Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 906 fuse and relay

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 906 represents the 2nd generation of the Mercedes Sprinter lineup. Years of production: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. In this material you will find information about the locations of electronic control units, a description of the fuses and relays Mercedes Sprinter 906 with box diagrams and photo examples of their performance. Select the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Mercedes Sprinter W906

The execution of the boxes and the purpose of the elements in them may differ from those presented and depend on the year of manufacture, equipment level and region of delivery.

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[Description of Sprinter 1G]
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General block layout

location of all elements


1ABS electronic control unit
2A/C condenser fan motor relay
3Electronic air conditioning control unit – in the heater control panel
4A/C/Heater Fan Motor Control Module – Next to the fan motor
5Antenna signal booster
6Air suspension control unit – pillar “0”
7Anti-theft siren – engine compartment, left side
8Additional battery – engine compartment, left side
9Secondary Battery Relay
10Additional heater control unit (type 1)
11Additional heater control unit (type 2)
12Additional heater control unit (type Z) – in the heater unit
13Accumulator battery
14Diagnostic connector (DLC)
15Door electrical control unit, driver’s side
16Left rear door electrical control unit
17Control unit for electrical equipment of the right rear door
18ECM (Diesel) – Engine 651
19ECM (Diesel) – except 651 engine
20Electronic engine control unit (gasoline) – on the engine
21Fuse/Relay Box, Instrument Panel
22Fuse/Relay Box, Footwell
23Fuse/Relay Box, Under Seat
24Glow Plug Control Unit – Engine 646
25Glow plug control unit – except engine 646
26Headlight control unit, left (xenon headlights)
27Headlight control unit, right (xenon headlights)
28Headlight range control unit – pillar “A”
29Rear defroster relay 1
30Rear defroster relay 2 (with anti-theft system)
31Windshield defroster relay

Fuse box and relay under the panel

Under the instrument panel, in the foot well on the left side of the vehicle, behind a protective cover is the main fuse and relay box. To access, turn the fastener in the middle of the cover.

Location of fuse box


Photo fuse box sprinter 906


Diagram 906


115A Horn
225A Steering column lock (ELV), electronic ignition and starter switch (EZS)
310A Terminal 30z (petrol engines), electronic ignition and starter switch (EZS), instrument cluster
45A Light switch (LDS), center console switch box (OBF; terminal 30)
530A Front wiper
615A Fuel pump
10A Engine control, terminal 87 (5) (vehicles with code MI6/XM0)
75A Steering column tube module (MRM)
820A Motor control, terminal 87 (2)
920A Engine control terminal 87 (3) (petrol vehicles)
25A Engine control, terminal 87 (3) (vehicles with diesel engine)
20A Engine control, terminal 87 (1) (vehicles with code MI6/XM0)
1010A Motor control terminal 87 (4)
1115A Terminal 15R
1210A Airbag terminal 15R
1315A Audio module, cigarette lighter, glove box lighting, bodybuilder tail lift, PND power socket (mobile navigation system)
145A Light switch (LDS), instrument cluster, diagnostic socket, reversing warning lamp deactivation, anti-theft system with vehicle tracking, terminal 15
155A Headlight range adjustment (LWR), front heating system
1610A Motor control terminal 87 (1)
1710A Airbag
187.5A Terminal 15, brake light switch
197.5A Interior lighting, terminal 30
2025A Terminal 30, right front power window, signal recording and excitation module
215A Engine control unit, terminal 15
225A ABS, ESP, terminal 15
2320/25A Starter, terminal 50
10A Engine control, terminal 87 (6) (vehicles with code MI6/XM0)
2410A Engine components, terminal 15 (diesel engines), control unit (vehicles with NGT natural gas engine)
2525A Front panel socket
2625A Driver’s door control unit
2710A Diagnostic connector
2825A Brake system (valves)
2940A Brake system (booster pump)
307.5/10A Motors terminal 87 (5) (7.5A – M272, OM651; 10A – OM642)
317.5/10A Motors terminal 87 (6) (7.5A – OM651, M271, M272; 10A – OM642)
3230A Headlamp cleaner
3315A Anti-Theft Warning System (EDW), Flashing Beacon/SGU
3410A Reserve (until 03/07)
10A Additional turn signal module
3515A Radio receiver 1 DIN
20A Radio receiver 2 DIN
367.5A Mobile phone, tachograph, navigation system holder
3730A Front passenger compartment fan, auxiliary heating system, fan stage 1
387.5A Auxiliary heating timer, radio, electrical retrofit – DIN socket, FleetBoard system, anti-theft device with vehicle tracking
3930A Seat heating
4010A Body Electrical, Third Party
5A Brake control unit
4110A Front air conditioning, CD changer, heating system, rear heating system
427.5/10A Motion sensor, comfort light, satellite radio, reading light and cargo area light, luggage compartment light
437.5A Rear air conditioner
R1Horn relay
R2Front wiper relay, mode 2
Wiper relay, stage 1/2
R3Fuel pump relay
Starter relay, terminal 15 (vehicles with code MI6/XM0)
R4Front wiper relay, mode 1
relay on / off wipers
R5Starter relay, terminal 50
R6Relay, terminal 15R
R7Motor control relay, terminal 87
R8Relay, terminal 15

