Gazelle Next (Ceylan Sonraki) – fuse and relay

Gazelle Next is a family of Russian small-tonnage cars and minibuses produced in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and up to the present. Also known as Ceylan Sonraki. In this publication you will find a description of the Gazelle Next fuses and relays with box diagrams and their locations. Note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter. In conclusion, you can familiarize yourself with the full instruction manual for Gazelle Next.

Gazelle Next

Passenger compartment

It is located in the passenger compartment under a panel, behind a protective cover, on the back of which the current scheme can be applied.

Access to the unit in the salon

This fuse and relay box also contains a diagnostic connector.

DiagramBlock diagram in the cabin gazelle next


F120A Windscreen wiper, glass washer
F210A Lighting control module, instrument lighting.
F35A Power mirrors
F425A Glass lifters
F510A Heated mirrors
F610A Heated driver’s seat
F715A Additional heater
F910A Locking differential
F1015 / 20A Socket for second row of seats, horns (platform vehicle with petrol engine), Horns (solid metal vehicle) 10A Power door, door lamp (bus)
F12Socket, radio (car with an all-metal body)
F137.5A Daytime running lights
F145A Rear fog lights
F157,5 / 10А Direction indicators
F167.5A Instrument cluster, speed sensor, heater control
F175A Engine management system (vehicle with diesel engine)
F1715A Engine management system (a car with a gasoline engine)
F185A Anti lock ABS brakes
F1920A Cigarette lighter sockets
F20Hazard warning lights (platform car, bus)
F20Central locking, radio (car with an all-metal body)
F21Lighting control module, backlight
F22Interior lighting
F23Central locking, radio (platform car)
F23Radio, loud-speaking device (bus)
F23Hazard warning lights (solid metal vehicle)
F24Instrument cluster, diagnostic block, pre-heater control panel, tachograph

A 19 20A fuse is responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter and additional sockets.

Complete relay circuit

Relay circuit in the cabin


К1Wiper relay
K2Heater relay
K3Ignition switch unload relay
light relay (solid -body vehicle with two-row cab) Light board relay (bus)
K5Heater relay (diesel vehicle)
К6Differential lock relay
K7Horn Relay (Except Platform Vehicles and Diesel)
К8Lock unload relay (solid metal vehicle)

The turn switch relay is located on the switch itself. To access it, you need to remove the steering wheel and disassemble the steering column switch.

Turn signal relay

Engine compartment

Relay and fuse box

Located on the left side, in the back.

The location of the unit under the hood gazelle next


Block diagram under the hood


F115A Fog lamp relay
F210A Brake signals
F320A Horn relay (bus)
F425A Fuel heater relay (diesel vehicle) 20A Main relay (gasoline vehicle)
F525A Coolant heater (vehicle with diesel engine) 5A Engine control unit (vehicle with gasoline engine)
F615A Fuel pump (car with a gasoline engine) 25A Starter and instrument switch (bus)
F725A Anti lock ABS brakes
F825A Air conditioner fan 20A Independent heater (bus)
F910A Low beam (left headlight)
F1010A Low beam (right headlight)
F1110A High beam (left headlight)
F1210A High beam (right headlight)
F1310A Side lights (port side)
F1410A Side lights (starboard)
F1510A Reverse light
F1610A A / C Compressor
F1740A Heater
F1840A Anti-lock braking system ABS
F1940A Instrument and starter switch (ignition)
К1A / C compressor relay
K2Starter lock relay (diesel vehicle)
Fan clutch relay (gasoline vehicle)
K3Fuel pump relay (petrol engine)
K4Fog lamp relay
K5Headlamp high beam relay
К6Headlamp low beam relay
K7Air conditioner fan relay
К8Wiper Stowage Relay
K9Fuel Heater Relay (Diesel Vehicle)
K9Main relay (gasoline engine vehicle)
K10Starter relay

Fuse box

It is located under the hood, on the right side of the bulkhead, and consists of fusible links.

Diesel models


1 125 Air preheater 2 90 Positive common circuit of the vehicle 3 40 Reserved 4 30 Engine management system


1125A Prestarting air heater
290A Common positive circuit of the vehicle
340A Reserve
430A Engine management system

Gasoline models

Photo for example

block 2 under the hood


  1. 90A Common positive circuit of the vehicle
  2. 60A Reserve

Gazelle Next instruction

More information about repair and maintenance, as well as use (for example, a radio tape recorder) in Gazelle Next, you can find out by studying this material: ” download “.

And if you have any questions, ask them in the comments.

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