Mazda 626 gf (Mazda Capella) fuses and relays

Mazda 626 gf – 5th generation of the Mazda 626 model range. Produced in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 with sedan, station wagon and hatchback bodies. Delivered all over the world. Please note that different versions were produced for different regions. So, for America, the Mazda 626 was more “voluminous” and powerful. And for Europe, the model was made smaller, more compact, more economical and with a more modern design. In some countries it is known as Mazda Capella.  In this material you will find a description of fuses and relays Mazda 626 gf with diagrams and their decoding. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.

Mazda 626 gf

The execution of the boxes and the purpose of the elements in them may differ from the one presented. Check the assignment with your diagrams or other technical documentation.

Passenger compartment fuse box

It is located on the pillar, near the driver’s leg, behind the protective cover.

Left hand drive Right hand drive

Block in the cabin

Type 1

Option 1

Legend from the box cover

Diagram from the block cover


Block diagram in the cabin

Assignment 1

115A S / WRM – Heated seats
220А H / CLN – Headlight cleaner
315 / 20А RADIO – Audio system, center console, clock, radio tape recorder
415А А / С – Air conditioner, Sunroof
510A R / WIPER – Rear window cleaner
610А ENG – Engine management
810A ROOM – Indoor lighting
910А MIRR / DEF – Heated mirrors
1015A S / WRM – Heated seats
1130А DOOR LOCK – Central locking
1215 / 20A TAIL – Rear lights, dimensions
1320А WIPPER – Glass cleaner / washer
1410A ENGINE – Engine management system, ABS system
1515A METER – Instrument cluster, direction indicators, reversing lights
1730A P.WIND – Electric power windows

In this version, there is no separate cigarette lighter fuse, but it is powered by number 3 (center console). Therefore, when the cigarette lighter fails, and the fuse itself is intact, the soft wire behind the cigarette lighter burns out.

Cigarette lighter

Assignment 2

115А R. SOCKET – Additional equipment (cigarette lighter), fuse for various circuits
220А WIPER – Wipers and washers
315A A / C – Air conditioning, electric sunroof, fuse for various circuits
415A RADIO – Radio, fuse for various circuits
510А R.WIPER – Rear window wiper / rear door glass “fuse for various circuits
67,5А ST / SG – Engine control unit
810A ROOM – Interior lighting, trunk / luggage compartment lighting
97.5A MIRR DEF – Heated mirrors, fuse for various circuits
1130A DOOR LOCK – Central locking, fuse for various circuits
1215А TAIL – Dimensions, headlights
1410A ENGINE – Engine management system, ABS system
1515A METER – Instrument cluster, direction indicators, reversing lights
1620А P.WIND – Electric power windows
1730A P.WIND – Electric power windows

In this version, a 15A fuse number 1 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Type 2

Photo – example

Cabin block 2

Diagram from the box cover

Example of a diagram from the cover


Block diagram in the cabin 2


115A AUDIO – audio system
215A ROOM – interior lighting, lighting in the trunk
315A S.ROOF – hatch
410A METER – sensors and reversing lights, dashboard
530А D.LOCK – door locks drive, central locking
615А HAZARD – emergency lights
710A A / B ABS – airbags, anti-lock ABS system
910A A / C – air conditioner
1110A TURN – direction indicators
1220A WIPER – wipers and glass wipers
1330А P.WIND – power windows
1515A RADIO – audio system, street side mirrors
1610A ENGINE – engine management system
1710А ILLUMI – number illumination, dimensions, dashboard
1815А STOP – brake lights, sound signal, cruise control
1915А CIGAR – cigarette lighter, clock, radio, side mirrors
2230A P.SEAT Power Seat
2315А M.DEF – heated mirrors
2415А P.POINT – power supply for additional equipment

For the cigarette lighter, the fuse number 15 at 15A is responsible – designated as CIGAR.

Engine compartments fuse and relay boxes

Installed on the left side of the engine compartment next to the battery.

Location under the hood

Type 1

Block under the hood option 1 photo


An example of a diagram from a cover under the hood of a Mazda 626


Scheme option 1


130A AD FAN – Additional cooling fan for air conditioner
230A INJ – Fuel injection system
3100A MAIN – To protect all electrical systems
430А COOLING FAN – Cooling fan
540A HEATER – Heater air conditioner
640A IG KEY Fuses 2, 3, 4, 7, 10, 13, 14, 15 and 16 on the fuse panel
740A BTN – Fuses 6, 8, 9 and 11 on fuse panel
860A ABS – ABS
915А TAIL – Rear lights, Dimensions
1015А HAZARD – Hazard warning lights, direction indicators
1115А STOP – Stop lights
1215A FOG – Front fog lights
1415А HEAD LOW – Headlights (low beam)
1515A HEAD HI – Headlights (high beam)
MAIN RELAY – Main relay
COOLING FAN – Cooling fan relay

Type 2

Block under the hood option 2 chapel photo


Block diagram Option 2 chapel


130A AD FAN – Condenser fan motor, fuse for various circuits
260A ABS – Anti Lock Brake System (ABS), fuse for various circuits
340A IG KEY – Fuse for various circuits
540A BTN – Interior lighting, central locking
640A HEATER – Heater
730A COOLING FAN – Cooling fan motor
940A R. DEF – Heated rear window / rear door glass
1030A INJ – Engine management system
1115А FOG – Fog lights
1310А HORN – Sound signal
1410А HAZARD – Alarm
1515A TAIL – Side lights, instrument cluster illumination
1610A HEAD C / U – Fuse for various circuits
1815A DEICER – Fuse for various circuits
1915А STOP – Stop lights
2015A HEAD R – Right headlight
2115A HEAD L – Left headlight
24100A MAIN – Main fuse

Type 3

The photo

Option 3 under the hood

Legend from the box cover

Block diagram option 3 under the hood


  • EGI INJ 30A, Fuel injection system
  • DEFOG 40A, Heated rear window
  • MAIN 100A, Common to all equipment
  • IG KEY 30A, radio, sunroof, turn signals, engine electrics, power windows, ignition system
  • HEATER 40A, stove, air conditioner
  • BTN 40A, door locks, power seats
  • COOLING FAN 30A, cooling fan
  • AD FAN 30A, additional cooling fan
  • ABS 60A, ABS
  • TAIL 15A, taillights, side lights, dashboard lights, license plate lights, light switches
  • HORN 15A, signal
  • ABS 20A, ABS
  • H / LL 15A, left headlight
  • H / LR 15A, right headlight
  • AIR CON RELAY Air conditioner relay
  • HORN RELAY Signal relay
  • H / L RELAY Headlight Relay


Relay elements are optionally installed both in blocks and outside them and on the left and right sides of the engine compartment (relay for cooling fans, heating, ABS, glow plugs, etc.).

Blocks with relays

And if you have any questions or want to help supplement the material, write in the comments.

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  • Good day to you.i have a madza 626,y5 and I want to connect my indicator relay to power supply via hazards fuse so that I can operate my hazards even if the ignition switch is off as before I had a was cause by cleaning the engine.

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