Chery A5 fuse and relay

Chery Fora A21 was produced in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 with an engine capacity of 1.5 liters, 1.6 liters. and 2.0 liters. Also known as Chery Elara and Chery A5. In this article you will find a description of fuses and relays by Chery Fora with fuse box diagrams and their locations. Select the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Chery A5 Fora

The purpose of the fuses and relays may differ from those shown. Check the information with your diagrams on the cover of the blocks.

Passenger compartment

On the driver’s side, at the bottom of the instrument panel, fuses are installed in the comfort unit (ISU). For access, you need to remove the lower protection by unscrewing 2 fasteners.


Photo diagram

Diagram chery a5


FF130A Power windows of the front doors of the driver and passenger
FF27.5A Obogrev side rear-view mirrors
FF37.5A Illumination of the glove compartment (glove box), visor, ignition lock
FF410A Signal (beep, klaxon)
FF515A Central lock
FF65A Front fog lights (PTF)
FF715A Dimensions, interior button illumination, brightness adjustment
FF1210A Radio (with ignition switch)
5 АReserve

Luggage compartment

Behind the left trim, in the luggage compartment, on the rear comfort unit (ISU), there is another compartment with fuses.


The fuse box itself will look something like this.




FR125A Heated / heated rear window
FR415A Lighting in the trunk and rear fog lights
FR515A Reversing lights and direction indicators (turn signals), number plate light, trunk lid lock motor
FR315A Brake lights, auxiliary/auxiliary brake light
FR230A Power windows rear doors

Engine compartment

Fuse and relay box

On the left side, next to the battery, is the main fuse and relay box.





15A ABS brake system, brake control unit (ABS ECU)
27.5A Power side mirrors (POWER MIRRORS)
37.5A Instrument panel, ISU unit under the steering column (CLUSTER, ISU)
45A Airbags SRS Airbag (system power) (AIRbag Power)
515A Heated / heated front seats (SEATS WARMER)
65A Spare (reserve) (SPARE)
715A Wipers (wiper) and Windshield washer (WIPER)
810A ECU electronic engine control unit (EMS)
97.5A Spare (reserve) / Automatic Gearbox (TCU DP0)
1010A Air conditioning and heating system (HVAC)
117.5A Oxygen concentration sensor – upper (lambda probe up to cat.) (H2OS Up)
127.5A Oxygen concentration sensor – lower (lambda probe after cat.) (H2OS Down)
1330A ECU electronic engine control unit (EMS)
1430A Starter (STARTER Motor)
1530A Stove Fan (HVAC BLOWER)
1630A Automatic transmission TCU (CVT) or reserve
1715A Dipped beam – right headlight (RL BEAM)
187.5A Power supply of the relay of the electronic control unit of the computer (EMS RLY POWER)
1915A Gasoline pump (fuel pump) (FUEL PUMP)
2020A Sunroof (electric) (SUNROOF)
2110A Spare (reserve) (SPARE)
225A Spare (reserve) or automatic transmission on a car with automatic box Gear (TCU DP0)
2340A ABS brake system (abs, hydraulic pump) (ABS PUMP)
2440A ABS brake system (abs electronic module EBCM)
2530A Cigarette lighter (CIG POWER Outlet)
2630A Spare (reserve) (SPARE)
2715A Air conditioning compressor (AC Compressor)
2830A Power front seats (seat adjustment) (Power Seats)
297.5A Instrument panel / instrument cluster (Instrument Cluster)
3015A Radio (RADIO)
315A Ignition Switch
3260A Spare (reserve) (SPARE)
3310A High beam – left headlight (LH BEAM)
3410A High beam – right headlight (RH BEAM)
3515A Dipped beam – left headlight (LL BEAM)
R1ECU relay – electronic engine control unit (EMS RELAY)
R2Spare relay (reserve) (SPARE)
R3Starter Relay (STARTER Motor RLY)
R4Spare relay (reserve); on cars with automatic transmission – automatic transmission TCU relay (TCU CVT RLY)
R5Ignition relay (ON IGNITION RLY)
R6Relay for supplying equipment / consumers of cars (ACC RLY)
R7Fuel Pump Relay (FUEL PUMP RLY)
R8Air Conditioning Relay (A/C Comperssor RLY)
R9Stove and air conditioning fan relay (heating and air conditioning system) (HVAC BLOWER RLY)
R10Relay high beam headlights (20A) (HIGH BEAM)
R11Low beam relay (20A) (LOW BEAM)

The number 25 fuse is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Power fuse box

A high power fuse box is installed on the positive terminal of the battery.




Type 1

  1. 150A Generator, Starter, common plus of all circuits, Ignition coil
  2. 80A On the fuse block under the hood
  3. 80A Front ISU comfort unit (under the steering column)
  4. 50A ISU rear comfort unit (in the trunk)
  5. 40A Radiator fans (engine cooling system)
  6. 40A Spare

Type 2

  1. 120A Generator, Starter, common plus of all circuits, Ignition coil
  2. 80A For front ISU comfort unit
  3. 80A ISU rear comfort unit (in the trunk)
  4. 50A Seat heating
  5. 40A Spare
  6. 40A Radiator fans (engine cooling system), controller

A, B, C are spares.


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