Fuse and relay boxes under the seat

On the left side, under the driver’s seat, there are several blocks with fuses and relays.

Fuse and relay box on the side of the seat

To access, remove the protective cover.

location of fuse box

Type 1

Photo example

photo under seat


Diagram 2


15A Mirror adjustment, heated rear window relay
230A Rear wiper
35A Heater timer, Reversing camera, Neutral switch (with start assist, 4WD and keep engine running function), Electrical retrofit – DIN socket (roof), FleetBoard system, anti-theft system with vehicle tracking, emergency hammer lighting at the rear of the car, emergency exit lighting
47.5A Tachograph, automatic speed control (ADR), power take-off, trailer coupling (AAG)
510A Transmission Shift System (EGS) control unit, terminal 87
5A Start function, ECO engine shutdown, hood switch
65A All wheel drive
10A AWD, ride height control (ENR), auxiliary oil pump
77.5/10/15A Automatic transmission control lever module (EWM)
810A 3-way tipping/tail lift, terminal 15, PARKTRONIC
915A SSU/roof fan
7.5A Air conditioning compressor clutch, switchable warning buzzer for reversing warning light
1025A Body equipment, terminal 30
1115A Body equipment, terminal 15
1210A Body equipment, terminal D+
1310A Additional turn signal module (before 03/07)
30A Rear air conditioner
20A Fuel Pump FSCM (Fuel Level Control Module)
15A Fuel pump relay without FSCM (vehicles with code MI6/XM0)
1420A Trailer socket
1525A Trailer coupler (AAG)
167.5A Tire pressure monitoring system (RDK), Parktronic
1725A Control unit for parameterizable special module (PSM)
1825A Control unit for parameterizable special module (PSM)
195/10A Ceiling control box (DBE)
25A Sliding/tilting sunroof, overhead control box (DBE)
10A “ERA-GLONASS” system
207.5A Contour lights, number plate light, identification light
2130A Heated rear window without EDW (anti-theft alarm system)
15A Heated rear window with EDW (anti-theft alarm system)
2215A Heated rear window
20A Vehicle power socket
2310A Body Electrical, Third Party
15A Socket in rear compartment, left
2415A Driver’s seat socket
2515A Socket in the rear of the passenger compartment on the right
2625A Auxiliary water heater
2725A Additional heater
20A Additional air heater
2830A Rear air conditioning (until 03/07)
7.5A CNG, terminal 87
25A Starter relay SRB (fuse and relay box; vehicles without back-up battery)
25A Starter with support from the on-board network due to an additional battery
2910/30A Four wheel drive
7.5A Terminal 87 (7) gas fuel system, cars with natural gas engine NGT
3030A Air suspension (compressor), brake booster (for North America)
10A All wheel drive (compressor)
15A Additional heat exchanger fan
3115/30A Sliding door left, rear fan
15A Sliding door closing reinforcement, left
3210A Keyless Entry
5A SCR system – exhaust gas aftertreatment control relay
3330A Sliding door right, suspension unit (ENR)
15A Sliding door closing reinforcement, right
3430A Left sliding door (until 03/07)
20A SCR system – heating system 1, AdBlue® reducing agent, vehicles with diesel exhaust aftertreatment system
3530A Brake booster
5A SCR system – heating system 2, AdBlue® reducing agent, vehicles with diesel exhaust aftertreatment system
3615A SCR system – control and heating system 3, AdBlue® reducing agent, vehicles with diesel exhaust aftertreatment system
375A COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST / FCW (Forward Collision Warning)
5A Lane Change Warning / BSM (Blind Spot Monitor)
3810A Multifunction Camera (MK) with High Beam Assist with Lane Departure Warning
397.5A Body electrical equipment (delivery operation), reinforced air conditioning system in the rear of the vehicle
15A Ceiling fan, siren
4015A Charging current from buffer battery (vehicles with buffer battery)
417.5A SAM (signal acquisition and excitation module) buffer battery reference voltage
4230A Rear air conditioning system
4310A Electric step/sliding door, right
4410A Electric step/sliding door, left
455A Electric step, control module and warning buzzer
R1relay cl. D+ Body
R2relay cl. 15 body
R3Lighting relay
tail lift relay
R4headlight washer relay
R5Flashing light relay
R6Horn relay EDW (EDW – anti-theft alarm system)
R7Not used
R8SGU relay
R9Circulation pump relay
R10Not used

