Mercedes-Benz Metris / Vito W447 – fuse and relay

Mercedes-Benz Vito W447 represents the 3rd generation of the Mercedes-Benz V-class model range, also known as Viano or Metris. Release years: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023. During this time, the model has been updated. In this article you will find a description of the fuses and relays Mercedes Vito 447 Viano with box diagrams and their locations. Select the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Vito W447

The execution of the boxes and the purpose of the elements in them may differ from those presented and depend on the year of manufacture and the delivery region of your car.

Passenger compartment

Fuse and relay box in passenger footwell under dash

To access the unit, lift the floor covering in the direction of arrow 1.

location 1

Next, press the bracket 2 and move the cover 3 in the direction of the arrow up until it locks. The box itself will look something like this.

Photo 1


Diagram vito w447


Fuse holder S1

1F28 Reserved
2F29 25A Head module (radio receiver)
15A Mounting socket for retrofitting a radio receiver
3F30 10A Lane keeping system, steering wheel
4F31 10A Heating system / air conditioning system “TEMPMATIK” / automated air conditioning system “TER-MOTRONIK”
5F32 7.5A Control panel in the middle of the center console with touchpad
6F33 5A Head module, radio receiver (Vito)
15A Head module, radio receiver (V-Class)
7F34 15A Cigarette lighter
Fuse holder S2
1F36 7.5A Driver’s seat control unit
2F37 30A Fuse box in the engine compartment (PDC-E)
3F38 7.5A Airbag control unit
4F39 5A DAB/SDARS digital radio / TV tuner for Japan
5F40 Reserve
6F41 Reserved
7F42 7.5A Front passenger seat control unit
Fuse holder S3
1F49 5A Steering column tube module
2F50 7.5A Display and head module (radio) fan
3F51 5A Telephone socket
4F52 5A Media Interface
5F54 7.5A Japan Toll User Registration System (DSRC)
6F54 30A Air conditioning fan
7F55 20A Ignition switch / electronic steering lock
Fuse holder S4
1F64 30A Front left door control unit
2F65 30A Front right door control unit
3F66 20A Rear window wiper, rear right door (Vito)
4F67 7.5A Electric Parking Brake (EFS)
5F68 7.5A Airbag control unit
6F69 5A Front passenger airbag automatic deactivation system
7F70 Reserved
Fuse holder S5
1F71 Reserved
2F72 15A 12V sockets in cargo area
3F73 30A Electric parking brake (EFS)
4F74 30A Electric sliding door, left
5F75 15A Trailer module 1
6F76 25A Trailer module 2
7F77 25A Trailer module 3
Fuse holder S6-S29
S6F23 Reserved
S7F24 7.5A Trailer control unit
S8F25 10A Support battery, charging connection
S9F26 15A Trailer control unit
S10F27 5A A-pillar footwell fuse box, front passenger (PDC-F)
S11F35 30A Heated rear window
S12F43 10A Rear passenger entertainment system
S13F44 40A Front seat belt pretensioner, left (PRE-SAFE®)
S14F45 40A Right front seat belt pretensioner (PRE-SAFE®)
S15F46 10A Exhaust aftertreatment, SCR 3
S16F47 20A Exhaust aftertreatment, SCR 2
S17F48 15A Exhaust aftertreatment, SCR 1
S18F56 15A Exhaust gas aftertreatment – SCR relay
S19F57 Reserved
S20F58 Reserved
S21F59 30A Front passenger seat control unit
S22F60 30A Driver’s seat control unit
S23F61 40A Amplifier, loudspeaker
S24F62 10A Overhead direction indicators
S25F63 20A Fuel system control unit
S26F78 30A Panoramic roof
S27F79 40A Signal acquisition and excitation module CBC 1
S28F80 40A Signal acquisition and excitation module CBC 3
S29F81 30A Rear air conditioning fan
Fuse and relay holder
F21 200A Additional heater (PTC)
F22 2000A Support battery
F82 5A Central Gateway “Star 2”
F83 7.5A Ignition switch
F84 7.5A Control panel on the center console / control panel on the left near the steering wheel
F85 5A Radio remote control, receiver / KOM module
F86 5A RF antenna (RF antenna)
F87 10A Diagnostic connector
F88 10A Instrument cluster
F89 5A Light switch
F90 5A Lane change warning
F90 5A Exhaust gas aftertreatment, SCR control unit
F92 5A Fuel system control unit
F93 7.5A Mounting socket for retrofitting a radio receiver
Japan Toll User Registration System (DSRC)
F94 Reserve
F95 5A Glove box lighting
F96 15A Cargo door window wiper / Rear window wiper, left rear door (Vito)
F97 5A PARKTRONIC/active parking assist
F98 5A Signal acquisition and excitation module, CBC control line
F99 5A Tire pressure monitoring system
F100 5A Amplifier, loudspeaker
F101 10A Roof control panel
F102 Reserved
F103 5A Mounting socket for retrofitting taxi equipment, taximeter
F104 5A Rear passenger entertainment system, display, left
F105 5A Rear passenger entertainment system, display, right
F106 5A Driver assistance systems video camera
F107 5A Mounting socket for retrofitting a TV/traffic camera
F108 7.5A Reversing camera / 360° camera
F109 Reserved
F110 30A Signal acquisition and excitation module CBC 5
ATerminal 15 relay
BRear window wiper
CTerminal 15 R2
DRear window heating system
ETerminal 15 R1
FTerminal 30G
GExhaust gas aftertreatment, SCR fuel pump

The fuse number 7 at 15A on section S1 is responsible for the operation of the front cigarette lighter.

