separator
357.5A Rear air conditioner
3615A Rear air conditioner
M140A Engine cooling fan unit 250W
M160A Engine cooling fan assembly 500W
М250/60A ABS hydraulic unit pump
М340A Secondary air blower (petrol engine)

Relay box

The photo

Relay box photo


Diagram relay


К91Right side turn signal relay (central locking system with remote control)
К90Left Turn Signal Relay (Central locking system with remote control)
К4Power circuit relay 15 (steering column lock 2)
К10Air Suspension Compressor Relay
К19Relay for the headlight glass cleaning system
К39Fuel pump relay
К27Passenger presence recognition relay (Seat unloaded relay)
К6Engine control unit relay
К103Relay for booster pump of the engine cooling system
К37Horn relay (horn)
К26Power supply relay D (steering column lock 3)
К83Fog Lamp Relay
К29Stationary heater relay(ZHE)
К70Power circuit relay 15 (special equipment)
К1Starter lock relay
V9Anti-theft diode ATA 1
V10Anti-theft diode ATA 2
V8Diode booster pump stationary heater
K71Power relay 58
K68DRL system relay
K69DRL system relay
K88Fog lamp relay 1 (with DRL system)
K89Fog lamp relay 2 (with DRL system)

Preglow relay

relay additional

Separately, under the hood, additional relays can be installed, such as a preheat relay.

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  • Thank you very much for this excellent site. I’m hoping that you can help me situate fuses on my 2001 Mercedes Vito (W638) 112CDI
    The fuses are for the rear hinged windows:
    ref: F28 left hand hinged window row B3 n°1 (5amp)
    F29 right hand hinged winow row B3 n°2 (5amp)

    thanks in advance,

  • Hello, thank you for this very helpful site, but there is something I cannot find. My daughter’s 108d lhd 1998 heater blower has packed up and I was trying to find the heater blower switch relay, surely it has one. There is no power at the blower resistor in the bulkhead above the pedals. Any suggestion would be appreciated, regards, Michael Hobson

  • Where is the wiper intermittent relay for w638 v230?

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