Peugeot Boxer 3G – fuse and relay

Peugeot Boxer was launched back in 1994. A huge number of different versions, 3-seater cab, economical and not whimsical engines, made this model very popular on the market. We will show fuse and relay box diagrams with descriptions for peugeot boxer 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

boxer 3

Engine compartment

Fuse and relay box

The main fuse box is located on the left side, under a protective cover.

the location of the fuse box under the hood


block diagram with fuses and relays under the hood

Depending on the year of manufacture, several options for the arrangement of elements are possible.

Designation – Type 1

140Power supply unit of the ABS / ESP system
250ECU for diesel engine preheating
330Ignition lock contact
420Programmable heating burner
520/50Relay for programmable heating system controls
640/60Cooling fan (high speed)
740/50/60Cooling fan (low speed)
840Air conditioner
920Windshield washer pump
1015Sound signal
1115ECU and relay for diesel preheating system
147.5High beam headlamp, right
157.5High beam headlamp, left
167.5Engine ECU
1710Engine ECU
187.5Engine ECU
197.5Air conditioner compressor
2030Headlight washer pump
2115Fuel pump power supply circuit
2220Engine ECU
2330Power supply circuit for ABS / ESP valves
247.5Mirror control unit
3015Front fog lights

fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter

Designation – Type 2

140ABS pump power supply
250ECU for diesel engine preheating
330Ignition switch contact – Starter
420Heating of diesel fuel
520/50Interior ventilation with additional programmable heating (+ battery)
640/60Interior fan, max. speed (+ battery)
740/50/60Interior fan, min. speed (+ battery)
840Interior fan (+ key)
915Rear 12V socket (+ battery)
1015Sound signal
11Not used
1415Front 12V socket (+ battery)
1515Cigarette lighter  (+ battery)
16Not used
17Not used
187.5Engine processor (+ battery)
197.5Air conditioner compressor
2030Windscreen / headlight washer pump
2115Fuel pump power supply circuit
22Not used
2330ABS solenoid valves
247.5Additional control panel – Folding outside rearview mirrors (+ key)
3015Heated exterior mirrors

Here, fuses number 9, 14, 15 are responsible for the cigarette lighter and usb charging. Otherwise, they are in the cabin.

Separately, we note the fuse responsible for Webasto (diesel fuel heating) – No. 4.

fuse webasto peugeot jumper

There will be a relay inside the boxt. Their number and location may differ in different modifications of the Peugeot boxer car.

  • R1 Horn relay
  • R2 Fog lamp relay
  • R3 High beam headlamp relay
  • R4 Front washer pump relay
  • R5 Relay for air conditioning system
  • R6 Free
  • R7 Fuel pump relay
  • R8 Power relay for low speed electric fan
  • R9 Power relay for high speed electric fan
  • R10 Engine control computer relay
  • R11 Air conditioner compressor relay
  • R12 Headlight washer pump relay

Battery fuses

There must be a high power fuse on one of the battery terminals. You can see their location and an example of replacing the battery in this video.

Passenger compartment

Dashboard fuse box

Inside the car, on the lower left side, behind the protective cover, there is another fuse box.

Location of the fuse box in the passenger compartmentDiagram (Type 1)
block diagram in the dashboard option 1

127.5Low beam headlamp, right
137.5Low beam headlamp, left
315Engine Compartment Processor Relay – Instrument Panel Processor Relay (+ Key)
327.5Interior lighting (+ battery)
337.5Battery monitoring sensor on the “stop-start” version (+ battery)
347.5Minibus Interior Lighting – Hazard Lights
3610Car radio – Air conditioning control – Burglar alarm – Chronotachograph – Battery switch processor – Additional heating programmer (+ battery)
377.5Brake light switch – Third brake light – Instrument panel (+ key)
3820central locking
425Microprocessor and ABS sensor – ASR sensor – CDS sensor – Brake light switch
4320Windshield wiper (+ key)
4720Driver’s side window regulator
4820Passenger side window lifter
495Parking aid processor – Car radio – Steering wheel switches – Center and side control panels – Additional control panel – Battery breaker processor (+ key)
507.5Airbag and pretensioner processor
515Chronotachograph – Power steering processor – Air conditioning – Reversing lights – Water filter in diesel fuel filter – Flow sensor (+ key)
537.5Instrument cluster
89Not used
907.5High beam headlamp, left
917.5High beam headlamp, right
927.5Fog lamp left
937.5Fog lamp right