Type 2

photo type 2


Block diagram D option 2


15A Window regulator control panel in the driver’s door
Relay 2 for heated rear window
230A Rear window wiper motor in swing door
35A Timer
Gearbox neutral position switch
Display panel
Rear view camera
47.5A Switch for adjusting the operating speed
PTO monitor sensor
Trailer detection
control unit Tachograph control unit
55 / 10A Selector
Control unit mech. Electronically controlled gearbox
Bonnet limit switch (from November 2011)
65 / 10A Heating resistor for crankcase ventilation system
Control unit for battery regulation (from May 2011 to May 2013)
710A Fuel filter heating element
85 / 10A Tipping device button
Parking aid control unit (from May 2013)
Special superstructure relay, cl. 15 (up to November 2011)
connector -T6ah- 7-pin connector -T7f- (tail lift connector)
915A Roof fan switch for supply ventilation of the cargo compartment (until November 2011)
Siren relay (until November 2011)
Not used (from November 2011)
1025A For the manufacturer of superstructures and special equipment
1115A Relay for special superstructures, cl. fifteen
1210A Relay for special superstructures, cl. 61
1420A Connector, 9-pin -T9b- (preparation for post-factory installation of trailer hitch) Hitch
1525A Trailer recognition control unit
167.5A Parking aid control
unit Tire pressure monitor control unit
1725A Control unit for programmable special functions
1825A Control unit for programmable special functions
195 / 25A Roof electrical control unit
207.5 / 10A Relay for pumping coolant after off. motor
relay input illumination and footwell
2130A Rear window defogger relay
2215A Rear window heating relay 2
2310 / 15A Load
box lighting switch 12 V socket 2 -U18-
2415A Socket 12V 4
2515A Socket 12V 3
2625A Additional heater control unit
2720 / 25A Additional heater control unit
2830 / 40A Gearbox hydraulic pump relay, Starter relay 1
2915A Control unit mech. Electronically controlled gearbox
305A Battery regulation system control unit
3115 / 30A Control unit for left sliding door (from May 2012)
Control unit for rear supply fan
Rear supply fan
325A Control unit for battery control
337.5 / 15 / 30A Not used
Right sliding door control unit (from May 2012)
Transfer case interlock relay (from January 2012)
Air compressor (from January 2012)
347.5 / 15A Control unit for reducing agent heating system Gearbox
sensor for differential lock
353 / 15A Control unit for reducing agent heating system Compressor
protection control unit (from January 2012)
365A Not used (until January 2012)
Compressor switch (from January 2012)
397.5 / 15A Roof fan switch for supply ventilation of the cargo compartment (from November 2011)
Siren relay (from November 2011)
4230A Evaporator fan control unit -J349-

