BMW X1 E84 (2010 – 2015) fuse and relay

BMW X1 – compact crossover in the back of e84 went on sale in 2009. This generation was produced in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. We will consider all relays and fuses Bmw X1 e84 with box diagrams of their location and their purpose. Highlight the cigarette lighter fuse.

X1 E84

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

The main fuse and relay box is located in the glove compartment (glove box).

access to the fuse box

To access, release the damper (holder) from the lower mount in the direction of arrow 1 by pushing forward. Next, you need to unlock the box itself in the direction of arrow 2 and lower it down. You should see something like this:

real photo of the location of the fuse box x1

On the left, there should be an up-to-date manual for your model on the location of the fuses. If you have not found it, we have presented one of the possible versions.

photo fuse box e84
fuse box e84


fuse block diagram e84


120A Rear intermittent wiper/washer control unit
2not used
320A Electrochromic interior rear view mirror
410A N20, N46, N52, N55: DME control unit (16i, 18i, 20i, 28i, 35i)
510A Steering column switch center
65A AUC sensor, DC/DC converter
75A Parking assistance system (PDC), Roof function control center
820A Cigarette lighter front, charging socket 1 and 2 in the rear of the center console, socket in the trunk
95A Driver junction box, telephone transceiver, phone upgrade package connector
105A Driver seat heating module, Passenger seat heating module
1120A N20, N55: DME control unit
N46 TU 2: Fuel injectors
N52: Oil condition sensor, DISA actuators 1 and 2, fuel tank vent valve, crankshaft sensor, mass air flow sensor
12not used
1310A TCU, ULF, ULF-SBX, ULF-SBX-H, Combox, eject box, USB hub
1415A Vehicle Information Computer (CIC), Radio (without CIC)
1520A Audio Amplifier
1610A N20, N55: DME control unit
N52: Radiator shutter drive, electronics fan
N46 TU 2: Crankshaft sensor, fuel tank vent valve, hot film air mass meter, electronics fan.
1710A N20, N46, N52, N55: Fuel tank leak diagnosis module, exhaust flap
1810A Video module, digital tuner
195A CD changer
2010A Driver/passenger lumbar support switch, driver/passenger seat back width adjustment switch, driver/passenger seat back width adjustment valve block, front left/right lumbar support valve block
21not used
2215A Gearbox control, DKG gearbox control
23not used
24not used
2520A Panoramic glass roof
265A Transfer Case Control Module, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
275A Tire pressure monitoring (RDC)
285A Electric Fan Shutdown Relay, DC/DC Converter
295A Korea: tank vent shut-off valve
30not used
3130A Trailer module
3230A Trailer module
3340A except N20: Electric coolant pump
N47: Fuel heater
34not used
35not used
3640A Vehicle access system
3710A N20: DME control unit
3730A N46 TU 2: Oxygen sensor before catalytic converter, Oxygen sensor 2 before catalytic converter, Oxygen sensor 2 after catalytic converter, Oxygen sensor 2 after catalytic converter
3730A N52: Electric coolant pump, mapped thermostat, intake camshaft sensor, exhaust camshaft sensor, intake van solenoid valve, exhaust van solenoid valve, oil pressure control valve
3815A N20: DME control unit
3830A N46 TU 2: Ignition coils
3830A N52: Oxygen sensor before catalytic converter, Oxygen sensor 2 before catalytic converter, Oxygen sensor 2 after catalytic converter, Oxygen sensor 2 after catalytic converter, Crankshaft breather heating 1
3930A N46 TU 2: DME control unit, temperature map thermostat, intake camshaft sensor, exhaust camshaft sensor, intake Vanos solenoid valve, exhaust Vanos solenoid valve, oil level sensor, crankcase breather heater
N52: Fuel injectors, ignition coils, interference suppression capacitor for ignition coils
4030A Transfer box control unit
4130A Driver power window motor, footwell module
4240A Audio Amplifier (HiFi Professional System, BMW Individual High-End Audio System, Harman Kardon Surround Sound System)
43not used
44not used
4530A Passenger seat adjustment switch
4630A Driver seat module
4730A Right rear defroster interlock circuit
4830A Headlight washer pump
4930A Passenger seat module
4940A Active Steering
5030A Wiper motor
51not used
52not used
53not used
547.5A Siren and tilt sensor
555A Vehicle access system
5715A Horn
585A Surround camera
595A Combox, Telematics Control Unit (TCU) (USA), Eject Box (USA)
60not used
615A Comfort Access Control Module, Driver Side Outside Door Handle Electronic Module, Passenger Side Outside Door Handle Electronic Module
627.5A Roof function control center
635A Transmission indicator light, antenna diversity (noise filter)
64not used
6510A Longitudinal dynamics control, gear indicator light (automatic transmission), gear selector (dual clutch transmission)
667.5A Driver side switch, passenger side exterior mirror
6720A Electric fuel pump
6820A Driver seat heating module
69not used
7020A Fuel pump control (EKPS)
7120A Trailer socket
7215A Driver’s door lock
7315A Passenger door lock
745A Instrument cluster control unit
755A Steering column switch
7610A Central information display
7710A Luggage compartment lighting, glove box lighting, heating/air conditioning system
7830A Rear power window motor, driver’s side
79not used
8030A Power window motor, rear passenger side
8130A Driver window motor
8230A Dynamic Stability Control (DSC – no auto start/stop), DC/DC converter (with auto start/stop)
83not used
8440A Footwell module
8530A DC/DC Converter
8640A Footwell module
87not used
8840A Fan output stage
8940A Secondary air pump relay
9040A Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
9115A Passenger door lock
9250A Fan 400W: Electric fan shutdown relay
9260A Fan 600W: Electric fan shutdown relay

The following relays are located here:

  1. Terminal 30G relay;
  2. Rear wiper relay dripped;
  3. Front wiper relay.

Fuse designation table

description of fuses e84

It’s not difficult to figure it out. for example, fuses number 57, 79 are responsible for the signal. For the telephone 13 and 59, for powering the trailer device 24, 31, 32, 71. Heated seats 3, 10, 45, 46, 68, for the steering wheel and its adjustment 5, 49, 75.

Separately, we highlight the cigarette lighter fuse: its number is 08. In the first photo (go up a little, it is circled and marked with an arrow)

Battery fuse box

It is located in the trunk, on the battery cover.

x1 battery cover
battery cover

battery fuse box

The diagram is shown under the number 3.

Engine compartment

Located in the engine compartment, under the hood. Protected by a plastic cover.

wiring block diagram

Here are:

  • CD changer relay;
  • Blower relay add. air;
  • Valve drive relay with rev. progress:
  • other relays depending on the equipment and the year of manufacture of the vehicle.

Additional Information

If you have any difficulties with access to the main fuse box, watch this video (for example, BMW x1 118i).


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