BMW 7 (2008 – 2015) F01 F02 fuse and relay

The fifth generation of the 7 Series BMW is designated by the body index – F01 / F02 (extended version), a separate series was designated as Alpina B7. This car was produced in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. This material will discuss the power supply circuit, a detailed description of the fuses and relays of the BMW F01 F02 with their diagrams and photo examples of execution. Let’s highlight the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter.


Depending on the configuration and year of manufacture, your assignment of fuses and relays may differ from the information provided.

Power system overview

The general scheme looks like this.

bmw power system 01 02

  1. Generator;
  2. Battery positive output;
  3. Power distribution box in the engine compartment;
  4. Control electronics compartment in the engine compartment;
  5. Front fuse holder behind the glove compartment;
  6. Rear fuse holder on the right side of the luggage compartment;
  7. Accumulator battery;
  8. Starter.

Passenger compartment

Inside the car, the main unit with fuses and relays is located in the glove compartment (or what I call the glove box).

It should also contain up-to-date information on the location of the fuses for your model in the form of a sheet of paper (fusecard).

location of the fuse box bmw f 01 02
location of the fuse box bmw f 01 02
  1. Front fuse holder;
  2. Junction box electronics.

It looks like this.

fuse box f01


general diagram of the fuse box bmw f01 02

A value of the fuses in the glove compartment


110A Footwell control unit
25A Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
Door control unit
35A Central Control Gateway
Diagnostic connector
45A Control unit
730A Junction Box
830A Junction Box
930A Junction Box
1010A Instrument cluster
117.5A Heating and air conditioning control unit
125A Glove box light
135A Steering column switches
Driver assistance system
1415A Junction box
1520A Junction box
1640A Footwell control unit
1730A Footwell control unit
1830A Footwell control unit
1920A Trailer control unit
2230A Pressure control valve
Fuel metering solenoid
Camshaft sensor
Boost pressure regulator solenoid
Mass flow meter
Turbo control solenoid
Compressor bypass
235A Telematics
2410A Steering column switches
255A Head-Head Display Control Unit
265A Instrument cluster
275A Eject box
285A Video system
295A Rear control unit
Touchbox control device
315A Rear climate control unit
Heated rear seat switch
327.5A Driver’s seat adjustment switch
Door switch control unit
Front passenger seat adjustment switch
Exterior mirror
Hatch module
Back light
335A Seat belt pretensioner control unit
Heating control unit
Tank vent valve
Fuel tank shut-off valve
Seat belt pretensioner control unit
Heating control unit
345A Chassis Integration Module
3515A DDE main relay
3630A Headlight washer pump
3730A Vertical dynamics control
3840A Vehicle access control unit
3940A Power steering control unit
4030A Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
42Electro-hydraulic solenoids for engine mounting
EGR Cooling Bypass Valve
Oil quality sensor
Oxygen sensor behind the catalytic converter
Oxygen sensor before catalytic converter
Mass flow meter
Compressor bypass
Oil level sensor
Damper control solenoid
435A Electromechanical power steering
Throttle Position Valve
Electromechanical power steering
445A Automatic air conditioning
Camera control unit
455A Vertical Dynamics Control
Power steering control unit
465A Radiator damper control unit
Cruise control
4720A Exhaust gas recirculation coolant pump
Exhaust Gas Recirculation Solenoid
or not used
485A Electrochromic rear view mirror
Engine crankcase heater
5130A Wiper Module
5230A Driver’s seat control unit
Driver’s seat adjustment switch
5330A Passenger seat control unit
Front passenger seat adjustment switch
5420A Front and rear 12V sockets, cigarette lighter
5520A Rear wiper
565A Vehicle access control unit
585A Noise filter
Hatch module
5910A Intercooler pump
605A Parking brake switch
6120A Sunroof 20A
6215A Signal
6310A Automatic Transmission
647.5A Selector Switch
6515A Additional 12V socket
Auxiliary heating system
(20A is also used)
667.5A Hatch
Door switch control unit
Exterior mirror
6710A Seat adjustment switch
Driver’s seat adjustment switch
Front passenger seat adjustment switch
Valve block, lumbar support
6840A Fan
6950A Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
7060A Cooling fan cut-out relay
7150A Fuel filter heater

Separately, we note:
fuses 54, 65, 147, 176 are responsible for the cigarette lighter. Half of them are in the luggage compartment.

The relays are marked with squares: signal relay, windshield wiper relay, and others.

Luggage compartment

Fuse and relay box

Due to the large number of consumers and control units, an additional fuse holder is installed in the luggage compartment F01 / F02. It is located on the right side under the skin.

real photo of fuse box f

Along with the fuses, some more relays are inserted into it or soldered onto the board.

trunk fuse box f01

  1. Relay terminal 30B (inserted);
  2. Contact 30F relay (soldered);
  3. Contact 15N relay (soldered);
  4. Relay for heating the rear window (soldered).


circuit for fuses in the trunk

Check the purpose of the elements with your diagram or other technical documentation.

Table with decoding of elements

Table with description of elements

Fuse box

An additional fuse box can be installed next to the main fuse and relay box if there is an additional battery in the car.


Diagram 2


  1. Additional battery control unit 5A
  2. Reserve
  3. Additional battery control unit 20A
  4. Sound control unit 5/2A
  5. Charging connector 10A
  6. Sound control unit 20A
  7. Reserve 5A
  8. Reserve 5A
  9. Additional battery control unit 5A
  10. Reserve
  11. Charging connector 10A
  12. Reserve
  13. Reserve 5A
  14. Switches 5A
  15. Reserve
  16. Additional battery control unit 5A
  17. Reserve 10A
  18. Additional battery control unit 10A
  19. Additional battery control unit 5A
  20. Additional battery control unit 5A

Relay box


Diagram 3


  • R1 – alarm
  • R2 – rear electric windows
  • R3 – shutdowns
  • R4 – rear electric windows
  • R5 – compressor clutch
  • F1 – 100.0 A – fuse box No. 2 in the luggage compartment

Power fuse box

f10 extra fuses

On the positive terminal of the battery (if there is an additional battery, there are also controls nearby) there are main high-power fuses and some relays:

1100A Cooling Fan Cut-Off Relay
2100A DDE main relay
3100/125A Electromechanical power steering
Trip relay
Fuse box No. 2 in luggage compartment
650A Hi-Fi amplifier
760A Rear axle camber sensor
8100A Fuse Box No. 1 in Luggage Compartment
9250A Junction Box
10100/150A Fuse Box No. 1 in Luggage Compartment

Engine compartment


Diagram 4


15A Electromechanical power steering
230A Distributor
Engine electronics
Engine electronics
3125A Electromechanical power steering
Electromechanical power steering
R1DDE main relay

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