Volkswagen Passat B7 fuse and relay

Volkswagen Passat B7 –  represents the 7th generation of the passat series. But at the same time, this is not a completely new model, in many ways it represents a deep restyling of the previous generation b6 . Even their interior is very similar. Produced in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. In our article you will find a designation of fuses and relays Volkswagen Passat B7 with photographs and box diagrams in which they are located. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter. We will also show the location of all electronic control units.

past b7

The purpose of fuses and relays, as well as their number, may differ from the one presented and depends on the configuration of your car and its year of manufacture.


Volkswagen-Passat-B7-vse bloki upravleniya


1ABS electronic control unit
2Air conditioner electronic control unit
3Auxiliary Heater Control Unit – Front Right Fender Interior
4Battery (some models)
5Battery (some models) – Left side of luggage compartment
6Diagnostic connector (DLC)
7Diagnostic unit
8Driver’s door control unit
9Rear left door electrical control unit
10Passenger door electrical control unit
11Rear right door electrical control unit
12Electronic engine control unit (ECM) – on the resonator of the intake system
13Electronic control unit 4WD – on the Haidex coupling
14Fuel pump control unit – under the rear right seat
15Fuse / relay box, engine compartment 1
16Fuse / relay box, engine compartment 2
17Fuse / relay box, engine compartment 3- under engine fuse / relay box 1
18Fuse / relay box, instrument cluster 1
19Fuse / relay box, instrument panel 2
20Fuse / relay box, instrument panel Z
21Fuse / relay box, instrument cluster 4
22Fuse / relay box, instrument panel 5
23Fuse / Relay Box, Luggage Compartment 1 – 3.6 FSI
24Fuse / Relay Box, Luggage Compartment 2- Stop & Start System
25Headlight range control unit
26Heater fan motor resistor – in the heater block
27Beep 1
28Beep 2
29Lane Departure Control Module 1 – Rear Bumper
30Lane Departure Control Unit 2 – Rear Bumper
31Multifunction control unit ^ Functions: Electric load control. Exterior lamps, footwell lamps, fuel pump, heated rear window, defrosted windscreen, turn signals / hazard warning lights, rear window wiper
32Multifunctional control unit 2- functions: Anti-theft system, central locking. drive for opening the fuel filler flap, immobilizer, Central locking remote control system, sunroof
33Ambient temperature sensor
35Parking brake control unit
36Power steering control unit – on the steering rack
37Seat heating control unit – under the driver’s seat
38Steering column electronics control unit – on the steering column
39Steering column lock control unit – on the steering column
40Stop-start system control unit
41SRS electronic control unit
42Suspension control unit – luggage compartment right
43Trailer control unit – left luggage compartment
44Electronic Transmission Control Unit (TCM) (DSG Transmission)
45Electronic Transmission Control Unit (TCM) (Automatic Transmission) – Inner Fender (Front Left)

Location of fuse and relay boxes


scheme for the trade wind b7


  1. Passenger side instrument panel fuse box
  2. Box next to the battery
  3. Box behind trim in luggage compartment
  4. Driver’s side instrument panel fuse box
  5. Relay boxes
  6. Fuse and relay box under the hood
  7. Main fuse box

Passenger compartment

Driver side fuse box

It is located in the left end of the instrument panel, behind the protective cover.

Photo for example

Salon block in b7


пР° Ñ ?? Ñ ?? Ð ° Ñ ?? Ð ± 6 Ð ± Ð »Ð¾Ðº в Ñ ?? Ð ° л оне Ñ ?? Ð »ÐµÐ²Ð ° до 2008


