Citroen Xsara – fuse and relay

Citroen Xsara, a compact car, was marketed with hatchback and station wagon bodies. The 1st generation was produced in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000. 2nd generation was produced in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. We present a list of Citroen Xsara fuses and relays with circuit diagrams and their detailed decoding.


For Xsara Picasso, the diagrams are completely different and are located here .

Engine compartment

Type 1


Circuit diagram of the fuse box in the engine compartment citroen xantia

Circuits protected

F210A Not used
F330 / 40A Cooling fan
F4Not used
F55A Cooling fan
F630A Headlight washer, front fog lamps
F75A Injectors
F820A Not used
F910A Fuel pump relay
F105A Not used
F115A Oxygen sensor relay
F1210A High beam right
F1310A High beam left
F1410A Right low beam
F1510A Left low beam

A (20A) Central locking system
B (25A) Windshield wiper
C (30A) Heated rear window and outside mirrors
D (15A) Air conditioning compressor, rear window wiper
E (30A) Sunroof, front and rear windows
F (15A) Power supply for multiplex system

The design of this box and the number of fuses depends on the equipment and the year of manufacture of the vehicle. There may be differences in the transferred schemas and your box.

Type 2



Diagramscheme under the hood option 2

Assignment Option 1

  • F1 (10A) preheating module – vehicle speed sensor – automatic transmission electro-hydraulic unit – automatic transmission control group – reversing light contact – contact pair for engine coolant level sensor – high speed fan power relay – air flow meter – drive control relay gearshift lever interlock mechanism – engine start inhibit relay
  • F2 (15A) fuel system pump
  • F3 (10A) wheel anti-lock calculator – stability control calculator
  • F4 (10A) injection calculator – automatic transmission computer
  • F5 (10A) automatic transmission computer
  • F6 (15A) fog lights
  • F7 headlight washer
  • F8 (20A) Injection Calculator – Diesel High Pressure Regulator – Low Speed ​​Fan Power Relay
  • F9 (15A) left headlight – headlight beam adjustment switch
  • F10 (15A) right headlight
  • F11 (10A) left headlight
  • F12 (10A) right headlight
  • F13 (15A) sound alarm
  • F14 (10A) front / rear washer pump
  • F15 (30A) ignition coil – Oxygen sensor at the outlet: not characterized – Oxygen sensor at the inlet – Injector of cylinder 1 – Injector of cylinder 2 – Injector of cylinder 3 – Injector of cylinder 4 – Tank cleaning solenoid valve – High pressure diesel injection pump – RVG solenoid valve + damper – resistance of the carburetor heating system or damper module – logical solenoid valve (RVG) – Fuel heating system
  • F16 (30A) air supply pump
  • F17 (30A) Windshield wiper drive
  • F18 (40A) air supply actuator – air supply control module – passenger compartment air thermistor – service panel – engine compartment fuse module

Assignment Option 2

(20A) Horn
(30A) Low beam relay
(30A) Engine cooling fan
(20A) Diagnostic socket, 1.6L ECU power
(30A) Not used
(10A) Not used
(10A) Engine cooling fan relay
(5A) Not used
(25A) Central locking (BSI)
(15A) ABS control unit
(5A) Preheating system (diesel)
(15A) Fuel pump
(40A) Relay
(30A) Relay
(10A) Engine cooling fan
(40A) Air pump charge air
(10A) Right fog lamp
(10A) Left fog lamp
(10A) Speed ​​sensor
(15A) Coolant temperature sensor
(5A) Catalytic converter

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

It is located on the left side under the dashboard, behind the protective cover.

access to the unit in the salon

And it looks like this.

photo of the unit in the cabin


fuse block diagram citroen xantia option 1

Designation (type 1)

