Honda Civic (2016 – 2021) fuse and relay

Honda Civic 10 th generation was produced in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 with sedan, hatchback and coupe bodies and was delivered all over the world. During this time, the model has undergone a facelift. In our material you will find a description of the fuses and relays for the Honda Civic 10 with fuse box diagrams, locations and photo examples of performance. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.

Honda civic 10

The designation of fuses and relays in the blocks may differ from that shown. Check the purpose of the elements with your schemes.

Passenger compartment

In the cabin, the main fuse box is located under the instrument panel, on the driver’s side. The diagnostic connector is also installed there.



photo of suse box civic 10G

The original diagram for your car will be placed on the pillar, under the instrument panel, near the driver’s left foot.


Diagram on the covery


110 Accessory
25A Key lock
45/10A Front sensor camera, transmission
510A Option
610A SRS indicator
710A Instruments
815A Fuel pump
910A Air conditioner
1110A Engine control
1210A Passenger door lock
1310A Unlocking the rear door on the driver’s side
1420A Rear power window, driver’s side
1520A Power window, passenger side
1620A Lock
175/10A Transmission, Front sensor camera
1920A Hatch
2110A ACG (Ignition)
2210A Daytime running lights
245A Front touch camera
2510A Driver’s door lock
2610A Passenger side door unlock
2720A Power window, rear passenger side
2820A Driver window regulator
2920A Front accessory socket, cigarette lighter
3010A Smart input
3120A Power driver seat
3220A Heated front seat
3320A Power sliding driver’s seat
3510A SRS
3810A Rear door lock, driver’s side
3910A Driver’s door unlock

The fuse number 29 at 20A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Engine compartment

Under the hood, the main box with fuses and relays is located on the left side and is closed with a protective cover.

location under the hood civic 10

The box itself will look something like this.

photo of fuse box civic 10G

Legend from the box cover

photo 2




160A Power Passenger Seat/ Heated Rear Seat
30A Cooling fan
50A Cooling fan
Main IG
30A High beam main headlight
125A Battery
270A EPS
30A IG Main
40A Option (fuse box)
60A Fuse box
30A Front wiper motor
30A Main dipped beam
340A Rear deicer
30A Starter
40A Fuse box
40A ABS/VSA Motor
40A Fan motor
55A Cooling fan
615A Washer
715A Main fuel injection
815A fuel injection sub
910A Brake lights
1015A Injector
115A LAF
1210A Engine ECU
1310A Parking lights
1415A Alarm
1515A IG coil
1615A Transmission
1710A Daytime running lights
1810A Reverse lamp
1915A Audio
2030A Audio amplifier
2110A Interior lighting
2215A Front fog lights
2310A Air conditioner compressor
2410A Signal
2510A Dipped beam left headlight
2610A Dipped beam right headlight
2710A VB ACT
2810A High beam left headlight
2910A High beam right headlight
3115A Rear seat heaters
3220A Power sliding passenger seat
3320A Power reclining passenger seat

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