Tesla Model S / X (2016 – 2020) – fuse and relay

Tesla Model S is a five-door electric car manufactured by the American company Tesla, which was produced on a common basis with the Tesla Model X. Therefore, these models have similar electrical circuits. In this publication you will find a description of fuses and relays Tesla Model C / X with box diagrams and their locations for restyled models produced in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 (facelift).

tesla modes s

There is no one general description of fuses and relays for all Tesla Model C and Tesla Model X models, we will only present the most common option. The purpose of the fuses and relays may differ from the one shown and depends on the year of manufacture, the region of delivery and the level of equipment of your car. Check the information with your users manual.

The diagrams is wrong or the wrong year of manufacture? Study this post.

Engine compartment

The main fuse and relay box is located at the rear under the hood.


To access, remove the protective cover. The box itself will look something like this.





F1250A DCDC input
F260A Power Steering
F3Not Used
F4125A Cabin Subfeed
F1005A Siren and Intrusion Module
F10115A Driver Assist Forward Camera
F102Not Used
F10325A ABS Valves
F104Battery Sensor
F105Not Used
F106Not Used
F1075A Drive Inverter, Rear
F1085A Drive Rail Sense
F10910A Park Assist
F1105A Restraints Control Module
F111Not Used
F1125A Cabin Comfort Systems
F11310A Cabin Air Heater
F11410A Thermal Controller, Inlets, Battery Heater
F115Not Used
F11610A Body Controls Group 1
F11710A Air Suspension Controls/Valves
F118Not Used
F120Not Used
F121Not Used
F12215A Coolant Pump 3
F12315A Coolant Pump 2
F12410A Windshield Wiper De-Ice
F12510A Contactor Power
F126Not Used
F127Not Used
F13015A Driver Assist Forward Radar
F131Not Used
F1325A Drive Inverter, Front
F133Not Used
F134Not Used
F13510A Driver Assistance Forward Camera Defog
F13615A Coolant Pump 4
F13715A Coolant Pump 1
F13830A Rear Defrost Grid
F139Not Used
F140Not Used
F141Not Used
F14215A Security Controls and Horns
F14330A Body Controls Group 2
F14420A Headlamps
F14525A Exterior Lighting
F15040A Condenser Fan, Left
F15150A ABS Pump Motor
F152Not Used
F153Not Used
F15440A Air Suspension Compressor
F15540A Condenser Fan, Right
F15640A iBoost (Brake Assist)
F16030A Cabin Blower
F161Not Used
K100Not Used
K101HVAC Rail group 1
K102Rear Defrost Grid
K110Drive Rail
K111HVAC Rail
K112Air Suspension Controller

Passenger compartment

In the Tesla Model X, the fuse box is located under the panel on the driver’s side, behind a protective cover.

Location model x

And in the Tesla Model S, the fuse box is located under the panel on the front passenger side.

location S

Photo example

Photo 2


Diagram 1


F2005A Memory Seat Module
F20125A Window Lift Motor, Left Rear
F20215A 12V Accessory
F203Not Used
F20425A Window Lift Motor, Right Front
F20525A Window Lift Motor, Left Front
F20625A Sunroof
F20715A 12V Accessory Outlet
F208Not Used
F209Not Used
F21030A Power Liftgate
F21125A Window Lift Motor, Right Rear
F21220A Electric Park Brake (primary)
F21320A Electric Park Brake (redundant)
F214Not Used
F21510A Steering Wheel Heater
F216Not Used
F21720A Premium Audio Amplifier
F21820A Base Audio Amplifier
F2195A Glove Box Light, Diagnostics
F2205A Brake Pedal Switch
F2215A Battery Management System
F23015A Seat Heater, Second Row, Right
15A Not Used
F23115A Seat Heater, Second Row, Left
15A Seat Heater, Second Row, Middle
F23215A Seat Heater, First Row, Left
15A Seat Heater, First Row, Right
F23310A Door Controls, Left, Door Handle Left Front
10A Door Controls, Right, Door Handle, Right Front
F2345A Door Handle, Left Rear
5A Door Handle, Right Rear
F23510A Gateway / Center Display
10 ACharging Systems
F2365A Steering Angle / Column
5A Radio, Vanity Lights, Rear View Mirror
F2375A Instrument Cluster
5A iBooster
F24030A Seat Motors, Right Front
F24130A Seat Motors, Left Front

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  • Fuse for R headlight and R turn signal – both went out on Tesla S 2020.
    Same fuse for both? Need to buy it through Tesla? A diagram?
    Video to change fuse?
    Thank you!

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