110A Rear window blinds, High pressure sensor, Air pollution sensor, Oil level and temperature sensor, Supply fan relay
25A ASR and ESP off button, AUTO HOLD button, ABS unit, Electromechanical parking brake control unit
310A Power supply relay, Crankcase ventilation heating resistor, Gas valve
410A Electronic damping control control unit, Diagnostic connector, Start-stop button, Adaptive cruise control control unit, Parking aid control unit, Trailer detection control unit, Park assist control unit, Front camera for driver assistance systems
510A Dimmer for switches and instrument cluster illumination, Headlight range control, Left headlight control unit
610A All-wheel drive control unit
75A Instrument Cluster Control Unit, Data Bus Diagnostic Interface
810A Right headlight control unit, right headlight range control actuator
910A Airbag control unit, Seat occupied recognition control unit, Front passenger airbag deactivation warning lamp
1010A Tiptronic switch, Air mass meter, Fuel pump control unit, Fuel pump control unit, Motronic power relay, Engine control unit, Starter relay
115A Emergency data logger key, Mirror with taximeter, Tachograph
1210A Driver’s door control unit, Front passenger door control unit, Comfort unit
1310A Light switch, diagnostic connector, selector, ABS control unit
1410A Alarm Siren
1510A Rain and light sensor, Heated rear window relay, Heated windscreen relay, Climatronic control unit, Air conditioning control unit, Rear view camera control unit,
Terminal and engine start control unit
1610A Electronic ignition lock, Electronic steering column lock control unit, Terminal enable and engine start control unit
1715A Driver’s door control unit, Driver’s side rear door control unit
183A Onboard supply control unit, Voltage stabilizer, Engine control unit, Power supply relay 2
197.5A Adaptive cruise control control unit, Park assist control unit, Lane departure warning control unit, Park assist control unit
205A Garage door opener control panel
2110A Rear curtain control unit
2220A Electromechanical parking brake control unit
2315A Trailer recognition control unit
2420A Electromechanical parking brake control unit
2520A Trailer recognition control unit
2620A Onboard supply control unit
2715 / 20A Fuel pump relay
2830A Rear door control unit, Convenience system central control unit
2920A Rear seat heating control unit
3020A Sliding sunroof control unit
3130A Inverter with socket, 12V – 230V
3230A Onboard supply control unit (heated rear window)
3330A Relay for headlight cleaning system, headlight washer pump
3425A Front seat heating control unit
3515A Tailgate control unit, Driver seat lumbar adjustment switch
3615A Switch for adjusting the lumbar support of the seat, Button for adjusting the angle of inclination of the seat cushion, Button for adjusting the position of the backrest, Trailer power relay
3720 / 30A Trailer detector control unit, Luggage compartment lid control unit 2
3840A Supply fan relay, Supply fan control unit, Climatronic
395 / 15A Multifunction switch (only for vehicles with 6-speed automatic transmission), Automatic transmission control unit, Reversing light switch, DSG gearbox mechatronic unit
4020A Second battery charging relay, Windscreen washer pump, Rear window wiper motor
4120A Cigarette lighter
4215A Socket 12V
4320A Additional heater control unit (only with a second battery)
4430A Driver and passenger door control unit
4520А Relay for operation in the autonomous heater mode (only in the presence of a second battery)
46Not used
4710A Telephone transceiver (only vehicles with start-stop system)
485A Control unit in the instrument cluster (only vehicles with start-stop system)
49Not used

The fuse number 41, 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter. And for the headlight washers – 33 to 30A.

Passenger side fuse box

Located in the right end of the dashboard, just like the left, it is covered with a protective cover.


block diagram in the cabin on the right


115 / 30A Tailgate control unit, Trailer detection control unit
215 / 30A Tailgate control unit 2, Trailer detection control unit
310 / 30A Sunroof blind control unit, Trailer detection control unit
415A BU for electronic damping control system
5Not used
6Not used
7Not used
8Not used
9Not used
10Not used
11Not used
12Not used
13Special vehicles
14Special vehicles
15Special vehicles
16Portable radio or flashlight charger
17Special vehicles
18Special vehicles
19Special vehicles
20Special vehicles
21Special vehicles
22Special vehicles
23Special vehicles
24Special vehicles

Relay boxes

They are located under the dashboard, on the driver’s side, behind the trim.

