Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 907 910 fuse and relay

The 3rd generation Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with body markings 907 and 910 was produced in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023. In this material you can find a description of the fuses and relays Mercedes Sprinter 907 910 with box diagrams and photo examples of their location. Select the cigarette lighter fuse.Mercedes sprinter 907

The execution of the boxes and the purpose of the elements in them may differ from those presented and depend on the year of manufacture, the level of equipment and the region where your car was delivered.

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Fuse box and relay under the panel

Under the instrument panel, in the front passenger footwell, there is a main fuse and relay box.

fuse box photo


Diagram 1



15-15A Engine control unit;
Common Transmission Module (CPC);
ESP module;
All-wheel drive module;
Air suspension.
15-25A Feedback cable, terminal 15 relay;
Headlight range adjustment, halogen headlight;
TCO tachograph;
Radar sensor for active brake booster;
Switching off the reversing signaling device, power take-off, adjustment of the working speed;
Connection to a DIN socket.
30-Т7.5A Multifunction camera;
TCO tachograph;
DIN socket connection, roof;
Terminal 15, undervoltage relay;
Instrument panel;
Central oil pump.
1Not assigned
210A Common Transmission Module (CPC)
310A Engine control unit OM642 / OM651 / M274
47.5A DIN connector, cab
510A Common Transmission Module (CPC)
65A Radiator fan (not for OM654)
730A Automatic transmission
830A Body Controller
930A Body Controller
1030A Heating, SCR catalyst.
1110A Ceiling control module (standard);
10A Ceiling control module, cab chassis;
15A Ceiling control module, high.
1215A Pump, SCR catalyst
1360A Automatic transmission NAT3
1425/40A ESP valves (Premium), vehicles with electromechanical parking brake;
ESP valves (Standard).
1660A ESP pump
1730A Controller
1830A Body Controller
1910A Terminal block for bodybuilder electrical connection
2025A Front passenger door control unit
2125A Driver door controller
2210A Air suspension control unit (LFA)
2325A Fan control unit
247.5A USB socket (cockpit, glove box);
Converter socket 115/230 V.
2515A Cigarette lighter, center console
2615A Information panel socket
2725A Converter socket, 115V / 230V.
287.5A Radio preset;
Service lift;
Voltage converter antenna;
Converter socket, 115 V / 230 V for vehicles with external battery.
30-1Not assigned
30-2Not assigned
30-35A Central locking
30-45A Alarm (ATA)
30-5Not assigned
30-610A Electronic ignition lock control unit
3125A Start relay contact 15-II
32Not assigned
335A Voltage quality sensor (SEB)
3410A Interior lighting electronics
357.5A Advance Caravanning (ACU) – Motorhome
365A Air conditioning control panel
375A Electric steering lock (ESTL)
3810A Steering column (SCSM)
3910A Antenna;
Two way radio.
405A Flashing beacon
4125A Radio multimedia system (C5 / NTG6), radio preset
42Not assigned
43Not assigned
445A Multimedia control panel
455A Charger bracket;
Wireless Mobile Interface (WMI).
467.5A Multimedia connection box (MMI)
475A Hermes (UMTS/LTE communication module)
485A Stationary heating Telestar
495A Center display
505A Auxiliary headlight, left (platform bodybuilder)
515A Auxiliary headlight, right (platform bodybuilder)
527.5A Airbag control unit
535A Diagnostics
545A Relay power supply
557.5A TS engine (Diesel), engine control unit (OM651)
5710A Soot particle sensor;
NOx sensor;
Soot particle sensor (not for OM654)
5810A Engine, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) (OM642 / OM651);
Engine (not for OM654).
5915A NOx sensor before and after catalytic converter (not OM654)
6010A Lambda probe
617.5A Motor M274; Motor (OM642 / OM651).
6215A Engine control unit (not for OM654)
6320/25A Engine control unit; Engine (M274);
Engine (not for OM654).
6430A Body controller
6530A Body controller
6615A Roof fan
6725A Fuel metering control unit (FSCM)
6815A Right LED headlight
6915A Left LED headlight
7030A Wipers

Fuses with numbers 24, 25, 26, 27, as well as additional elements in the driver’s seat block, are responsible for the operation of the USB port and the cigarette lighter.


R130A Reserve
R250A Terminal 87 motor
R330A Terminal 87 common drive module (CPC)
R440A Terminal 15-1
R540A Turns the wipers on and off.
R640A Reserve
R740A Speed wipers
R840A Terminal 50 starter
R950A Terminal 15R (vehicles without auxiliary battery)
R1030A Terminal 15-2
R1150A Terminal 15R (vehicles without auxiliary battery)

Fuse and relay boxes under the driver’s seat

Boxes with fuses and relays can be installed under the driver’s seat, as well as the passenger’s seat.


