Mercedes-Benz Atego – fuse and relay

The 2nd generation Mercedes-Benz Atego was produced in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. In 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 – Mercedes Atego 3 generations. In this material you will find a description of the fuses and relays Mercedes Atego with box diagram and a photo example of the location. Select the cigarette lighter fuse.

MB Atego 2

The diagram do not fit or the wrong generation? Check this material.

Fuse and relay box

The main fuse and relay box is located at the bottom of the instrument panel on the passenger side behind a protective cover.


Please note that there is no one general description for the entire generation. Check the purpose with your diagrams on the back of the protective cover.

Location of block elements


  1. Spare fuses
  2. Fuses F1 – F41
  3. Relays


Photo 1



F110A Rear fog lamps including trailer
F210A Instrument panel/ switch lighting, headlamp cleaning system, headlamp range adjustment, distribution (terminal 58)
F310A Additional turn signals
F410A Pop-up roof, 24 V radio, frequent-stop brake (terminal 30)
F510A Working-area lamp, LSVA (Swiss heavy goods vehicle fee), (terminal 30)
F715A Distribution (terminal D+)
F810A Exterior mirror heating
F915A 24 V power sockets
F1010A Digital tachograph, instrument cluster, diagnostics connection (terminal 30)
F1120A Trailer power socket (terminal 30)
F1220A Trailer power socket for ABS (terminal 30)
F1310A Interior lighting, Toll Collect (terminal 30)
F1410A Headlamp cleaning system
F1510A Alternator, transmission, LSVA (Swiss heavy goods vehicle fee) (terminal 15)
F1610A Power take-offs
F1720A Blower, air-conditioning system
F185A Instrument cluster, radio, telephone, hands-free system, fax (terminal 15R)
F1910A Cigarette lighter
F2015A Co-driver switch unit
F2115A Switch unit on the driver’s door
F2210A Windscreen washer system, turn signals (terminal 30)
F2310A Dipped-beam headlight, right
F2410A pped-beam headlight, left
F2510A Main-beam headlamp, right
F2610A Left main-beam headlamp, main-beam indicator lamp
F2710A Rear lamp, side lamp, left-hand side marker lamps, trailer power socket, Toll Collect
F2810A Rear lamp, side lamp, right-hand side marker lamps, trailer power socket
F2915A Transmission control
F3010A Engine management (terminal 15), GGVSE: EMERGENCY OFF
F3110A Driver’s door switch unit, exterior mirror setting, exhaust gas aftertreatment unit (terminal 15)
F3210A All-wheel drive, ESP®, auxiliary heating water-heater unit
F3310A Windscreen washer system, turn signals, trailer power socket (terminal 15)
F3410A Brake lamps, reversing lamp, trailer power socket
F3510A Condensation sensor, trailer power socket for ABS (terminal 15)
F3615A Auxiliary heating water-heater unit
F3710A Windscreen washer system
F3810A Digital tachograph, instrument cluster, airbag (terminal 15)
F3910A Horn, Toll Collect, diagnostics connection, FleetBoard®, distribution (terminal 15)
F4010A Differential lock
F4110A Seat heating


  • K3 ABS/BS/EPB shut off
  • K4 Starter/ battery heater relay
  • K5 D+
  • K6 Stop lamp
  • K7 Reversing lamp

Additional sections


additional elements

  1. Fuses F1 – F14 (A1)
  2. Fuses F1 – F14 (A2)
  3. Relays (A31/A32)


F110A Auxiliary heating clock, FleetBoard®, Toll Collect (terminal 30)
F220A Auxiliary heating
F315A Central locking/ enhanced central locking system
F415A Enhanced central locking system
F510A Electronic brake system, torch socket (terminal 15)
F615A 12 V power socket
F710A Voltage transformer 24 V/12 V/8 A
15A Voltage transformer 24 V/12 V/15 A
F810A Central locking/enhanced central locking system, remote control, retarder
F910A Compressed-air dryer
F1015A Distribution (terminal 30)
F1115A Exhaust gas aftertreatment unit (terminal 30)
F1210A Loading tailgate
F1310A Transmission control
F1410A Working area lamp, retarder
F120A Windscreen heating
F210A Daytime driving lights
F310A Windscreen heating
F410A Transmission oil cooling, coolbox
25A Allison transmission oil cooling
F515A Electrohydraulic auxiliary steering (terminal 30)
F610A Electrohydraulic auxiliary steering (terminal 15)
F710A Auxiliary headlamps
F810A Rotating beacon
F915A Electronic brake system (terminal 30)
F1010A Telephone/ navigation control panel, mobile phone (terminal 30)
F1210A Telephone/ navigation control panel, mobile phone (terminal 15)
F1320A Windscreen heating
F1415A Electronic brake system (terminal 30)

Separate elements of fuses and relays can be installed outside of this unit.

Some fuses don’t have the usual look you’re used to seeing in cars, but their functionality is the same. Conventionally, all of them can be divided into fusible and automatic.

fuse box photo

Checking the fuse

  1. Remove the fuse from the module using pliers and visually inspect it.
  2. If the fuse wire is blown, replace the defective fuse with a backup fuse.
  3. Turn on the consumers of electricity and check their performance. If the fuse blows repeatedly, have the electrical equipment checked by a qualified specialist workshop.

Checking the automatic fuse

Fuse chek

When the automatic fuse is activated, the pin (4) moves to the off position (2).

  1. Remove the automatic fuse from the module.
  2. Press the pin (4) to the on position (1).
  3. Click on the release (3).
    – If the pin (4) moves to the off position (2), the circuit breaker is OK.
    – If the pin (4) does not move to the off position (2), the automatic fuse needs to be replaced.
  4. Press the pin (4) to the on position (1) and reinsert the automatic fuse.
  5. Turn on the consumers of electricity and check their performance. If the automatic fuse blows again, have the electrical equipment checked by a qualified specialist workshop.


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