Ford Expedition (2018 – 2024) fuse and relay

The 4th generation Ford Expedition was produced in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024. During this time, the model was updated. In this post we will present a description of Ford Expedition 4G fuses and relays with fuse box diagrams, their locations and photo examples of execution. Let’s highlight the cigarette lighter fuse.

ford expedition 4G

The purpose of fuses and relays may differ from those presented and depend on the type of engine and year of manufacture of your car.

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Passenger compartment fuse box

Type 1

(2018 – 2020)


The fuse box is located under the dashboard.

Location inside the car




1Not used.
27,5A Driver seat switch.
320A Driver door unlock.
45A Trailer brake controller.
520A Speaker amplifier.
610A Not used (spare).
710A Not used (spare).
8Not used.
910A Rear seat entertainment module. Head up display.
105A Wireless AC charger module. Hands free liftgate module. Power liftgate module. Wireless charger.
115A Keypad. Combined sensor module.
127,5A Cluster. Electronic control panel. Smart datalink connector logic.
137,5A Gear shift module. Steering column control module.
1410A Extended power module. Brake switch.
1510A Smart datalink connector power.
1615A Liftglass release.
175A Telematics control unit – modem.
185A Ignition switch. Key inhibit solenoid. Push button start switch.
197,5A Transmission control switch. Gearshift module.
207,5A Not used.
215A Humidity and in-car temperature sensor.
225A Electrochromatic mirror. Second row heated seat module.
2310A Moonroof logic. Inverter. Power window switch. Power mirror switch. DVD player (if equipped).
2420A Central lock unlock
2530A Left front door zone module.
2630A Right front door zone module.
2730A Moonroof.
2820A Stereo amplifier.
2930A Left rear door zone module.
3030A Right rear door zone module.
3115A Adjustable pedals.
3210A SYNC Drive mode switch module. 4×4 switch. Radio frequency transceiver module. Rear heating, ventilation and air conditioning control module.
3320A Audio control module.
3430A 2018: Not used.
2019: Run/start relay
355A Extended power mode module.
3615A Image processing module A. Automated park assist module. Continuous control damping module.
3715A Heated steering wheel.
3830A Left rear power win

Type 2

(2020 – 2024)


The fuse box is in the right-hand side of the passenger footwell behind a trim panel.

location f150 2023

Photo example





1Not used.
210A Driver seat switch.
37,5A Driver door unlock.
420A Speaker amplifier.
5Not used.
610A Smart datalink connector logic.
710A Rear audio control module.
85A Wireless accessory charger.
Hands-free liftgate module.
95A Keypad.
Combined sensor module.
10Not used.
11Not used.
127,5A Instrument cluster.
137,5A Steering column control module.
Smart datalink connector logic.
Climate control module.
Gearshift module.
1415A Brake switch.
1515A SYNC.
16Not used.
17Not used.
187,5A Gearshift module.
Column shifter.
195A Telematics control unit module.
205A Ignition switch.
215A In-vehicle temperature and humidity sensor.
225A Electrochromic mirror.
Second row heated seat module.
2330A Power window switch.
Power mirror switch.
Left-hand front door zone module.
2430A Moonroof logic.
2520A Speaker amplifier 2.
2630A Right-hand front door zone module.
2730A Left-hand rear door zone module.
2830A Right-hand rear door zone module.
2915A Adjustable pedals.
305A Trailer tow control module.
3110A Rear climate control module.
Drive mode switch module.
Terrain management switch.
Radio frequency transceiver module.
4×4 switch.
3220A Audio control module.
33Not used.
3430A Run/start relay.
355A Not used (spare).
3615A Image processing module A.
Automated park assist module.
Continuous control clamping module.
3720A Heated steering wheel.
3830A Left-hand rear power window.
Right-hand rear power window.

Engine compartment fuse box

Under the hood, the fuse and relay box is located on the right side of the engine compartment and is covered with a protective cover.

