Alfa Romeo 159 (2006 – 2011) fuse and relay

Alfa Romeo 159 (939 series) is a mid-size car, produced by the company since 2005 with sedan and station wagon bodies (SPORTWAGON). This material will be useful for the owner of cars produced in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 to find and replace fuses and relays on the Alfa Romeo 159 car. We will also show box diagrams with a description of the elements and their location. 

Alfa Romeo 159


Vehicle fuses are grouped into four blocks:

  1. in the passenger compartment
  2. on the positive terminal of the storage battery
  3. in the engine compartment
  4. in the trunk (usually on the left side).

Passenger compartment fuse box

Located behind a plastic cover on the front panel. To access, unscrew the required 2 screws and remove the protective cover.

main fuse box


159 photo block

The general diagram will look something like this.

The fuse number 44, 10A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter

Engine compartment

fuse boxes 159

Battery terminal fuse box

To access the fuse box on the battery terminal, press in on the latches and remove the protective cover.

Fuse box next to the battery

To access the fuse box next to the battery, you need to unscrew the screws.

fuse box in the engine compartment alfa romeo 159

Luggage compartment fuse box

block in the trunk alpha

Assignment of all fuses and relays

AppointmentFuse A
High beam headlight, rightF1410
Left high beam headlampF1510
RH low beam headlampF1415
Left low beam headlampF1215
Fog lightsF1315
Reversing lightsF307.5
Third brake lightF3510
Interior courtesy light, front / rearF3710
Front courtesy lampF397.5
Direction indicatorsF4910
Hazard lightsF5310
Electronic control unit in the engine compartmentF70 (MEGAFUSE)150
Front panel electronic control unitF7170
Glow plug electronic control unitF7360
Trunk electronic control unitF01 (MEGA­FUSE)70
Front panel electronic control unitF01 (MEGA­FUSE)70
Air conditioner fanF02 (MAXI­FUSE)40
Electric power steering lockF03 (MAXIFUSE)20
Braking system unit (pump)F04 (MAXI­FUSE)40
Braking system unit (solenoid valve)F05 (MAXIFUSE)40
Radiator fan (low speed)F06 (MAXI­FUSE)40
Radiator fan (high speed)F07 (MAXIFUSE)50
Headlight washersF0920
Sound signalF1015
Secondary circuits of the electronic injection systemF1115
Switch for all devices of the electronic injection systemF167.5
Primary circuits of the electronic injection systemF1710
Electronic engine control unitF1815
Air conditioning compressorF197.5
Heated windshieldF2020
Fuel pump power supplyF2120
Ignition coil / injectors (petrol versions)F2215
Primary circuits of the electronic injection system (diesel versions)F2220
Power supply for radio / radio navigation systemsF2315
Bady Computer Unit / Headlight Washer Relay CoilF317.5
Driver door unit / passenger door unit / ignition switchF3215
Left rear power windowF3320
Right rear power windowF3420
Diesel filter water presence sensorF357.5
Brake light switch / instrument panel in center consoleF357.5
Cruise controlF357.5
ABS sensor7.5
Power supply for trunk electronics / front door electronicsF3620
Instrument cluster control unitF3710
Front lamp electronics / HID lamp electronics (bixenon) power supply (if provided)F3710
Locking the gearmotor, engine / unlocking, trunkF3815
EOBD system diagnostic connectorF3910
Electronic tire pressure monitorF3910
Mobile phone wiringF3910
Horn electronics (if provided)F3910
Air conditioningF3910
Heated rear windowF4030
Heated rear washer jetsF417.5
Defrosting heated mirrorsF417.5
Power supply for brake electronics (ABS / VDC) / steering angle electronics / course deviation sensorF427.5
Glass cleaner / washerF4330
Front cigarette lighter on the center panelF4410
Electronic unit for opening sunroof (blinds)F4520
Opening hatchF4620
Left front power windowF4720
Right front power window / electronic door control unit, passenger sideF4830
Navigation systemF497.5
Rain sensor electronicsF497.5
Electronic steering unitF497.5
Opening hatchF497.5
Control panelF497.5
Volumetric alarm electronicsF497.5
Parking sensor electronicsF497.5
Control panel on the central tunnelF497.5
Illumination of front seat controlsF497.5
Windshield chainsF497.5
Mobile phone wiringF497.5
START / STOP buttonF497.5
Electronic tire pressure monitorF517.5
Radio wiringF517.5
Rear window cleaner / washerF5215
Rear cigarette lighterF5215
Instrument panel electronicsF5310
Radio amplifier with DSPF5430
Front left seat adjustment driveF5625
Heated front left seatF577.5
Front right seat adjustment driveF6025
Amplifier on the rear parcel shelfF6115
Heated front right seatF677.5
Back-up fuseF58
Back-up fuseF59
Back-up fuseF62
Back-up fuseF63
Back-up fuseF64
Back-up fuseF66
Back-up fuseF68
Back-up fuseF69
Back-up fuseF77
Back-up fuseF78
Back-up fuseF79
Back-up fuseF80

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