Alfa Romeo 166 (1999 – 2007) fuse and relay

Alfa Romeo 166 (936 series) appeared in October 1998 as a business class sedan. Еhe only restyling took place in 2003 and has not received any changes since that moment. The car was produced in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. 166 replaced the Alfa Romeo 164 in the market. In this article you will find an assignment of fuses and relays of the Alfa Romeo 166 with boxes diagrams and their locations. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.

alfa romeo 166 photos

When working with our material, it is worth considering that the manufacturer could have made changes to the relay and fuse circuits of the Alfa Romeo 166, depending on the year of manufacture and the equipment of the car. Therefore, do not be intimidated by empty cells.


  1. Inside, under the dashboard;
  2. Relay and fuse box in the engine compartment;
  3. Additional fuse box under the hood on the right;
  4. Trunk fuse and relay box.

Passenger compartment fuse box

Located under the dashboard to the left of the steering wheel behind a plastic cover.

alfa romeo 166 fuse box


alpha 166 block relay


AReversing light relay, electric mirrors and glass heaters, power window relays
BIndicator Relay / Alarm Relay
CHeadlight washer delay relay
1(15A) Stop lights, indicators, instrument cluster
2(10A) SRS control module
3(15A) Fuel pump
4(15A) Audio system
5(10A) Glove box light bulb, folding mirror control module, cruise control module, anti-theft control module, multifunction switch-center console (except for models with automatic transmission), shift sensor, air conditioning compressor electromagnetic clutch relay, switch lights, block central locking control, air conditioning / heater control panel
6(5A) A / C condenser fan motor relay
7(10A) Audio / navigation system, A / C control module, cigarette lighter (front)
8(10A) Indicators / alarms, multifunction control module
9(5A) Auto-dimming interior rearview mirror, rain sensor, road map reader, heated front seat control unit, power window control unit, air conditioning control unit, vanity mirror lamp
10(5A) Transmission control module (ECM)
11(20A) Multifunction control module
12(20A) Headlamp washer
13(15) Exterior lamps, reversing light switch, sunroof control unit
14(25A) Windshield wiper / washer
15(25A) Power window controller (front)
16(5A) ECM, immobilizer control module
17(10A) Interior lamps / delayed off function, anti-theft control module, anti-theft alarm control module, diagnostic socket, transmission mode switch illumination
18(5A) Telephone, instrument cluster, audio / navigation system air conditioning / heater control panel
19(25A) Bodywork power connector, central locking control module
20(5A) Immobilizer control module, ECM – petrol models

The fuse number 7 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Engine compartment

Fuses and relays near the brush mechanism

To access them, simply remove the protective cover.

block in the engine compartment alpha 166


alfa romeo 166 block with relay


1Air conditioner / heater blower motor relay
2Starter relay
3Fuel Heater Relay – Diesel
4Engine control relay
5Fuel pump relay
6Auxiliary Heater Relay – Diesel (If Equipped)
F1A(60A) Under-dash fuse / relay box (F4 / F8 / F10-F12 / F15 / F17-F20)
F1B(30A) Ignition auxiliary supply
F2(30A) E / m refrigerant control valve (air conditioner)
F3(10A) ABS control module
F4(5A) Automatic transmission
F5(15A) Fuel heater – Diesel
F6(15A) Engine control module (ECM) (2.0TS)
F7(15A) ECM (petrol models)
F8(30A) Starter
F9(30A) ECM
F10(30A) Auxiliary heater (Diesel)
F11(25A) Accessory power connector

Second fuse and relay box

It is located on the right side near the headlight in a plastic box. For models with a year of manufacture before 2003, the scheme is as follows:


fuse box under the hood 166 alfa romeo

Protected components

1Cooling fan motor relay 1
2Cooling fan motor relay 2
3Headlamp low beam relay
4Headlamp high beam relay
5Horn relay
6A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay
7Fog lamp relay
F1(10A) Right headlamp high beam
F2(10A) Headlamp high beam, left
F3(15A) Fog lights
F4(15A) Horns
F5(10A) A / C compressor magnetic clutch
F6(15A) Left headlamp low beam
F7(15A) Right headlamp low beam
F8(50A) Cooling fan motor (2000)
F9(50A) Cooling fan motor – low speed (2000)

after 2003, slightly different and the location is possible on a bracket installed behind the left headlight:



general diagram of the fuse box

A – Headlights high beam
B – Fan control blower
C – Signal
D – Front fog lamp
E – Electronic control unit for automatic transmission (Sportronic versions)
F – Petrol versions (with one fan): engine cooling radiator (high speed)
JTD variants (two fans): engine cooling radiator (high speed)
G – A / C compressor
H – P Petrol versions: engine cooling radiator (low speed)
JTD options (two fans): engine cooling radiator (high speed)
L – Fuel pump
M – Electronic central injection relay
N – Engine H – Starter
P – Diesel heating filter (JTD versions)

Luggage compartment fuse box


trunk fuse box 166

Description of the circuit

AHeated rear window relay
BTailgate opening drive relay
CLock actuator relay fuel filler neck
DSeat heater relay
ELuggage compartment lamp timer relay
1(40A) Heated rear window
2(10A) Heated door mirrors
3(20A) Trunk lid opener
4(25A) Fuel filler flap opener
5(20A) Heated seats
6(15A) Trailer socket
7(30A) Power seat, right
8(25A) Power rear power windows
9(30A) Power seat, left

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User’s manual

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