Photo for example

Photo relay box

Upper relay box


Passat b7 relay block diagram


1Supply fan relay (Climatic with auxiliary heater)
2Relay for auxiliary heater operation (Climatic with auxiliary heater)
3Relay for auxiliary heater operation (Diesel engine with auxiliary heater)
4Not used
5Coolant circulation relay after off Engine (1.8L / 2.0L TFSI only), Power Relay
6Relay for power supply terminal 50 (not for vehicles with start-stop system)
7Power supply relay 2 (not for vehicles with start-stop system)
8Power supply relay 2 (not for vehicles with start-stop system)

A and B – Thermal fuse for adjusting the position of the driver’s seat

Lower relay box


lower relay block Passat b7


1Heated rear window relay (645)
2Terminal 15 power supply relay (645)
3Dual tone horn relay (646), Headlamp cleaning relay (646)
4Trailer power relay (from May 2012)
5Relay for unloading contact X (644)

Please note that other relay elements can also be located separately, for example, the Relay for charging the second battery.

Engine compartment

The fuse and relay box is located on the left side of the engine compartment under the protective cover and consists of 2 sections: a mounting box and a section for high power main fuses. Not far from it is the relay communication unit.

Fuse box under the hood Passat B7

Mounting box

Type 1

photo example of a block under the hood b6


Block under the hood option 2 diagramAppointment

115A Block Mechatronik KP DSG
230A ABS control unit
320A Horn, Onboard supply control unit
420A Trailer recognition control unit
55A Control unit for battery monitoring, Onboard supply control unit
65A Automatic gearbox control unit, 15A DSG gearbox mechatronic unit
715A Control unit with display for TV and radio navigation system, Head unit, Control unit with display for radio navigation system, 30A Voltage stabilizer
830A DSG gearbox mechatronic unit
95A Steering column control unit
1020A Fuel pump relay (diesel only), Glow plug control unit, Ignition coils with output stage (cylinders 1 – 4)
115A Control unit in the instrument cluster (only vehicles with start-stop system)
125A Control unit for control electronics of a mobile phone, Antenna, TV tuner, Digital satellite.
1310A Power relay Motronic, Power relay cl. 30, Engine control unit
1425 / 30A Engine control unit
155 / 10A Data bus diagnostic interface
1615A Relay for pumping coolant after off. engine, 10A Exhaust gas recirculation valve, Solenoid valve for boost pressure limitation, Lambda probe heating element
1740A Low power heating relay, Coolant circulation pump, Shut-off and safety valve for 1 gas cylinder
1810/15 / 30A Fuel quality sensor, High pressure valve for gas operation
1930A Amplifier
205A Additional fuel pump relay, Radiator fan control unit, Glow plug control unit, 10A Clutch pedal position sensor, Variable valve timing valve 1, 15A Fuel pressure regulator
2120A Additional heater control unit
2230A wiper motor control unit
235A Magnetic field sensor for compass, Glow plug control unit, 10A Electronically controlled engine cooling thermostat, Radiator fan control unit, Air / intake flap motor, Heating element lambda probe, valve timing and manifold
2410 / 15A Nitrogen oxide emission sensor control unit, Lambda probe heater
2540A Onboard supply control unit, Dipped beam, High beam, Dimensions
2640A Onboard supply control unit, Dipped beam, High beam, Dimensions
2760A Heated windshield element
2840 / 50A Secondary air pump motor, Glow plug control unit
2950A Control unit for onboard fuse supply, Contact relief relay X
3050A Onboard fuse network control unit