Fuse box

To access the unit, you need to remove the protective cover from the side of the driver’s seat.

location of fuse box

Photo – example

Photo 2


Diagram 2


F55 / 1
110A Additional turn signal lamp
215A Rear window wiper, right
330A All wheel drive
425A Terminal block for electrical connection
525A Driver’s seat adjustment unit
610A Driver’s seat heater
725A Driver’s lumbar support
85A Tire pressure monitoring
95A Parking assistant; Main camera (RVC).
F55 / 2
1025A Trailer hitch right (trailer socket)
1115A Control unit with socket for trailer
1225A Hitch left (trailer socket)
1315A Control unit with socket for trailer
1425A Multi Function Module (MPM)
1525A Multi Function Module (MPM)
1625A Rear chamber blower
1720A Additional heating (water heating)
1815A Automatic transmission, additional oil pump
F55 / 3
1915A Parking heating;
Terminal 15 on the auxiliary battery.
205A Auxiliary battery voltage measurement
2115A Heated rear window, left
2215A Heated rear window right
237.5A Tail lift / tipper (before installation)
2415A Terminal block for electrical connection
255A Roof fan relay
267,5A Signal special, cab bodybuilder
2730A Heated rear window
F55 / 4
2815/30A Sliding door on the left;
Electric sliding door on the left.
2915/30A Sliding door right;
Electric sliding door right.
305A Antenna switch box
317.5A Automatic transmission
3210A Automatic transmission
3330A Brake booster
3415/30A Siren relay; Preparing for a motorhome.
3515/30A Flashing beacon with siren;
30A Preparing for a motorhome.
3630A Preparing for a motorhome
F55 / 5
3710A Electric step left
3810A Electric footrest right
395A Warning buzzer;
Electric step, right and left.
4010A Automatic transmission (NAT2)
415A Terminal 15 special signal
425A Rear view camera (RVC);
Interior mirror with rear view monitor.
4315A Power socket, cab
4415A Power socket, D-pillar, left
4515A Power socket, D-pillar, right
F55 / 6
515/7.5A USB port, left
525/7.5A USB port, right

Relay box

Installed under the driver’s seat.


Relay diagram


1Heated windshield
2Terminal 15
3Rear window heating
4Sockets, rear
5Interior lighting
6Not used
7Not used
8Not used
9Not used
10Not used
11Not used
12Not used
13Not used
14Not used
mini relay
15Right rear wiper
16Manufacturer Terminal Block Housing
17Switch, reverse signal
18Roof fan
19Additional oil pump
20Electric footboard right 1
21Electric footboard right 2
22Electric step left 1
23Electric step left 2
25Flashing beacon with siren
26loading lift

Battery fuse box

On the positive terminal of the battery there is a block of power fuses made in the form of a fusible insert.


Diagram 3


F150 / 1 (MFB-1)
1Battery sensor
2Not assigned
3Main fuse box (MFB-2)
450A Energy Distribution Center Terminal 30 (F30-1 – F30-6)
5125A Additional PTC heater
F150 / 4 (MFB-2)
1125A Terminal 30T, fuse box, driver’s seat base (F55/1-F55/6)
2125A Electric control
3300A Generator
4400A Generator
5175A Power Distribution Center (PDC), FB-P
680A Glow output stage (GZE)
740/70/80A Radiator fan (not for OM654);
Engine radiator fan;
Radiator fan (not for OM654).
8100A Motorhome main fuses
9Not assigned
1025/50/100A Rear air conditioner
11100/150A Auxiliary Battery / Battery Disable Relay;
Retarder without additional battery.
1240A Air Suspension (LFA)
1380A Heated windshield
F150 / 5 (MFB-ZB)
1100A Retarder
2250A Tail lift / tipper (preparation)
3additional battery
4150A Battery Disconnect Relay
560A Socket, converter
625A Additional heating
F59 / 1 & F59 / 2
140A Heated windshield
240A Heated windshield, right


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  • which non critical fuse can i tap that is not
    constantly on (or have power)? I want to tap a light switch controller. (Auxbeam light switch controller)

  • I bought a car cam and has a feature to go on if when park the vehicle shakes but needs to be attached to power on I have it connected to the cig outlet on top of the dash – 2019 Sprinter. It is on only when the car is on – same with all the other usb ports.

  • Can’t find tail light fuse port

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