BMW X5 E53 – fuse and relay

BMW X5 E53 went into production in 1999. This car was produced in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. We will present BMW E53 relay and fuse box diagrams with a description of the purpose and their location.

BMW X5 E53

The purpose of the fuses and relays may differ from that shown. Check the actual assignment of the elements in the boxes with your diagrams in the specifications (brochures).

Passenger compartment

In the passenger compartment, the main fuse and relay box are located in the glove compartment (glove box) behind the protective cover. To access it, you need to open the glove compartment.

Block in the glove compartment

Next, squeeze out 2 clips securing the rear plastic cover (left and right).

Glove compartment lid holders

A box like this will appear, where all the fuses are located in 2 rows. The third horizontal row is spare parts.

Passenger compartment fuse box x5 e53

Fuse tweezers and a designation brochure are usually attached to the cover.


fuse diagram bmw e53


15A Data bus connector, instrument cluster
25A Lighting control unit
35A Heating / air conditioning system (02/01)
45A Ignition coil relay
57.5A Alternator, Engine Oil Level Sensor, Fuse / Relay Box Cooling Fan Motor
65A Interior rearview mirror, parking system control unit (02/04), tire pressure monitoring system control unit
75A Ignition coil relay
85A Illumination of a combination of devices
95A SRS system, brake light switch (brake pedal position sensor), lighting control unit
1015A Sound signal
115A Immobilizer
125A Illumination of the instrument cluster, steering wheel position sensor
135A Anti-theft system, interior rearview mirror
145A Multi-function control unit 1
155A Tire pressure monitoring system control unit (02/04)
165A Ignition lock
175A interior lighting control unit
2030A Control unit for electrical equipment of the driver’s door
2130A Electric seat
2430A Control unit for electrical equipment of the passenger door
2525A Charging connector, cigarette lighter
2630A Relay for main ignition circuits
2720A Multi-function control unit 1
2830A Headlight washers
2910A Airbag
315A Engine management
325A Main circuit relay, multi-function control unit 2
335A Cigarette lighter fuse
347,5А Heated rear window, heater / air conditioner
365A Charging connector
375A Multi-function control unit 2
395A Limit switch (position sensor) of the clutch pedal, immobilizer
4030A Windshield wiper
415A Rear window wiper / washer, multifunction control unit 1
425A Interior lamps
435A Instrument cluster
445A SRS system, electric seat
455A Instrument cluster
467.5A Transfer case control unit
4725A Fuel pump relay
487.5A Heater / air conditioner
5110A Anti lock brake system (ABS), engine management system
5215A Diagnostic connector (DLC) (^> 09/00)
5325A Multi-function control unit 2
5415A Electronic gearbox control unit
5530A Anti lock brake system (ABS)
5715A Control unit under weight
5820A Luke
5920A Additional heater
6030A Multi-function control unit 1
6150A Cooling fan motor
6250A Outlet air pump relay
6350A Anti Lock Brake System (ABS)
6450A Heater / air conditioner

2 fuses 33 and 25 are responsible for the cigarette lighter. Be careful.

Full box photo

real photo of the block with fuses bmw x5 e53
box with fuses and relays bmw x5 e53

As you can see from the photo, relays and additional fuses are located on top of this unit. Here’s a general outline.

block with relay BMW-X5-E53


1Booster Fuel Pump Relay – Diesel
3interior lighting control unit
4Horn relay
F104(10A) Glow plugs
F105(80A) Immobilizer, ignition lock – 4.4 / 4.6 (02/02)
F106(50A) Ignition switch, lighting control module
F107(50A) Lighting control unit

Luggage compartment

Fuse box

To access them, grasp the door handle on the right side panel from above and pull it down. There will also be a specification for the BMW X5 E53 with an indication of the rated current and protected consumers.

Trunk block X5 E53


fuse diagram BMW X5 E53


1Rear seat heater relay
2Heated rear window relay
3Audio system relay
4Tailgate / tailgate opener drive relay – lower
5Power seat relay (rear)
6Tailgate / Tailgate Opening Actuator Relay – Upper
F7230A Audio system, navigation system
F737.5A Ignition coil relay
F7410A Phone
F755A Audio system, navigation system
F7730A Electric rear seats
F7820A Trailer electrical connector
F797.5A Suspension control unit
F8020A Ignition coil relay
F8120A Rear window wiper / washer
F8320A Charging connector – rear
F847,5A Trunk lid / rear door lock
F8530A Heated rear window
F865A Additional heater
F8730A Compressor active suspension system

A single arrangement of the relay is also possible, for example the relay of the compressor pump and the compressor of the air suspension pump.

compressor pump relay

Box near the battery

Another high power fuse box can be attached to the positive terminal of the battery.

Block near the battery


Block diagram near the battery


FL1200A Fuse box # 2 in the engine compartment, fuses 10 – 28, 40, 46 – 50, 52 – 64, 104 – 107, Reverse polarity relay
FL280A Fuse box # 1 in the luggage compartment, fuses 72 – 75
FL380A Fuse box No. 1 in the luggage compartment, fuses 77 – 81
FL450A Trailer control unit or 40A Transfer case control unit
FL550A Compressor, Air suspension
FL6100A Relay DDE
FL780A Fuse box No. 1 in the luggage compartment, fuses 83-87
FL850A Trailer control unit

Engine compartment fuse box

Located under the hood, on the right side, in the mounting box, behind the protective cover

scheme x5

The individual relay elements are located in the mounting box, under the hood (horn relay, glow plugs, fuel pump relay, headlight washer relay, etc.). There may and may be fuses, depending on the equipment.

Block under the hood BMW x5 e53

Additional Information

How to change a cigarette lighter fuse

Here is an example of how to properly change the cigarette lighter fuse on a BMW X5 E53.

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