  1. SHUNT
  2. 5 A Air conditioning system – Special equipment (for driving schools)
  3. 5 A Instrument cluster – Diagnostic socket
  4. 5 A Control unit (“+” wire from the ignition lock)
  5. 5 A automatic transmission
  6. 5 A Interior lamps
  7. 5 A Navigation system – Dipped headlights (relay) – Car radio – Alarm
  8. 5 A Digital display – Emergency stop signal – Digital clock – Diagnostic socket
  9. 5 A Control unit (“+” wire from the battery)
  10. 20 A On-board computer – Sound warning device – Trailer – Anti-theft alarm (relay) – Headlight washer (relay) – Special equipment (for driving schools)
  11. 5 A Front left side light bulb – Rear right side light bulb
  12. 5A License plate lamps – Front right side marker lamp – Rear left side marker lamp
  13. 20 A High beam headlamps
  14. 30 A Relay for front power windows
  15. 20A Heated front seats
  16. 20 A Electric fan for heating the passenger compartment
  17. 30 A Electric fan for heating the passenger compartment
  18. 5 A Illumination by control keys and switches on the instrument panel
  19. 10 A Fog lamp bulbs + Fog lamp ON indicator
  20. 10 A Left low-beam headlight lamp – Headlight hydro-corrector
  21. 10 A Right low-beam headlamp + Headlamp low-beam indicator
  22. 5 A Sunshade mirror light – Rain sensor – Glove compartment light – Directional light for card reading
  23. 20 A Cigarette lighter / 12 V power socket (“+” wire of additional electrical equipment) / 23V 20 A Cigarette lighter / 12 V power socket (“+” wire from the battery)
  24. 10 A Option in the form of a CITROEN branded car radio (“+” wire of additional equipment / F24V 10 A Option in the form of a CITROEN branded car radio (“+” wire from the battery)
  25. 5 A Digital clock – external rear-view mirror with electric drive
  26. 30 A Windshield wipers / rear window wiper
  27. 5 A Control unit (“+” wire of additional electrical equipment)
  28. 15 A Driver’s seat adjustment servo

The fuse number 23, 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Designation (type 2)

1(10A) Audio system, audio system CD changer
2(5A) Selector lever lamp, ECM, A / C control module, A / C refrigerant pressure switch (triple), diagnostic socket, speed sensor, instrument cluster indicators, coolant blower motor relay – dual fan (left), cooling fan motor relay – double fan (right), multifunction control unit
3(10A) ABS control module
4(5A) Rear right-hand side marker, front left-side marker
5(5A) Daytime lighting system (if equipped)
6(10A) Transmission control module (ECM)
7(20A) Horn, trailer connector
9(5A) Rear left-hand side marker, front right-side marker, license plate lamps
10(30A) Power rear power windows
12(20A) Instrument cluster indicators, reversing lights, brake lights
13(20A) Daytime lighting system (if equipped)
15(20A) Cooling fan motor control module, multifunction control module
16(20A) Cigarette lighter
18(10A) Rear fog lamp
19(5A) Head lamp left warning buzzer
20(30A) Air flow flap motor (air conditioning / heater) (^ 05/99)
21(25A) Heated door mirrors, seat heaters, heater off timer relay, air conditioning (^ 05/99)
22(15A) Power seats
24(20A) Rear window wiper / washer, windshield wiper / washer, windshield wiper motor, rain sensor
25(10A) Audio, clock, anti-theft alarm LED, instrument cluster, diagnostic socket, multifunction control module
26(15A) Alarm
27(30A) Power windows, front, sunroof
28(15A) Power window lock switch, instrument cluster, turn signal relay, glove compartment lamp
29(30A) Rear window defogger off timer relay, door mirror defrosters
30(15A) Rain sensor, spotlights, outside temperature sensor, rear wiper motor, power windows, sunroof, power door mirrors

In this option, fuse number 16 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Relay box

It is located above the pedals in the dashboard, to the right of the fuse box.


Relay circuit


  1. Rear Power Window Disable Relay
  2. Indicator Relay
  3. Power Window Relay – Rear
  4. Heater Fan Relay
  5. Heated Rear Window Relay 8
  6. Engine Control Relay
  7. Wiper Switch Relay
  8. Power Window Relay – Sunroof Motor
  9. Rain Sensor Relay (Speed ​​Control)
  10. Rain sensor relay


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  • Which relay is the starter motor relay to the Xsara 1.6?
    David CURSON

  • May have a Citroen XI Picasso 1.6 HDI 2009 none of these fuse boxes look even close to what my fuse box looks like underneath the driver side I’m looking for a fuse to control the heater blower as I’ve changed the resistor and nothing works at all

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