Suzuki Ignis – fuse and relay

Suzuki Ignis due to the increased ground clearance is a mini – SUV. Produced from 2000 to the present in three generations. In our material you will find a designation of the Suzuki Ignis fuse boxes and relays produced in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. We will show you where the fuse boxes are located and their diagrams. Highlight the cigarette lighter fuse.

Suzuki Ignis

The current fuse and relay assignment for your vehicle will be printed on the box cover. Check the description.

Passenger compartment

It is located under the dashboard on the driver’s side.

Type 1


Block cover in salon suzui ignis


  • 15A CIGAR – cigarette lighter
  • 15A ACC – air conditioner
  • 10A ABS – ABS
  • 15A WIPER WASHER is like a sprinkler
  • 15A TURN BACK – reverse
  • 15A IG METER – Ignition
  • 15A AIR BAG – airbags
  • 30A POWER WINDOW is a power mirrors
  • FUSE PULLER – fuse puller
  • 30A – P / S – electric power steering
  • 15A SEAT HEATER – seat heating
  • 15A HORN HAZARD – alarm
  • 15A RADIO DOME – radio, lounge
  • 10A TAIL – rear lights
  • 10A STOP – brake lights
  • 20A DOOR LOCK – door lock motors
  • 15A REAR DEFG – rear heated glass
  • 25A HEATER – heater

Type 2

Photo for example

Photo of the block in salon 2

DiagramBlock diagram in the cabin


1210A Compressor Relay, Air Conditioning Fan Relay, Heated Mirror Switch, Fan Motor Relay, Fan Motor Relay (Hi)
1315A Heated seat
1420A Rear window heating switch (station wagon) or Rear window heating relay
1515A ECM, Data connector, Instrument cluster, Spotlights, Interior light, Trunk lighting, Stereo, TCM
1610A Rear Fog Lamp, Rear Fog Lamp Switch, Rear Fog Lamp Controller
1710A Alarm
1815A Reserve
1910А Relay H / T (Headlight / Tail) or Dimensions (Tail), illumination of devices and license plates
2020A Central locking
2215A Electronic control unit SRS
2315A Alternator, Ignition Coils
2410A Door Lock Controller, Emergency Light Switch, Back-up Light Switch, Gear Shift Sensor, Handle Mode, Mode Control Switch
2515A Wipers, Windshield wiper motor, Headlamp position actuator (L), Headlight position actuator (R), Headlight position switch, Switch combination, Rear wiper relay, Rear wiper motor
2610A ABS electronic control unit
2710A Instrument cluster
2815A Cigarette lighter fuse, Mirror switch power supply, Radio tape recorder, Antenna amplifier
2915A Accessory power connector

Fuse number 28 at 15A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Separately, outside the unit, under the panel there may be some relays: a rear window heating relay (green), a heater fan relay and others, as well as a fuse for power windows and a power steering control unit – at 30A.

Relay in salon Suzuki Liana

Engine compartment

It is located next to the battery, under a protective cover, on which the current diagram will be applied.

Block under the hood suzuki


Block diagram under the hood of Suzuki Liana


  1. 80A Battery, Alternator, All Circuits
  2. 60A Ignition switch
  3. 60A Fuse Box, Engine Compartment Fuse Box
  4. 60A ABS. Drive and Control Unit
  5. 30A Fan relay
  6. 15A Instrument cluster, Headlight – right headlight (R)
  7. 15A Headlight – left headlight (L)
  8. 30A Radiator fan control relay # 1 Radiator fan control relay # 2
  9. 20A Compressor relay, A / C fan relay
  10. 15A Main relay
  11. 15A Brake light switch

Separately, at the battery terminal, there may be a main distribution fuse.

Main fuse

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  • Hello, mine doesn’t have a no. 18 fuse in the cab box. It’s not listed on the label, nor is there any connection for it in the fuse box. So where is the reverse light fuse?

  • Muchísima gracias por la información. Es muy útil para encontrar los fusible con desperfecto o bañado rápidamente.

  • Thank you for this information. I needed to find out if mijn ‘cigar’ fuse was still working, It was. so it’s probably the cable.

  • Could you tell me where is the turning indicator/ Hazard relay located in Suzuki ignis patrol 1.3 patrol?
    Suddenly turning indicator/Hazard is not working.
    Checked fuses, all indicator bulbs, Hazard S.w. Steering Column stalk S.W, Two small relays on the steel bracket of the hood open handle, all OK.
    Is it caused by somewhere grounded or some terminal contacts are corrosion?
    But I still couldn’t identify where is the relay located for turning/hazard.

  • please explain relays 1 to 6. thanks!

  • Hello ,my wife has a suzuki ignis G reg ,her interior time clock has gone blank it seems to have no power so I’m assuming maybe a fuse,bus i can not for the life of me find where that could be located, if possible please could you point me in the right direction. All the best Adam Hutchins.

  • I have 2001 Suzuki grand Vitara 4 WD 5 Lt and I want to know where the starter relay is

  • Is any fuel pump relay for suzuki ignis 2005? If there is, where’s the location?

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