Honda Civic (2006-2011) fuse and relay

The 8th generation Honda Civic was produced in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. During this time, the model has been restyled. In this publication you will find a description of the Honda Civic 8G fuses and relays with box diagrams and locations of the main electronic control units. Highlight the cigarette lighter fuse.

Honda civic 8G

The purpose of the elements in the boxes and their location may differ from those presented and depends on the year of manufacture and the level of vehicle equipment.

Passenger compartment





  1. Fuse box
  2. Instrument cluster (tachometer)
  3. Instrument cluster (speedometer)
  4. except GX: Relay for socket outlet in center console
    Hybrid: Front Outlet Relay
    GX: Starter control relay
  5. except GX: Relay, front socket
    Hybrid: Relay for socket outlet in center console
    GX: Center console socket relay
  6. GX: Front outlet relay
  7. GX: Relay for injector control unit
  8. SL (’09 -’11): Fog Light Relay




  1. ’08 -’11: Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Control Module
  2. Audio and navigation control unit
  3. Electric power steering (ESP) control unit
    GX: Injector control unit
  4. Coupe: Audio amplifier
  5. Airbag control unit
  6. ’09 -’11: USB Connector Control Box
  7. Heater and air conditioner control unit
  8. Immobilizer control unit
  9. ’09 -’11: Handsfree Control Unit (HandsFreeLink)
  10. Sedan: Audio System Amplifier


locations 3


  1. ’09 -’11: USB Connector Control Box
  2. Hybrid: Powertrain Control Module (MCM) Relay # 1
  3. Hybrid: Powertrain Control Module (MCM) Relay # 2
  4. ’07 -’10: XM receiver (if navigation is available)
  5. Hybrid: Powertrain Control Module (MCM – Motor Control Module)
  6. ’09 -’11: Handsfree Control Unit (HandsFreeLink)

Fuse box

To access the fuse box, turn the lock counterclockwise and remove the steering column shield.

Step 1

access 1

Step 2

access 2


Diagram 1

Protected components

17,5A Illumination of the control panel for electric mirrors, power window relays
215A except Hybrid: Fuel pump, CMP sensor A, Engine control unit (ECM / PCM), Immobilizer control unit
15A Hybrid: Engine and Transmission Control Module (PCM), Fuel Pump (Engine Control Module (PGM-FI) Relay # 2), Immobilizer Control Module
310A Alternator, Engine Control Module (ECM / PCM), EVAP (Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor)
10A DC-DC converter, electrical load sensor (ELD), petrol vapor recovery (EVAP), mass air flow (MAF) sensor, engine and transmission control unit (PCM), brake pedal position sensor, secondary heated oxygen sensor (HO2S)
47,5A Control unit and pressure modulator ABS or VSA, multi-axis acceleration sensor (VSA), electric power steering (ESP) control unit
515A Coupe: Audio amplifier
15A Heated front seats, heated seat relay
620A Front fog light
77,5A Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
97,5A Front passenger seat occupied detection system (ODS), front passenger airbag deactivated indicator, airbag control unit
107,5A Instrument cluster (tachometer), power window control unit (coupé), reversing lamp switch (M / T), selector lever lock solenoid (A / T), body electronics unit (MICU), tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), monitoring module Battery Status (BCM) (Hybrid), Interface Box
1110A Airbag control unit
1210A Right headlight (high beam)
1310A Left headlight (high beam)
147,5A Instrument panel illumination, interior illumination, front passenger airbag deactivated indicator
157,5A Parking lights, license plate lighting
1610A Right headlight (low beam)
1710A Left headlight (low beam)
1820A High beam, body electronics unit (MICU)
1915A Side lights, body electronics unit (MICU)
207,5A Rear fog light
2120A Low beam, body electronics unit (MICU)
227,5A Hybrid: A / C Compressor Actuator
237,5A Starter signal, engine and transmission control module (PCM)
2420A Sunroof
2520A Central locking, body electronics unit (MICU)
2620A Driver’s power window (power window control unit)
2720A Heating and air conditioning system
2820A Center console socket
15A Center console socket
2920A Front outlet (cigarette lighter)
15A Front outlet (cigarette lighter)
3020A Front passenger window, sunroof control unit (coupe)
3120A headlight washer
3220A Rear right power window, sunroof control unit
3320A Rear left power window
357,5A Audio system, front socket, center console socket, audio amplifier (coupé), hands-free system control unit (HandsFreeLink), ignition switch, body electronics unit (MICU), Interface Box
3610A Heater and air conditioning control panel, electric mirrors, air recirculation system, air conditioning compressor clutch relay, heater relay, heated mirror relay, heated rear window relay, cooling fan control relay, cooling fan relay (air conditioner diode), AHB buzzer (Hybrid) , servo block (Hybrid)
377,5A Daytime running lights, body electronics unit (MICU)
3830A Wiper, body electronics unit (MICU)