Real photo of the box

photo of the unit in the cabin

Diagram (Type 2)block diagram in a block in the dashboard option 2


127.5Low beam headlamp, right
137.5Left low beam headlamp – Headlight range control
317.5Relay power
3210Minibus Interior Lighting – Hazard Signals
3315Rear 12V electrical outlet
34Not used
357.5Reversing lights – Diesel water sensor 
3620Control unit for unlocking / locking door locks
3615Central locking – Battery
Brake Light Switch – Third Brake Light – Instrument Cluster
3810Electrical relays
3910Car radio – Diagnostic socket – Alarm siren – Programmable heating controls – Air conditioning control panel – Chronotachograph – Battery
4015Heating: rear window (left side), rearview mirror (driver’s side)
4115Heating: rear window (right side), rearview mirror (passenger side)
427.5Microprocessor and ABS sensor – ESP sensor – Brake light switch – ESR sensor – DSC sensor
4330Windshield wiper motor
4420Cigar Lighter  – Front 12V Electrical Outlet
457.5Power Window & Mirrors Switch (Driver Side) – Power Window, Passenger Side
46Not used
4720Driver’s side power window motor
4820Passenger side power window motor
497.5Rain / Light sensor – Car radio – Driver’s side power window motor – – Burglar alarm – Controls
507.5ECU for airbags and pretensioners
517.5Chronotachograph – Speed ​​controller – Air conditioning control panel
527.5Interior electrical relay
537.5Instrument Cluster – Rear Fog Lights

For the cigarette lighter fuse 44 20A is responsible.

Passenger seat box

location of the unit in the cabin next to the passenger

Depending on the configuration and the year of manufacture, a different version of this box is possible.

Diagram – type 1

diagram of the fuse box next to the passenger seat type 1


54Not used
5515A Heated seats
5615A 12V electrical outlet for rear passengers
5710A Additional heating under the seat
5815A Heated rear left glass
5915A Heated rear right glass
60Not used
61Not used
62Not used
6310A Control of additional heating for rear passengers
64Not used
6530A Fan for additional heating system for rear passengers

Diagram – Type 2

ema of the block near the passenger seat 1


T25Internal lighting
T66Cigarette lighter relay
T30Relay dimensions
T31Additional heater under the seat
F54(10A) Air conditioning / heater
F55(15A) Heated seats
F57(10A) Air conditioning / heater
F58(10A) Low beam headlights
F59(7.5A) Active suspension system
F60(10A) Air conditioning / heater
F61(30A) Air conditioning / heater


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  • I am trying to find a relay. it is for a peugeot boxer is 50amp the black one in the fuse box right of the stearing wheel as in diagram type2. Can you help.many thanks.

  • I’m trying to find fuse for boxer 2015 number plate light but all the sites i go on don’t mention number plate light could you please advice

    • There is no separate fuse for the number plate light. Check, usually the light turns on with the tail light..

  • please could you tell me where the fuse for the heater demister is located on a 2009 peugeot boxer motor home i’ve looked in the door pillar but to no avail.i’ve looked on various websites but nothing was would be much appreciated

  • En el boxer donde la caja de fusible es 1 cual es el fusible de la toma de diagnostico

  • My speedo and rev counter are not working, is it a fuse or a relay, and where is it sited.?

  • Does anybody no we’re the fuse board with relays on it it’s a 1997 mk1 citreon relay iv already checked the fuse board in the glove compartment and can’t find the other with the relays on it cheers

  • Does a 2013 Citroen relay have a relay for the window screen wipers ?

  • Where is the third fuse box because its not it the right hand door pillar?

  • I have peugeot boxer 2020 diesel no any communication I changed battery but no supply coming in ignition switch any 1 have diagram please help me

  • Hi,
    I have a 2007 Autosleeper Nuevo motorhome on a Peugeot Boxer base.
    Rear tail-lights are not working although both bulbs appear ok. I cannot find a reference to a fuse position on any diagrams. Wondered if you could give me some advice on what may be the problem?

  • My speedometer and rev counter have stopped working could it b a fuse if so we’re can I find it

  • I have a 1995 Peugeot Boxer 320 LWB van as a campervan. It’s a new vehicle to me and the indicators and hazard warning lights do not work. The only fuse box I’ve found is in the bottom of the glove box but no fuse for the indicators in there. Is there another fuse box and where would it be?

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