Relay under the seat

Additional relays can be installed under the seat itself.

photo relay box


Relay diagram


R1Starter relay, right-hand drive vehicles
R2Unload relay, terminal 15
R3Relay, terminal 15, starter
R4Secondary Air Injection Relay / Secondary Air Pump
SCR system relay, vehicles with exhaust after treatment system
R5Fuel pump relay
R6Fan relay, front, fan stage 1
R7Unload relay, terminal 15 R
R8Starter relay, auxiliary battery
Starter relay, left-hand drive vehicles
R9Relay 1, heated rear window
R10Heated rear window relay 2 with EDW
Snow plow relay, low beam left
R11Relay 1, left electric footrest
Snow plow relay, right low beam
R12Relay 2, left electric footrest
Snow plow relay, high beam left
R13Unload relay, terminal 15 (2)
Snow plow relay, right high beam
R14Relay 1, heated windshield
R15Relay, bodybuilder, terminal 15
R16Relay, bodybuilder, terminal 61 (D+)
R17Tail lift equipment relay
Comfort lighting relay
R18Headlight cleaner relay
R19Beacon relay with siren
R20EDW (Emergency Warning System) Relay, Horn
R21Loop/Identifier Relay (North America)
License Plate Lamp Relay (Public Service)
Fan relay, additional air heating, fan stage 1
R22Fan relay, additional air heating, fan stage 2
R23Beacon relay with siren
Relay, terminal 61 (D+), anti-theft device with vehicle tracking
R24Relay 1, right electric footrest
R25Relay 2, right electric footrest
R26Reverse signal relay off.
Anti-theft device relay with vehicle tracking

Power fuse box

When installing an additional battery under the seat, it can also be equipped with an additional high power fuse box.


Diagram 3


280A Signal Acquisition and Excitation Module (SAM) / Fuse and Relay Module (SRB)
4150A Buffer battery input
5150A SAM (signal acquisition and excitation module) / SRB (fuse and relay box), terminal 30 fuse box
8100A Brake – retarder, combined with battery disconnect relay
9150A Additional battery
10250A Snow plow drive hydraulic pump, Tail lift, Dump truck


Diagram 3-1


13150A Electrical auxiliary heater (PTC)
80A Rear air conditioning system, reinforced
1460A Air conditioning electric fan – cab without bulkhead or with heavy duty rear air conditioning (vehicles with a wheelbase of 3665 mm)
40A Air conditioning electric fan – bulkhead cab or rear heavy duty air conditioning
40A Air conditioning electric fan – cab, open vehicle modification
70A Electric fan
16100A Retarder, not in combination with battery disconnect relay
150A Battery Disconnect Relay
18300A Generator

Battery fuse box

The fuse box is located near the battery in the footwell on the left side of the vehicle.

Photo 3


Diagram 3


180A Engine preheat relay
40A Secondary air pump (vehicles with petrol engine)
280A Engine cooling fan – air conditioning
25A Relay, terminal 15, starter (vehicles with code MI6/XM0; vehicles with back-up battery)
25A Starter relay, no support (vehicles with backup battery)
70A Engine cooling fan (vehicles without backup battery)
40A Air conditioning fan – cab (vehicles without backup battery)
40A Air Conditioning Fan – Cab with Bulkhead or Powered Rear Air Conditioning (Vehicles Without Buffer Battery)
60A Air Conditioning Fan – Cab with Bulkhead or Powered Rear Air Conditioning (3665 mm wheelbase vehicles; vehicles without buffer battery)
380A Signal acquisition and excitation module / fuse and relay box (vehicles without back-up battery)
4150A Auxiliary battery in engine compartment, retarder (vehicles without backup battery)
5150A Terminal 30, fuse blocks, signal recording and excitation module / fuse and relay box (vehicles without backup battery)
6Seat frame reference point (bridge)
7150A Auxiliary heater (PTC) (vehicles without backup battery)
80A Rear air conditioning system, reinforced (vehicles without backup battery)

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