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Citroen Xantia is a mid-size car with both gasoline and diesel engines. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the description of the fuse and relay boxes for Citroen Xantia 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002.


Engine compartment

Fuse box is located in the engine compartment next to the battery and is covered by a protective cover.

The location of the unit under the hood

Photo for example

Photo Xantia fuse box


Circuit diagram of the fuse box in the engine compartment citroen xantia


Type 1

F240A Air pump
F330A Cooling fan
F4Not used
F55A Cooling fan
F630A Headlight washer, front fog lamps
F720A Injector
F820A Hydraulic suspension
F910A Fuel pump relay
F105A Headlight washer
F115A Oxygen sensor relay, cruise control
F1210A High beam left
F1310A High beam right
F1410A Left low beam
F1510A Right low beam

Type 2

F210A Phone
F330 / 40A Cooling fan
F4Not used
F55A Cooling fan
F630A Headlight washer, front fog lamps
F75A Injectors
F820A Hydraulic suspension
F910A Fuel pump relay
F105A Headlight washer
F115A Oxygen sensor relay
F1210A High beam left
F1310A High beam right
F1410A Left low beam
F1510A Right low beam

Additional fuses

A(60A) Anti-theft switch
B(40A) Anti-theft switch
C(80A) Fuse box, anti-theft relay
D(60A) Light switch, fog lamp relay, immobilizer
E(40A) Cooling fan motor relay
F(40A) Cooling fan motor relay


1Air conditioning compressor electromagnetic clutch relay – temperature shutdown
2A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay
3ABS relay
4Fog lamp relay
5Cold start injection timing control system relay
6Starter relay – automatic transmission

The relay for the rear wiper drive motor is located in the tailgate and is located under the panel of its interior upholstery. On some models, additional relays are housed in a fuse box located in the engine compartment

Passenger compartment

Fuse box located on the left side under the dashboard.




fuse block diagram citroen xantia option 1


Type 1

1(10A) Audio system, audio system CD changer
2(5A) Selector lever lamp, ECM, A / C control module, A / C refrigerant pressure switch (triple), diagnostic socket, speed sensor, instrument cluster indicators, coolant blower motor relay – dual fan (left), cooling fan motor relay – double fan (right), multifunction control unit
3(10A) ABS control module
4(5A) Rear right-hand side marker, front left-side marker
5(5A) Daytime lighting system (if equipped)
6(10A) Transmission control module (ECM)
7(20A) Horn, trailer connector
9(5A) Rear left-hand side marker, front right-side marker, license plate lamps
10(30A) Electric rear power windows
12(20A) Instrument cluster indicators, reversing lights, brake lights
13(20A) Daytime lighting system (if equipped)
15(20A) Cooling fan motor control module, multifunction control module
16(20A) Cigarette lighter
18(10A) Rear fog lamp
19(5A) Head lamp left warning buzzer
20(30A) Air flow flap motor (air conditioning / heater) (^ 05/99)
21(25A) Heated door mirrors, seat heaters, heater off timer relay, air conditioning (^ 05/99)
22(15A) Power seats
24(20A) Rear window wiper / washer, windshield wiper / washer, windshield wiper motor, rain sensor
25(10A) Audio, clock, anti-theft alarm LED, instrument cluster, diagnostic socket, multifunction control module
26(15A) Alarm
27(30A) Power windows, front, sunroof
28(15A) Power window lock switch, instrument cluster, turn signal relay, glove compartment lamp
29(30A) Rear window defogger off timer relay, door mirror defrosters
30(15A) Rain sensor, spotlights, outside temperature sensor, rear wiper motor, power windows, sunroof, power door mirrors

Type 2

110Radio and CD player (via ignition switch or directly from the battery, depending on the position of the fuse)
25Anti-theft control panel, rheostat for controlling the intensity of the instrument illumination, indicator lamp for turning on the running lights, glass washer fluid level sensor, automatic heating relay
310Reversing lights, cooling fan, diagnostic socket
45Left side marker light, right tail lamp, indicator lamp for turning on the running lights
515Coolant temperature control system
720Horn relay, horn compressor
830Power supply shunt F25 / F15
95Instruments, right side marker light, left rear marker
1030Rear window electric drive
1210Heater, K / V, tempostat, hydroactive suspension, anti-theft alarm system, anti-theft alarm siren, devices
1440Electric seat adjustment
1520Heated seats, anti-theft alarm LED, luggage compartment lighting, interior lighting off delay timer
1620Citroen xantia cigarette lighter fuse
1715Power supply to the anti-theft alarm system
1810Rear fog lights
195Illumination of the cigarette lighter and ignition switch
2030Power supply to the heater fan
2130Single castle
2220Rear wiper
2310Heated rear window switch, heated seat switches
2430Windshield cleaner, running lights, AT
255Radio memory, clock, diagnostic socket, CD-player or cooling fan, remote control of the single lock system
2615Alarm switch
2730Heated rear window, heated mirrors (power supply)
2815Top hatch electric control, rear wiper insulator, direction indicators, gauges, brake and brake pad wear warning lamps, ABS, tempostat
2930Front power windows
3015Navigation lamps, vanity mirror illumination, glove compartment illumination, electric control switch for rear-view mirrors, telephone

In both versions, the fuse number 16 for 20 A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

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