Citroen ZX fuse and relay

The Citroen Zx passenger car was produced in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997. Restyling in 1994 helped to get rid of design flaws and improve the appearance of the car. We will show a description of the citroen zx fuses and their locations.

citroen zx photo

The number of fuses may differ and depends on the equipment and year of manufacture of the vehicle.

Engine compartment

The fuses are located in the corresponding box, under the protective cover.

block under the hood Citroen sx
Photo of the unit under the hood with a blown fuse


Type 1

  • F1 – Not used
  • F2 – Not used
  • F3 5 Cooling fan relay
  • F4 30 Cooling fan

Type 2

  • F1 15 Front fog lights
  • F2 30 Fan and air conditioner motor
  • F3 30 Additional cooling fan
  • F4 30 Cooling

Passenger compartment

Located on the bottom left, under the dashboard.


citroen zx block in salon


  1. 30 Blower motor, headlight washers, electric mirrors, air conditioning relay, headlight washer timer and heated seats
  2. 10 Radio / cassette, dashboard, brake lights, front and rear mouse / brushes and horn
  3. 30 Heated rear window relay, power window relay, indicators and cooling fan relay
  4. 25 Central locking and anti-theft alarm
  5. 25 Heated rear window and heated outside mirror
  6. 10 Emergency Agni
  7. 10 Reversing lights, headlights and control panel warning lights
  8. 20 Radio / cassette, interior lights, cigarette lighter, lamp, clock and remote central locking
  9. 30 Power windows, sunroof, seat adjustment and card swiping indicator
  10. 20 Signal
  11. 5 Rear fog lamp
  12. 5 Right front and rear side lights, ashtray
  13. 5 Left front and rear side lights, number illumination.

If the presented diagrams do not match yours, this is possible in restyled models, check the description with the receiver model: Citroen Xsara

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