Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 901 – 905 fuse and relay

The 1st generation Mercedes-Benz Sprinter was produced in 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 with various body styles designated W901 / W902 / W903 / W904 / W905. During this time, the model was updated 2 times. In this post you will find a description of the fuses and relays Mercedes Sprinter 1 with box diagrams, their photo examples and locations. Select the fuses for the cigarette lighter and fuel pump.

Mercedes Sprinter 1

The design of the boxes and the purpose of the elements in them may differ from those presented and depend on the year of manufacture and the level of equipment of your car.

Not suitable generation or diagram?

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Fuse box under the panel

The first fuse and relay box is installed under the panel. To access, remove the protective cover.

Photo 1

Type 1


Diagram 1


1Right rear position lamp and right parking light – 15 A.
2High beam right headlight – 15 A.
3High beam left headlight, signal light – 15 A.
4Reversing lights – 15 A.
5Stop lights – 15 A.
6Wiper motor – 20 A.
7Heated rear window, signal – 15 A.
8Interior lamp, cigarette lighter, radio tape recorder – 20 A.
9Clock, emergency light signaling, parking lights – 20 A.
10Illumination of the instrument panel, license plate lights, daytime running lights – 15 A.
11Left rear position lamp and left parking light – 15 A.
12Dipped beam of the right headlight – 15 A.
13Dipped beam left – 15 A.
14Fog lamp, rear fog lamp – 15 A.
15Radio tape recorder – 15 A,

For the cigarette lighter, fuse number 8 is responsible for 20A.

Separate relays can be located under this fuse box (window wiper and turn signal relays.).

Fuse box photo

Type 2


Diagram 2


110A Right parking light, right tail light
210A High beam right headlight
310A High beam left headlight, high beam indicator light
410A Reversing lamp
510A Stop lights
620A Wiper motor
715A Horn, heated rear window, accessories relay (circuit 15)
820A Interior lamp, cigarette lighter; radio (chain 30)
915A Clock, hazard warning lights, parking light
1010A Instrument panel illumination, license plate light, daytime driving light
1110A Left parking light, left rear position light
1210A Dipped beam right headlight
1310A Low beam left headlight
1415A Fog lamps, rear fog lamp
1510A Radio receiver (circuit 15)
1625A Diesel engine control unit (circuit 30)
1715A Engine control unit (circuit 30)
1815A Ignition (circuit 15)
1915A Gasoline pump (circuit 30)
2015A Heating control panel (circuit 30)
2130A Heating fan, front (circuit 30)

For the cigarette lighter, fuse number 8 is responsible for 20A.

Relays are attached at the bottom:

  1. Windscreen wipers
  2. Engine control
  3. Direction indicators, hazard

Box under the seat

Type 1

The additional relay and fuse box is located under the driver’s seat behind a protective cover.

location 2

Photo example

Photo fuse box sprinter 1


Diagram 3


R1Horn relay
R2Special equipment
R3Coolant pump relay
17.5A Combined meter
225A Additional heater
37.5A Buzzer
47.5A Buzzer
510A Additional heater

Type 2




F7ESP, terminal 30
F11instrument cluster
F900Terminal 30
F85Daytime running lights, terminal 30
F43Remote radio control
F112Central locking system, terminal 30
F100Central locking system, terminal 30
F44Central locking systems
F101Additional liquid heater
F115Terminal D+
F158Fuel pump
F300Interior lighting
F70Relay el. circuit terminal D+
F114Additional heat exchanger
F110trailer socket
F155Additional heater
F143Additional liquid heater
F19Additional turn signal module II
F116Terminal 30
F117Terminal 15
F180Terminal 30
F52Front passenger door window regulator
F53Driver’s door power window
F54Heated and adjustable exterior mirrors
F86Daytime running lights, terminal 15
F87Left headlight
F88Right headlight
F89Relay terminal 87 (1)
F90Relay terminal 87 (2)
F91Relay terminal 87 (3)
F128Heated driver’s seat
F139Additional liquid heater
F150Roof fan
F163Tachograph, terminal 30
F164Tachograph, terminal 15
F119Additional air conditioning fan
F6ESP, terminal 30
K26Relay terminal D+
K61Starter relay
K87Relay terminal 87

Under the driver’s seat, some additional relays can be installed.

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  • Hello
    I am wanting to know if my Sprinter 2005 has a relay fuse for the heater blower fan other than the the fuse numbered 21?
    Are the fuses located under the driver side seat relay fuses and would one be for the heater blower fan? There are 3 in your diagram K26, K61, K87.
    I have replaced the variable resistor and the blower fan is working.

  • Where is the inhibitor relay located on a Mercedes sprinter 2002?

  • Sprinter 2003 2.7 Cdi 216, I’m looking for relay of horn, the fuse is number 7 and is ok, and relay I suppose is K14 but i don’t know where is it:
    Thanks and regards

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