Type 2

Block under the hood option 1


Block under the hood option 1 diagram


15 / 15A Automatic gearbox control unit, DSG mechatronic unit
230A ABS control unit
320A Convenience system central control unit, Trailer recognition control unit
45A Onboard supply control unit
520A Sound signal
620A Ignition coils with output stages
715A Fuel pressure regulator, 5A Clutch pedal position sensor
810A Radiator fan control unit, Timing valve, Ejection pump valve, Intake manifold flap valve
95A Circulation pump relay
1010A Power relay 2 Motronic, lambda probe heating element
1125 / 30A Engine control unit
12Not used
13Not used
14Not used
1510A Circulation pump
165A Steering column control unit
175A Instrument cluster control unit
1830A Amplifier, Control unit for special vehicles
1915 / 20А Head unit, Control unit with display of radio navigation system
2020A Mobile phone, TV, digital satellite
2110A TV Tuner, Digital Satellite Radio Tuner
227.5A Multimedia system control unit
2310A Radiator fan control unit, 5A Magnetic field sensor for compass
245 / 10A Data bus diagnostic interface
25Not used
2610A Engine Control Unit, Motronic Power Relay
27Not used
28Not used
29Not used
3020A Additional heater control unit
3130A wiper motor control unit
3210A Boost pressure valve
3315A Fuel pressure regulator, Lambda probe heating element
34Not used
3520A Relay for auxiliary heater operation
36Not used
37Not used
38Not used
39Not used
40Not used
41Not used
42Not used
43Not used
4410A Diagnostic pump of the fuel system
4510A Lambda Sensor
4610A Heating element for lambda probe 1 after catalyst
4740A Onboard supply control unit, dipped headlights, side lights
4840A Onboard supply control unit, dipped headlights, side lights
49Onboard fuse supply control unit
50Not used
5160A Relay of high power heating
5260A Heated windshield element
5350A Onboard supply control unit, Left fuse box
5450А Э / motor for additional air supply, Glow plug relay


  • A1 – Relay for gas shut-off valves
  • A2 – Relay for pumping coolant after off. engine
  • A3 – Reserve
  • A4 – Main relay

Main fuse box

It consists of high power fuses in the form of fusible links.

Type 1


Main fuses 1


1150 / 180A – Generator
280A Electric motor for electric power steering
350 / 80A Radiator fan control unit
480 / 100A Thermal fuse 1 seat adjustment, Fuse box left / right
580A Right Fuse Box (up to April 2008), Driver’s Seat Adjustment Thermal Fuse 1
680 / 100A Fuse box left / right
740A ABS control unit

Type 2


Main fuses 2


1150A – Generator
280A Electric motor for electric power steering
350 / 80A Radiator fan control unit
460A Thermal Fuse 1 Seat Adjustment, Left / Right Fuse Box
560 / 80A Thermal fuse 1 seat adjustment, Fuse box left / right
680 / 100A Fuse box left / right
760А Second battery charging cable, 100А – heating element of additional air heater, Relay of high heating power
840A ABS control unit

Relay box


Relay block diagram under the hood

Protected components

1Starter relay 1 (643) – only for vehicles with start-stop system
2Glow plug control unit (457)
3Not used
4Low power relay (53)
5High power heating relay (100)
6Starter relay 2 (489) – only for vehicles with start-stop system

A separate heated windscreen relay can be located in the plenum chamber next to the engine control unit.

Heated windshield relay

Luggage compartment

Some models with a battery installed in the luggage compartment have additional protection elements in the form of fuses and relays.

block in the trunk


130A Fuse box left / right
280A Fuses in the switching unit
3125A Power supply of the switching unit
45A Onboard supply control unit

In the left part of the luggage compartment behind the side lining, several relay elements can be located: 70A – Limousine, 60A – Variant

1 relay


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That’s all. We hope that this material was useful to you. And if you have something to add, write in the comments.

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  • where is the relay for a 2012 vw passat a/c

  • I have a 2013 Volkswagen Passat S. From all the pictures and diagrams not one matches the fuse box under the hood. I’m trying to figure out where the horn relay is. I don’t have the relays in the lower section on the driver’s side. What’s there is a little storage compartment like a little glove box. As I said earlier nothing you have matches where I’m assuming is the fuse and relay box. There are some things that look like maybe relays but can’t find anything that matches my car

  • Hello and thanks for the site. I have a problem with an electronic towbar on a Passat 2013 that wont go in and suspect that it could be the fuse. Do you know wich fuse that could be?


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