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuses are the fuses #28 (Rear Accessory Socket) and #29 (Accessory Socket)

Relays are installed in the upper part of the unit.

Relay diagram


  • R1 – Power Window
  • R2 – Fuel Pump (PGM-FI Main 2)
  • R3 – Starter

Engine compartment



locations 2


  1. Control unit and pressure modulator ABS or VSA
  2. Hybrid: Fuse Box 2
  3. Engine and automatic transmission control unit (ECM / PCM)
  4. Hybrid: Servo block
  5. Fuse box 1

Fuse box 1


Diagram fuse box

Circuits protected

1100A Battery
70A Electric power steering (ESP) control unit
250A Ignition lock
80A except Hybrid: Fuses (box in the passenger compartment): 5, 6, 7, 27, 28, 29, 31
80A ’06 -’07 (Hybrid): Fuses (box in passenger compartment): 5, 6, 7, 27, 28, 29, 31
60A ’08 -’11 (Hybrid): Fuses (box in passenger compartment): 5, 6, 7, 27, 28, 29, 31
330A Control unit and pressure modulator ABS or VSA
30A except Hybrid: Control unit and pressure modulator ABS or VSA
30A Hybrid: ABS control unit and pressure modulator
40A Hybrid: Control unit and pressure modulator VSA
450A Fuses (block in the passenger compartment): 18, 19, 20, 21
40A Fuses (block in the passenger compartment): 24, 25, 26, 30, 32, 33
540A Hybrid: Servo block
620A A / C fan relay, A / C fan
720A M / T: Cooling fan relay, cooling fan
30A A / T: Cooling fan relay, cooling fan
830A Sedan: heated rear window relay, heated rear window
40A Coupe: heated rear window relay, heated rear window
940A Heater relay, heater
1010A Hazard warning system, body electronics unit (MICU), instrument cluster (speedometer), instrument cluster (tachometer)
1115A Air / Fuel Ratio (A / F) Sensor # 1, Engine Control Module (ECM) / PCM), Vent Shut Solenoid (Hybrid)
1215A Stop lamps, engine and automatic transmission control module (ECM / PCM), horn, body electronics unit (MICU)
1315A Hybrid: Rear ignition coils
1415A Hybrid: Front ignition coils
157.5A A / C blower relay, oil level sensor
1715A Coupé: Audio amplifier
1815A except Hybrid: Ignition coils, engine control unit (ECM / PCM)
20A Hybrid: Ignition coils, engine and automatic transmission control unit (PCM)
1915A Crankshaft Position (CKP) Sensor, Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor B, Automatic Transmission Control Module (ECM / PCM), Throttle Valve Relay (ETCS), Injectors, Engine Control Module Relay (PGM-FI # 1 / PGM-FI # 2 (fuel pump))
207.5A A / C compressor clutch relay, A / C compressor clutch
2115A Throttle valve relay (ETCS), engine and automatic transmission control module (ECM / PCM)
227.5A Interior lighting, luggage compartment lighting, electric auxiliary coolant pump (Hybrid)
2310A Audio system, diagnostic connector (DLC), instrument cluster (speedometer), instrument cluster (tachometer), alarm, immobilizer control unit, body electronics unit (MICU), powertrain control unit (MCM) (Hybrid), condition monitoring module Batteries (BCM) (Hybrid), Handsfree Control Unit (HandsFreeLink)
24Heated rear window relay
25Heater motor relay
26A / C condenser fan relay
27Engine cooling fan control rele
28Rear wiper relay
29PGM-FI injection override relay
30Ignition coil relay
31Iiodine of the fan motor of the engine cooling system
32Air conditioner condenser fan motor diode
33Air conditioner clutch pele
34Engine cooling fan relay
35Throttle actuator relay
36PGM-FI MAIN Injection Main Relay

