Peugeot 406 – fuse and relay

Peugeot 406 was produced in sedan, station wagon and coupe bodies in 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. During this period, the car received a restyling. It took place in several stages. Transitional models were immediately produced, and from 2001 a series with a completely new multiplex wiring went. Therefore, there are several box execution diagrams. We will show the most common variants of Peugeot 406 fuse boxes, their diagrams with a designation, highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

peugeot 406 picture

Engine compartment

Under the hood, they can be located not only in one box and depends on the equipment and year of manufacture of the car.

Type 1

Where is this box, see the photos.

location of blocks under the hood of Peugeot 406


General block diagram under the hood


FM150A Anti-theft system
FM250A Anti-theft system (circuit from the ignition switch)
FM350A Power supply for main fuse box
FM450A Light Switch
FM620 / 40A Fan 1
FM720 / 40A Fan 2
FM840A Electric glass heater
210A Automatic transmission ECU, automatic transmission shift lever position selector
325A ABS
420A Running engine
515A Dual relay 12-valve turbo diesel 2.1 liter and V6 24-valve 2.0 liter turbocharged with fuel injection, ECU of the engine V6 2 liters with turbocharger and fuel injection
610A Buzzer
715A Headlight Washer Timer
910A Lambda Sensor
1010A fuel pump
1210A Left fog lamp
1410A Left high beam headlamp
1510A Right high beam headlamp

Type 2


406-photo of the block under the hood option 2


110A Reversing lights, double injection relay, oil temperature sensor, oil level sensor, air conditioning compressor.
215A Fuel pump, fuel vapor recovery solenoid valve
310A Electronic unit
410A Engine and automatic transmission computer.
510A Particulate filter computer (FAP), rear wiper relay.
615A Front fog lamps.
720A Headlight washers
820A Direct injection petrol engine computer, Clutch pedal
915A Left low beam headlamp
1015A Right low beam headlamp
1110A Left high beam headlamp.
1210A Right high beam headlamp.
1315A Buzzer
1410A Windscreen and rear window washer pump
1530A Ignition coil, wiper, oxygen sensor, oil pressure sensor, injection system.
1630A Compressor, oil temperature gauge, oil level gauge, brake lights, generator, diesel water ingress sensor, injection computer control relay.
1730A Electrical adjustment of the passenger seat.
1840A A / C fan, starter, low speed windshield wiper

Type 3


block diagram under the hood option 1

Circuits protected

110Reversing lights, double injection relay, oil temperature sensor, oil level sensor, air conditioning compressor.
215Fuel pump, fuel vapor recovery solenoid valve
310The electronic unit.
410Engine and automatic transmission computer.
510Particulate filter computer (FAP), rear wiper relay.
615Front fog lights.
720Headlight washers.
820Direct injection petrol engine computer, Clutch pedal.
915Left low beam headlamp.
1015Right-hand dipped beam headlamp.
1110Left high beam headlamp.
1210Right high beam headlamp.
1315Sound signal.
1410Windscreen and rear window washer pump.
1530Ignition coil, wiper, oxygen sensor, oil pressure sensor, injection system.
1630Compressor, oil temperature sensor, oil level sensor, brake lights, generator, water ingress sensor in diesel fuel, injection computer control relay.
1730Electric adjustment of the position of the passenger seat.
1840Air conditioning fan, starter, low speed windshield wiper.


Most of the relays are located in the relay and fuse box in the engine compartment or at the bottom of the dashboard on the driver’s side, with the exception of the following: sunroof relay, wiper relay, radiator fan relay.

Passenger compartment

To access, turn the corresponding screws, and if there is a lever, pull on it.block in Peugeot 406 saloon

