Renault Arkana fuse and relay

Renault Arkana compact crossover was produced in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024. In our material, we will present a description of the Renault Arkan fuses and relays with fuse box diagrams, their locations and photo examples of performance. Select the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Renault Arkana

The purpose of the fuses and relays may be different depending on the year of manufacture, the region of delivery and the level of electrical equipment of your car.

Passenger compartment

In the passenger compartment, the fuse and relay box is located under the instrument panel on the left side behind the protective cover. To access, remove the protective cover. The fuse box itself will look something like this.


Check the assignment with your diagrams on the back of the block cover.





F130A Front door power windows.
F725A Subwoofer
F830A Power windows, rear doors.
F910A Heated steering wheel.
F1120A Central locking of all 4 doors.
F125A Clutch pedal position sensor, immobilizer receiver ring – in modification with a key. Fuse for the ABS control unit and the stabilization system of the trajectory of motion.
F1310A Interior lamps, climate control ECU.
F145A Rain and light sensor, child safety relay control – rear power window lock.
F1515A UCH, windshield wiper and washer.
F1625A Hands free ECU, CAN master gateway, surround cameras, heated seats.
F187.5A Only for cars with a key – brake light
F195A injection
F205A SRS unit
F217.5A 4WD ECU, reversing light
F235A Interior heater element, standard parking sensors ECU, seat belt not fastened indicator, rear window heating, headlight range control, windshield heating.
F2415A Fuse supply F12, F13, F14, F36
F255A Power consumption ECU, telemetry ECU, CAN master gateway
F2615A Rear lights, automatic transmission selector, electric exterior mirrors
F2720A Power supply for towbar wiring matching unit
F2820A Fuse supply circuit F32-F33
F3025A Headlights, cruise control, rear PTF, rear power windows, 4WD switch, license plate light, blind spot monitoring system, climate control panel, cigarette lighter, exterior mirror switch power supply.
F315A Instrument panel
F327.5A Electric heater fan
F3315A Cigarette lighter
F3425A Diagnostic socket, audio system
F355A Power outside mirrors
F365A Power outside mirrors
F3730A For cars with key – starter
F3830A Windshield wiper
F3940A For cars with Start-Stop button – control of the relay of consumers of electricity.
F4015A Horn relay, hands-free access system control unit.
F4130A Driver’s window closer.
F425A four-wheel drive
F4620A Post-ignition relay, power consumption computer, fuses F19-F23 supply.
F477.5A For vehicles without a key – brake light.
F4815A Heated seats
F4925A Headlights and fog lights.

The fuse number 33 at 15A is responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter.


  • A (70A) – power window switch.
  • A (20A) – time relay “+” battery.
  • B (20A) – horn relay.
  • A (40A) – heater fan relay.
  • A (40A) – heated rear window.

Engine compartment

Fuse and relay box

This fuse and relay box is located next to the battery. To remove the cover, you need to open the cover latches on the sides.

Photo – example

photo 2


Diagram 2


Ef15A Heated washer nozzles 7.5A Electrical control unit
Ef325/30A ABS/ESP control unit
Ef440A Rear defroster, exterior mirror defrosters, fuse circuits F38 and F47
Ef520A/70A Passenger compartment fuse/relay box, fuse circuits F5/ F23/ F24/ F25/ F26/ F27/ F42/ F44
Ef680A Fuse box and relay in the cabin, Heater heater relay
Ef750A ABS/ESP control unit / 50A Power supply for fuse F7, F9 in cabin unit
Ef980A Additional heater
Ef1040A Heated windshield, right side
Ef1140A Heated windshield, left side
Ef1230A Starter
Ef1315A Automatic transmission control unit
Ef1425A injection ECU and engine circuit protection, F5 fuse supply, engine injectors, fuel gauge, fuel pump, ignition coils
Ef1515A A/C compressor clutch relay, A/C compressor clutch
Ef1650A Cooling fan
Ef1740A Automatic transmission fluid cooling fan*3
Ef1880A Electric power steering pump
Ef2315A Engine management system, Fan control unit, A/C compressor relay control.
DAC compressor clutch diode


Er1Starter relay
Er1Reverse light relay
Er2Burglar Siren Relay
Er3Starter relay
Er3Fluid Cooling Fan Relay
Er3Reverse light relay
Er4Main relay of the engine management system
Er5A/C Compressor Magnetic Clutch Relay
Er6Fuel pump relay

Power fuse box

A high power fuse box is installed on the positive terminal of the battery.

photo 3

fusible fuse box


Diagram 3


F1200A Power supply for fuses F1-F7 in the fuse box under the hood.
F2300A Generator, starter
F380A Electric power steering
F480A Interior fuse supply
F550A ABS and Trajectory Stability Systems
F680A Interior fuse supply
F77.5A UCH supply


Have something to add? For example, how best to remove the cover from the fuse box under the hood – write in the comments.

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