Mazda Millenia (Xedos 9) fuse and relay

The Mazda Millenia business sedan was produced in 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 and delivered worldwide. During this time, the model has been restyled and updated. In European countries it is also known as Xedos 9 . And the right-hand drive models are the Eunos 800 . In this article, we will present a designation of the fuses and relays of Mazda Millenia (Ksedos 9) with box diagrams and options for their execution. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.

mazda millenia

The purpose of the elements in the boxes may differ from that presented, check with your diagrams on the protective cover.

Electronics boxes passenger compartment

It is located at the bottom of the pillar, near the driver’s leg, behind the protective cover.

Left hand drive Right hand drive

Block in the cabin

Type 1

Option 1

Example of a diagram from the box cover

Diagram from the block cover


Block diagram in the cabin

Functions 1

115A S / WRM – Heated seats
220А H / CLN – Headlight cleaner
315 / 20А RADIO – Audio system, center console, clock, radio tape recorder
415А А / С – Air conditioner, Sunroof
510A R / WIPER – Rear window cleaner
610А ENG – Engine management
810A ROOM – Indoor lighting
910А MIRR / DEF – Heated mirrors
1015A S / WRM – Heated seats
1130А DOOR LOCK – Central locking
1215 / 20A TAIL – Rear lights, dimensions
1320А WIPPER – Glass cleaner / washer
1410A ENGINE – Engine management system, ABS system
1515A METER – Instrument cluster, direction indicators, reversing lights
1730A P.WIND – Electric power windows

In this version, there is no separate cigarette lighter fuse, but it is powered by number 3 (center console). Therefore, when the cigarette lighter fails, and the fuse itself is intact, the soft wire behind the cigarette lighter burns out.

Cigarette lighter

Functions 2

115А R. SOCKET – Additional equipment (cigarette lighter), fuse for various circuits
220А WIPER – Wipers and washers
315A A / C – Air conditioning, electric sunroof, fuse for various circuits
415A RADIO – Radio, fuse for various circuits
510А R.WIPER – Rear window wiper / rear door glass “fuse for various circuits
67,5А ST / SG – Engine control unit
810A ROOM – Interior lighting, trunk / luggage compartment lighting
97.5A MIRR DEF – Heated mirrors, fuse for various circuits
1130A DOOR LOCK – Central locking, fuse for various circuits
1215А TAIL – Dimensions, headlights
1410A ENGINE – Engine management system, ABS system
1515A METER – Instrument cluster, direction indicators, reversing lights
1620А P.WIND – Electric power windows
1730A P.WIND – Electric power windows

In this version, a 15A fuse number 1 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Type 2

Photo for example

Photo example of a block in the cabin


mazda millenia block diagram in the cabin


115А HAZARD – Alarm
215A ROOM – Clock, interior lighting
315A S / ROOF – Sunroof
415A METER – Instrument cluster, reversing lights, direction indicators, cruise control
515 / 20А STOP – Brake light bulbs
615А 4WS – Four-wheel drive
715A IIA
810 / 15A R.DEF – Heated rear window
910A A / C – Air Conditioning
1020А WIPER – Windshield wipers and washers
1110A M.DEF – Heated door mirrors
1210 / 15A START – Starter
1310A TURN – Direction indicators
1410 / 15A BLOWER – Air conditioner
1530A WINDOW – Power windows
1810A RADIO – Stereo
1915A ENGINE – Engine management system
2010A ILLUMI – Illumination of a combination of devices
2115A OPENER – Electric drive of the trunk lid, electric drive of the lock of the fuel flap, the filler neck
2315A CIGAR – Cigarette lighter
2930A D / LOCK – Central locking

The fuse number 23, 15A, is responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter.

Electronics boxes engine compartment

There are 2 blocks under the hood: the main block and an additional one with a relay. Individual elements can be attached outside these blocks.

Blocks under the hood

Fuse box

Installed on the left side of the engine compartment next to the battery.

Photo of the unit under the hood


Block diagram under the hood 1

Protected components

1120A MAIN – Main fuse
230A AD. FAN – Heater fan
330A EGI INJ – Fuel injection system
440A HEAD – Headlights
560А IG KEY – Radio, direction indicator, sunroof, dashboard, engine starting system
630A COOLING FAN – Radiator fan
760A ABS – Anti lock brake system
840А HEATER – Heater and air conditioner
940А DEFOG – Heated rear window
1060А BTN – STOP, ROOM, D / LOCK. Electric drive of the fuel filler flap, central locking
1120А AUDIO – Radio tape recorder
1230A P / WINDOW – Power windows
1330A P. SEAT – Power windows
1410А HORN – Sound signal
1510А IDL UP – Engine management system
1610A ST.SIGN – Engine control unit, starter signal
1715А FOG – Fog lights
1820A S.WARM – Heated seats
1915А TAIL – Side lights, parking lights, license plate light, instrument cluster light, glove box light, clock
R19Signal relay
R20O2 level switch
R21Fuel pump relay
R22DRL relay
R23Engine control relay
R24Relay dimensions
R25Starter relay
R26Fog lamp relay

Relay box


  1. Cooling fan relay 1
  2. Cooling fan relay 2
  3. Fog lamp relay
  4. Cooling fan relay 3


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