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Citroën Berlingo is a light commercial vehicle produced in various modifications and equipment since 1996. The first generation was delivered to the market in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. After a complete update, the 2nd generation was produced in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. We present information about all fuses and the relay box Citroen Berlingo for 1st and 2nd generation with a detailed description of the circuits.

berlingo logo

The main fuse boxes for the two generations are :

  • on the left under the dashboard (under the cover)
  • in the engine compartment (near the battery under the protective cover).

location of fuse boxes

1st generation

Engine compartment

Box photo

fuse box citroen berlingo


Berlingo block diagram under the hood


F110A Reversing light, preheating unit, clutch release contact
F215A Gasoline pump
F310A Electronic control unit (ECU) of the ABS system
F410A engine ECU
F510A Reserve
F615A Front fog lights
F720A Headlight washer
F820A engine ECU, fan relay
F915A Left low beam lamp
F1015A Right low beam lamp
F1110A Left high beam lamp
F1210A Right high beam lamp
F1315A Sound signal
F1410A Windshield washer
F1530A Engine sensors
F1630A Air pump
F1730A Windshield wiper
F1840A Electro climate control fan

Passenger compartment


Berlingo block box


F115A Rear window wiper (with swing doors), 12V socket (Modutop)
F420А Autoradio tape recorder instrument cluster, display, СОМ2000
F515A Alarm siren
F610A Diagnostic connector Citroen Berlingo
F715A Burglar alarm
F930A Seat heating system, Modutop electric fan
F1040A Heated rear window, electrically heated exterior mirrors
F1115A Rear window wiper
F1230A Electric sunroof, electric windows Citroen Berlingo
F1410A Network VAN COM2000
F1515A VAN network instrument cluster, car radio, display
F1630A Electric door locks
F2010A Rear right brake light
F2115A Rear left brake light
F2220A Cigarette lighter fuse Citroen Berlingo, 12V socket, electric door mirrors, interior lamps, directional light for reading cards and documents

The fuses number 1 and 22 are responsible for the cigarette lighter.

2nd generation

Engine compartment

Main fuse box


Berlingo 2 block diagram under the hood

Circuit breakers

  • F1 20A Engine control computer – power supply to the electric control unit for the two-speed group of the electric fan
  • F2 15A buzzer
  • F3 10A front and rear washer
  • F4 20A Headlight washers
  • F5 15A + accumulator Fuel heating system DV6 – fuel pump TU5JP4
  • F6 10A + after contact, computer and double relay of ABS / ESP systems – steering wheel angle sensor – gyrometer acceleration meter for stability control system – electric pump mechanism for power steering
  • F7 10A contact brake sensor – clutch pedal limit switch
  • F8 25A starter coil
  • F9 10A after contact, protection blocking module 3 relay – headlight range control motor
  • F10 30A Ignition coil control TU5JP4 – injector control TU5JP4 – supply to the solenoid valve of the injection pump DV6
  • F11 40A activation of the blower relay
  • F12 30A Front wiper low and high speed control
  • F13 40A after contact power supply CM (intelligent service module)
  • F14 30A Exhaust gas temperature recuperation pump control
  • F15 10A right high beam headlamp
  • F16 10A left high beam headlamp
  • F17 15A left low beam headlamp
  • F18 15A right low beam headlamp
  • F19 15A Tank cleaning solenoid valve TU5JP4 – oxygen sensors at the inlet and outlet TU5JP4 – solenoid valve for turbocharging air heating 1-2 DV6
  • F20 10A Liquid-in-fuel sensor DV6 – Turbocharger pressure control solenoid valve DV6 – Exhaust temperature control solenoid valve
    F21 5A Air flow meter DV6 – Power supply to the electric control unit for the two-speed fan group Maxi fuse module (PSF1)


  • R1 main relay of engine control computer
  • R2 power circuit relay engine control computer
  • R3 air supply relay
  • R4 windscreen wiper relay
  • R5 low speed front wiper relay – high speed front wiper relay
  • R6 distributor relay + after contact
  • R7 A / C blower relay
  • R8 starter relay
  • R9 front washer relay
  • R10 rear washer relay
  • R11 headlight washer relay
  • R12 horn relay

Battery cover box


battery cover fuse box


  1. Charge Status Module – 5A
  2. Diagnostic connector – 15A
  3. Resistance of the brake pedal switches – 15A
  4. Power steering electric pump group power – 80A
  5. Pre-heating control module – 70A
  6. Protection blocking module 3 relays – 100A
  7. Simple motor protection relay – 30A

Passenger compartment

Main fuse box

DiagramBerlingo 2 block box diagram


  1. 15A – Rear window cleaner
  2. 5A – Airbag
  3. 10A – Air conditioning, diagnostic connector, rear-view mirror, headlight regulator
  4. 30A – Windows
  5. 30A – Locks
  6. 5A – Rear plafond, front plafond of individual lighting, sunroof
  7. 20A – Car radio, CD changer, display, tire pressure monitoring unit, burglar alarm and siren
  8. 30A – 12 V sockets front and rear
  9. 15A – The upper part of the steering column
  10. 15A – Small current circuit of the ignition switch
  11. 15A – Rain and light sensor, airbag
  12. 5A – Instrument panel
  13. 15A – Parktronic, air conditioning control panel, hands-free system
  14. 30A – Power supply of the locking system of locks
  15. 40A – Heated rear window and mirrors

The fuse number 9 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.


  • R1 – Front impulse power window relay
  • R2 – Rear window wiper relay
  • R3 – Relay accessories + ACC
  • R4 – Door lock relay
  • R5 – Relay super locking rear doors
  • R6 – Front door super lock relay
  • R7 – Computer wake-up relay
  • R8 – Heated rear window relay

Box 2 diagram

citroen berlingo block 2

Decoding the elements

  1. 20A – Heated seats
  2. 15A – Relay folding rear-view mirrors
  3. 15A – Relay of a socket for connection of a refrigerating chamber

Additional box

If the vehicle is equipped with the appropriate systems, an additional fuse box is installed on it for the hitch and trailer, as well as for other body modifications and platforms with a cab. It is located behind the boundary wall on the right.


citroen berlingo block 2 trailed

Here are located:

  • 15A – ignition switch relay, optional generator
  • 15A – Trailer power supply 12V
  • 15A – DC power supply circuit of transformers
  • 40A – Emergency lights

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