Fuse Box 2


Diagram fuse box 2

6110BCM Module, Motor Control Module (MCM) Relay No.2, Servo Unit
627.5BCM Module, Motor Control Module (MCM) Relay No.1
6315Servo Unit
64 –
R1Auxiliary Electric Water Pump
R2Fuel Pump

Users Manual

Need more information about service Honda Civic 8G  – study the Users Manual. Or ask your questions in the comments.

We have also prepared a video for this publication on our YouTube channel. watch and subscribe.

Comments 19

  • Where to find the turn signal flasher relay

    • The flasher unit is integrated into the MICU unit located inside the under dash fuse box.

      If your turn signal lever is set to signal position you will get quite a bit of clicking and snapping coming from the column when turning the steering wheel during your turn.

      Check in under hood box, Fuse #10 (10 amp)

  • Where is the alarm fuse?

  • Where is the parklight relay? I have brake lights working, everything lighting except my park lights, checked all the fuse but they’re all good

    • It is also possible that the problem is not in relays or fuses, but in the lighting system itself or in its individual elements.

  • 2010 honda civic horn relay location ?

  • Is there any fuse for rear right wheel speed sensor? Because I can’t see any voltage in the connector.

  • What fuse should i remove to disable vehicle while traveling long term? Leaving keys with relative who reconnects battery and drives uninsured. Just want to shut down vehicle from starting without affecting ECU. Thanks

    #30 Ignition Coil Relay (under hood relay)?

    #23 Starter Signal (interior fuse box)?

  • I’ve got a question I recently bought a 2007 Honda civic ex coupe 1.8 vtec 8th gen. with a broke rod on number 4 cylinder shopped around for a few months to get a great deal on replacement engine that being said the only engine that is compatible with my car has to have the extra same vin digit in my case my vin starts with 2H sorry for not getting to the point ill get to that in a minute ok engine was local pick up only found on FB market place anywho 2 hour trip just to get it man said that engine vin Infact started with 2H keep in mind year of my car is 07 engine that I bought was out of a 2012 lx 4 door everything looks exactly the same as mine make a short story long I swapped engines got everything plugged in wired up ok my car will crank no start ive.checked everything to do with ecm pgm fi pcm even had on a obd2 scanner only code popped up was the crankshaft position sensor put new sensor on same.thing did I buy wrong engine is my engine compatible or would there be something else I’m on over looking any help will be greatly appreciated

  • Hllo! Ihave an 2008 ima hybrid 1.3 and i have a problem with secondary water pump. I need help with location of fuse for this motor, or if you can please send a link to wiring diagram for hybrid or the wiring diagram himself? (sorry for poor english)

  • Ty I fix my turning signals it took me 4m you the man

  • Agradezco que alguien me dijera donde se encuentra el main relex del Honda Civic 2006 me tiene loco buscando se los agradesco por favor

  • i am looking to have foglights run with high beams in my 07 honda civic. I cant seem to find the foglight relay. If anyone can help me with that it would be great. Thanks

  • Will LX, EX, and other models fuse box work with the Si model?

  • honda civic cdti 2.2 2009 mirrors are not adjusting or retracting changed sod checked all fuses no36 dont think i am getting any positive voltage to the switch is there a relay hidden any ideas thanks in advance

  • Civic Si ’06 horn relay location, please.

    Damn horn won’t stop blowing. I pulled the switch in the steering wheel, but it keeps going, suggesting the relay is stuck “on”, but it has no listed relay.

    The horn has a coupler right behind it: is that coupler also a relay? If I tap the horn itself, it shuts off, but it was suggested that is just me shirting out the connection, which isn’t great.

    I have tried making sure the connection is good, but that just results in the ever-blowing horn, which loops back to a stuck relay.

    Is the relay part of a combo relay in one of the fuseboxes, or is there an easy solution I am just missing, or do I have to pull tbe entire under-dash MICO fusebox just to fix the damn horn, as I have seen conjectured?

    Please advise.

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