Fuse and relay box in the front passenger footwell on the pillar

An example of block access is shown in the diagram.

location 2

Photo for example

Photo 2


Diagram 1


Fuse holder S1
1F305 10A Rear seat heating / rear seat ventilation, 1st row left
2F308 10A Rear seat heating / rear seat ventilation, 1st row right
3F310 10A Rear seat heating / rear seat ventilation, 2nd row left
4F309 10A Rear seat heating / rear seat ventilation, 2nd row right
6F317 5A Control unit for rear seat heating / rear seat ventilation
Fuse holder S2
1F303 25A Parameterizable special module (PSM)
2F304 25A Parameterizable special module (PSM)
3F306 Reserved
4F312 Reserved
5F311 30A Electric sliding door, right / tailgate EASY-PACK
6F318 Reserved
Fuse holder S3–S6
S3F300 25A Marco Polo charger, charging connection
S4F321 25A Terminal 30, bodybuilder
5A Only for bodybuilder Westfalia
S5F302 Reserved
S6F323 25A Additional air heating
Fuse holder S10
1F301 5A Tachograph
2F307 Reserved
3F315 7.5A Tachograph
4F314 Reserved
5F319 15A Terminal 61 bodybuilder
5A Only for bodybuilder Westfalia
6F320 15A Terminal 15, bodybuilder
5A Only for bodybuilder Westfalia
7F322 5A Additional air heating timer
ATerminal 15 relay

Fuse box in the luggage compartment

The box itself is located at the rear of the car, behind the side protective cover.


Diagram 2


  1. F352 15A 12 V socket, 1st row, left
  2. F350 15A 12 V socket, 2nd row, left
  3. F351 15A 12 V socket, 2nd row of seats, right
  4. Relay K127 12 V sockets in the rear of the vehicle

Power box of the main fuses

This unit is located on the side of the right seat. To access, remove the protective cover.

location 3


Photo 3


Diagram 3


1A16 Reserved
2A15 Reserved
3A1 Starter
4A8 150A A-pillar footwell fuse box, front passenger (PDC-F)
5A15 150A Additional battery
6A2 100A Preheating control unit
7E2 350A Generator
8A10 100A Engine radiator fan
9A9 Reserved
10A7 150A Fuse box in the engine compartment (PDC-E)
11A14 Reserved
12A3 Reserved
13A6 250A Fuse box in passenger footwell (PDC-P)
14A13 40A CBC signal acquisition and excitation module
15A5 Reserved
16A11 100A Power steering
17A4 50A Power sockets at the rear of the vehicle

Engine compartment

This fuse and relay box (1) is located on the right side of the engine compartment. An example of access in the image.

location 4


Diagram 4


Fuse holder S1

1F204 25A ESP valves
2F205 15A Horn
3F206 5A Engine control unit
4F207 25A Automatic transmission control unit
5F208 Reserve
6F209 Reserve
7F210 Reserve
Fuse holder S2
1F211 Reserve
2F212 15A Terminal 87 (4)
3F213 15A Terminal 87 (2)
4F204 10A Terminal 87 (3)
5F215 20A Terminal 87 (1)
6F216 5A Engine control unit
7F217 Reserve
Fuse holder S3
1F229 5A Headlight range adjustment, left
2F230 5A ESP system
3F231 5A Headlight range adjustment, right
4F232 Reserve
5F233 25A Fuel filter heating system
6F234 Reserved
7F235 Reserved
Fuse holder S4
1F222 Reserve
2F223 Reserve
4F225 Reserve
5F226 5A Engine radiator fan/radiator shutter
6F227 10A Automatic transmission control unit
7F228 15A Additional oil pump (ZOP)
Fuse holder S5-S14
S5F201 5A Horn of the EDW (anti-theft alarm system)
S6F202 20A Independent heating control unit
S7F203 20A HLI LED headlight control unit (vehicle headlight functions)
S8F218 5A ESP control unit
S9F219 Reserve
S10F220 Reserve
S11F238 Reserved
S12F237 40A ESP pump
S13F236 40A Signal acquisition and excitation module CBC 2
S14F221 30A LED headlight control unit LCU (LED headlight)
Additional Fuse holder
F239 30A Front wipers
F240 25A Starter, terminal 50
F241 Reserved
JSound signal (Horn)
KContinuous wiper operation
LWiper on/off
NTerminal 87
RTerminal 15

That’s all. If you have something to add – write in the comments.

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