Type 1

Location under the hood




125A Horn.
250A Fan 1.
330A Front wiper motor.
4Not used.
530A Starter relay.
620A Power point 1.
820A Power point 2.
105A Rain sensor.
12Not used.
1310A 4×4 module. Heated backlite. Heated mirror relay coil. Heated wiper park relay coil. Transmission isolation relay coil.
1415A Transmission control module.
1515A Voltage quality module right-side power. Blindspot information system. Head Up Display. Image processing module B. Front view camera. Rear view camera. Cruise control module.
1610A Powertrain control module (PCM) run/ start feed.
1710A Antilock brake system run/ start feed.
1810A Electronic power assist steering run / start feed.
19Not used.
2040A Front blower.
2140A Passenger seat motors.
2220A Not used.
2310A Alternator A-line.
2430A Trailer brake control module.
2550A Body control module power 1.
2650A Electronic fan 3.
2740A Driver seat motors.
2815A Rear heated seats.
2910A Integrated wheel end solenoid.
3025A Trailer tow class ll-IV battery charge.
3150A Power folding seat module.
3210A A/C clutch.
33Not used.
34Not used.
3520A Vehicle power 4.
3610A Vehicle power 3.
3725A Vehicle power 2.
3825A Vehicle power 1.
39Not used.
4150A Inverter.
4320A Trailer Tow Light Module Class ll-IV.
4520A Front/rear washer pump.
467,5A Family entertainment system.
47Not used.
48Not used.
49Not used.
5030A Fuel pump.
5120A Power point 3.
5250A Body control module (BCM) voltage quality module (VQM).
5325A Trailer tow park lamps relay.
5440A Electronic limited slip differential relay.
5540A AUX blower.
5620A Power point 4.
585A Not used (spare).
59Not used.
605A Not used (spare).
6125A Not used (spare).
6225A Not used (spare).
6325A 4×4 module.
64Not used.
65Not used.
66Not used.
67Not used.
6925A 2018: Not used.
2019: Trailer tow park lamp
7040A Anti-lock brake system / parking brake module.
7125A 4×4 module.
72Not used.
73Not used.
7410A Trailer tow backup lamps.
75Not used.
7650A Body control module power 2.
7730A Climate controlled (Heated/Vented) seat module.
7820A Not used (spare).
79Not used.
8010A Heated wiper park.
81Not used.
82Not used.
8315A Transmission control module power.
84Not used.
85Not used.
865A USB smart charger 5.
874A USB smart charger 3.
8810A Multi-contour seats relay.
8940A Power running boards.
9130A Power liftgate module.
9315A Heated mirrors.
945A USB smart charger 1.
9510A USB smart charger 2.
9630A Rear wiper motor relay.
9740A Intercooler puller relay fan.
9815A Transmission oil pump.
9940A Heated backlite.
10020A Power point 5.
10125A Fan 2.
102Not used.
103Not used.
104Not used.
105Not used.
R02Relay: Electronic fan 2.
2019: Powertrain Control Module.
R05Relay: Powertrain Control Module.
2019: Electric fan 2

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuses in this type are the fuses №6 (Power point 1), №8 (Power point 2), №51 (Power point 3), №56 (Power point 4) and №100 (Power point 5).

Type 2

location under the hood

Photo for example

photo fuse box F150 14G


Diagram 2


130A Body control module 1.
330A Body control module 2.
430A Fuel pump.
55A Powertrain control module relay.
620A Vehicle power 1.
725A Vehicle power 2.
820A Vehicle power 3.
920A Vehicle power 4.
1130A Starter relay.
1340A Front blower motor.
1520A Horn.
1620A Windshield washer pump.
2210A Electronic power assist steering run/start feed.
2310A Anti-lock brake system run/ start feed.
2410A Powertrain control module.
Transmission control module.
2510A Rear view camera.
Air quality sensor run/start feed.
2850A Anti-lock brake system pump.
2950A Anti-lock brake system valves.
3030A Driver seat motors.
3130A Passenger seat motors.
3220A Power point 1.
3320A Power point 2.
3420A Power point 3.
3520A Power point 4.
3640A Inverter.
3730A Climate controlled seats (passenger side).
3830A Climate controlled seats (driver side).
3920A Second row seat module.
4040A Power running boards.
4130A Powered liftgate module.
4230A Trailer brake control module.
435A Not used (spare).
4520A Power point 5.
4750A Electric fan 1.
4950A Electric fan 2.
5040A Heated rear window.
5440A Electronic limited slip differential.
5530A Trailer tow parking lamps relay.
5810A Trailer tow backup lamps.
5920A Not used (spare).
6425A Four-wheel drive module 1.
6715A Transmission run/start.
6930A Left-hand side wiper motor.
7120A Rear window wiper relay.
7350A Power folding seat module – third row.
8225A Four-wheel drive module 2.
8840A Auxiliary blower.
9120A Trailer tow lighting module power.
10025A Left-hand headlamp.
10125A Right-hand headlamp.
10730A Trailer battery charge.
10820A Spot lamps (police).
12015A Fuel injectors.
1245A Rain sensor module.
1255A USB smart charger 1.
1287,5A Family entertainment system.
13420A Multi-contour seats relay.
13720A Advanced driver-assistance systems module.
Connected camera.
1395A USB smart charger 2.
1405A USB smart charger 3.
1425A USB smart charger 5.
14740A Intercooler puller fan relay.
16010A Smart data link connector.
1815A Not used (spare).
18260A Driver door control module.
18360A Passenger door control module.
21030A Body control module start stop.
R04Electric fan 1 relay.
R06Electric fan 3 relay.

In this type, fuses numbered 32, 33, 34, 35 and 45 are responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighters.

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