Type 1


406-photo block option 1


20 / 30A Cigarette lighter
10A Radiator fluid level sensor, fuel filter water presence sensor (diesel engine), power supply to the circuit after engine start, instrument panel, trip computer, electronic anti-theft system, power steering, electronic control unit (ECU) for catalyst heating, interface speed control unit
10A ECU and electronic suspension control switch
5A Front left, rear right side lights
10A Headlamp control, headlamp washers, illumination of the low beam indicator on the instrument panel, right side lights
15A ECU automatic transmission, gear engaged sensor
20A Trailer harness
5A Front right, rear left side lights, light-on-forgotten reminder buzzer
30A Seat memory power supply circuit
30A Front left seat
15A Reversing light, air conditioning, alarm ECU, siren, brake lights, electric door lock relay
30A Front right seat
30A Rear power window
20A Central locking ECU, radio memory, fan relay, Bitron dual relay, seat memory ECU, anti-theft alarm ECU, anti-theft alarm relay supply circuit, infrared and radio remote control units
10A Radio
5A Rear fog lamp
5A Illumination of interior lighting switches, illumination of the control panel, instrument panel and rheostat
10A Left low beam headlamp
10A Compressor cut-off relay, compressor, pressure switch, daytime running lights, maximum fan speed relay, air conditioning control, interior temperature sensor
20A Rear window wiper
30A Windshield wiper control, windshield wiper motor, windshield wiper timer, heated rear window timer, cruise control switch – cruise control deactivation sensor located on the brake pedal
10A Automatic transmission ECU, gear shift sensor, clock, trip computer, electronic anti-theft system, engine management, lights, volumetric switch and anti-theft warning system


15A Hazard Switch
30A Power window front door
10A Instrument panel, digital clock, rearview mirror adjustment actuator, folding rearview mirror adjustment actuator, electric front door window regulator, seat memory ECU, full lock ECU, window recloser relay, sunroof, trip computer


30A Electric glass front door lift, sunroof
15A Front and rear position lights, glove compartment light, hazard warning switch, CD player, overspeed buzzer, electric lock, vanity mirror light

Fuse number 1 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Type 2


Photo block diagram in the cabin Option 2


1Shnut – Common for airbags
25A Ventilation system control unit.
310A Instrument panel.
45A Signal + after ignition on for intelligent switching unit.
5Not used.
610A Steering column switches.
715A Alarm siren.
810A On-board navigation system.
95A Signal + battery for intelligent switch box.
1015A Car radio.
1110A Third brake light.
1210A Right brake light.
1320A Driver’s door power window.
1430A Power supply for rear power window.
15+ battery of the towing device connector.
1620A Memorizing seat adjustments.
1720A Electrical adjustment of the passenger seat.
1810A Cigarette lighter illumination, display, switch illumination, ashtray,
automatic transmission selector .
1910A Rear fog lamps.
2010A Rear right and front left side lights.
2110A Rear left and front right side lamps.
2210A Glove box lighting, spotlight, vanity mirror, front and rear lampshades, window regulator lights, interior auto-dimming rearview mirror.
2320A Cigarette lighter.
24Not used
2520A Car radio.
26Not used
275A Rear power window relay.
2815A Electric seat heaters.
R15A Spare fuse.
R210A Spare fuse.
R330A Spare fuse.
R420A Spare fuse.
R515A Spare fuse.

Type 3


Block diagram in Peugeot 406 restyling


F1ShuntBelt tensioner, airbags
F25AAir thermistor, ventilation control system
F310AStop lights. clutch pedal, instrument panel, cruise control system, passenger airbag deactivation
F45Aignition lock for the built-in diagnostic system
F610AThe engine control unit
F715AAnti-theft alarm
F810ADisplay, interior lighting, seat memory, satellite navigation, luggage compartment lamp, anti-theft alarm LED
F95A(+) battery for the built-in diagnostic system
F1015ACar radio
F1110ALeft brake light, upper brake light
F1210ARight brake light
F1320APower window driver’s door
F14З0АPower windows for rear doors
F15(+) battery for trailer connector
F1620AElectric drive and memory of the driver’s seat
F1720APower driver’s seat
F1810ALight switch
F1910ARear fog lights
F2210AInterior lighting, rain sensor, seat memory
F2320APeugeot 406 cigarette lighter fuse
F2520AFront and rear wipers / washers
F275A(+) ignition lock for the built-in diagnostic system
F2910AHigh beam left headlight
F3010ARight headlight high beam, high beam warning lamp
F3110ALeft headlight low beam
F3210ARight headlight low beam, low beam warning lamp
F3410AFront left and rear right side light
F3510AFront right and rear left side light, license plate lamps, cruise control system

In this version, the fuse number 23, 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

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