Alfa Romeo 145 / 146 (1995 – 2001) fuse and relay

Alfa Romeo 145 and 146 are three- and five-door hatchbacks of the small family class. Production of the 145 began in July 1994, with the 146 after 6 months. Unlike the three-door version, the five-door had a small boot lip. In 2000, the model was subjected to a slight restyling, in particular, the bumpers, mirrors and door handles were painted in body color. This material provides information on fuses and relays Alfa Romeo 145 and 146 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001, with side diagrams and their locations.

Alfa Romeo 146


  • to the salon, under the control panel (dashboard);
  • in the engine compartment.

Please note that depending on the model, year of manufacture and equipment, changes in the presented diagrams and tables are possible.


general block layout

Passenger compartment fuse box

Located under the dashboard to the left of the steering wheel behind a plastic cover.

alfa romeo main fuse box

One of the box versions:

Each fuse is marked with a corresponding picture. You shouldn’t have any questions.

photo block alfa romeo


designation of circuit elements

Diagram for 145
relay 145

Diagram type 2

general block diagram with relays and fuses

Other options are possible in the relay:

bCentral locking signal flashing unit
cIntermittent wiper relay
dSide / rear light relay
eHorn relay
fCentral locking control module
gHeated rear window relay
hHeadlight relay
iEngine Coolant Fan Motor Relay
lSunroof motor relay
mRear fog lamp relay
nHigh beam headlamp relay
oStarter Relay Switches
pFog lamp relay
qHeadlamp low beam relay

Engine compartment fuse box

Usually there are 2 boxes. One is located near the battery.

  • (50A) Engine cooling fan motor
  • (50A) Ignition switch
  • (70A) Powered by main battery
  • (70A) Powered by main battery
  • (60A) ABS system
  • (40A) Engine management

blocks-and-relays alfa romeo

Second on auxiliary bracket

  • A / C Compressor Clutch Relay
  • Air conditioner relay
  • A / C condenser fan motor relay 1
  • A / C Condenser Fan Timer Relay
  • A / C condenser fan motor relay 2

Additional material

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If you have any questions, see the detailed fuse diagram for the alfa romeo 146 in PDF format: ” download

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