Mercedes-Benz Vito / Viano W639 fuse and relay

Mercedes-Benz Vito Viano W639 V-Class represents the second generation of the Mercedes Vito range with the designation 639 and was produced in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. During this time, the model has been updated. In this article, we will present a description of the fuses and relays of the Mercedes Vito 639 with box diagrams and their locations. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.

Mercedes-Benz V-class (W639)

The execution of the boxes and the purpose of the elements in them may differ from those presented and depend on the year of manufacture and the level of electrical equipment.

Engine compartment

Under the hood, the main fuse box is located on the left or right of the engine compartment, behind a protective cover and consists of several sections.

fuse box location


Engraved upper section




130A Wipers
215A Horn
35A Stop lamp switch
47.5A Heating
55A Diagnostic socket, rotary light switch, instrument cluster
65A Engine components
730A Rear wiper
810A Terminal 87 (1)
915A Terminal 87 (2)
1010A Terminal 87 (3)
117.5A Motor terminal 30 Z
1230A Heated rear window
137.5A Ignition switch / instrument panel
147.5A Brake system
155A Headlight range adjustment
1625A Starting motor
1715A Fuel pump
1815A Cigarette lighter/glove box lighting
195A Radio
2015A Ignition coils M112
205A Diesel HFM
217.5A Automatic transmission
227.5A Tachograph
2310A Airbag control unit
245A Rear view mirror
255A Trailer control unit
265A Trip relay
275A Terminal 15 body/equipment manufacturer
2810A Transmission control unit
295A Hill start assist
3110F ATA signal
325A Mobile phone / VICS connector
3310A Airbag, automatic child seat recognition
345A Terminal 15 R body/equipment manufacturer
357.5A Top control panel
3610A Lumbar adjustment (seat)
377.5A Illuminated makeup mirror
387.5A Rear Entertainment
4010A Engine fuse (diesel)
4020A Engine fuse (petrol)
4110A Engine fuse (diesel)
4120A Engine fuse (petrol)
F1225A Terminal 30, electrical system, generator
F460A Air conditioning fan (cooling unit)
F540A Secondary air pump

Lower right section


Diagram 34


215A Light switch and control panel top
227.5A Rear Entertainment
2310A Interior light
247.5 / 25A Upper control panel and sliding/tilting sunroof
2525A Sliding/Hinged Roof, Rear Compartment
265A Auxiliary heater, radio
277.5A Air conditioning in the front of the cabin
2815A Rear entertainment outlet
297.5A Mobile phone / CD changer / microphone control module
3030A Heated seat controls
315A Tachograph
325A Diagnostic Gateway
3310A Diagnostic connector
3415A Audio gateway
3630A Headlight cleaning system
3710A ATA battery beep
3820A Steering column lock
3940A Front compartment fan

Lower left section


Diagram F35 left


2115A 12 V socket in passenger compartment on the left
2215A 12 V socket in passenger compartment on the right
2320A Trailer socket
2425A Trailer recognition unit
2530A Driver seat adjustment
2630A Co-driver seat adjustment
2730A Electric sliding door left
2830A Electric sliding door right
2930A Rear compartment fan
3040A Air suspension system
3110A Parktronic
325A Tire pressure sensor
3325A Audio system
345A Mobile phone control unit / VICS, TV Booster
3520A Independent heating control unit
375A Rear air conditioning system
387.5A COMAND camera control
395A Ordinary taximeter
4015A 12 V socket, rear right
4110A Roof turn signal control unit

Fuses number 21, 22 and 40 for 15A are responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter.



Relay diagram


R1Horn relay
R2Wiper relay #1
R3Wiper relay No2
R4Power relay;
Engine management.
R5Starter relay
R6Fuel pump relay
R7Relay contact 15R
R8Relay contact 15R
R9Heated rear window relay
R10Relay contact 15R
R11Relay contact 15R
R12Headlight washer relay
R13Secondary air injection pump relay

Passenger compartment

In the cabin, the fuse box is located on the side of the driver’s seat.


diagram 3


F6Signal Acquisition and Excitation Module (SAM) / Fuse and Relay Box (SRB) / Engine Control Module, Ignition Switch, Instrument Cluster
125A Door control unit, left
225A Door control unit, right
325A Control unit for parameterizable special module
Reserve (for China)
425A Control unit for parameterizable special module
Reserve (for China)
515A 12 V socket on front passenger seat frame
Reserve (for China)
Accessory for travel car / van [1]
Accessory for travel car / van [1]
Accessory for travel car / van [1]
1315/20A Radio / COMMAND system / 1st and 2nd DIN socket
147.5A Mobile phone retrofit equipment / rear passenger entertainment system
155A Tachograph / Media Interface
1625A Speaker system
175A Taximeter
1825A Roof control panel/ sliding sunroof

More information about the repair and maintenance of the Mercedes Vito 639, you can find in this original manual: “download.”

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