Ford Transit 4G – fuse and relay

The 4th generation Ford Transit was produced in 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991. After that, Ford Tranzin underwent restyling, and the updated one was produced in 1992, 1993 and 1994. In our material, we will show a designation of the 4th generation Ford Transin fuse boxes and relays, their diagrams and locations. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Ford Transit 4

Generation and release year not suitable? Explore the description for the 5th generation Ford Transit .

The main fuse and relay box is located under the dashboard, behind a protective cover, on which the current circuit will be applied.

Type 1


Photo block option


125A Heater fan, short-term activation of the high beam headlights (“flasher”)
210A Direction indicators
315A Windshield wiper and washer (models without headlight washer)
410A Brake lights, reversing lights and rear window defogger
510A Fuel level and temperature indicators; warning lights for ignition switch on, emergency oil pressure and low brake fluid level
615A Rear window wiper and washer
715A Daytime running lights
1010A Right side lights, instrument panel illumination
1110A Left side lights, license plate light
1210A Right headlight, low beam
1320A Left headlight, low beam
1410A Rear fog lights, headlight washer timer
1610A Right headlight, high beam and high beam indicator
1710A Left headlight, high beam
1810A Cab (interior) lighting, clock / tachograph, radio, windshield washer (models with headlight washer)
1920A Emergency signaling, sound signal
2025A High pressure headlight washer, cigarette lighter
2120A Heated rear window
2210A Transmission divider control circuit
23Spare fuses
AStarter interlock switch (automatic transmission)
BNot used
CDaytime Running Lights
DDaytime Running Lights
ISNot used
FHeated rear window
GDirection indicator breaker (when towing a trailer, a breaker designed for increased load must be installed)
Hheadlight washer
IWindshield wiper breaker (pause mode)
JWindshield wiper breaker (pause mode)
KNot used

In this version, the fuse number 20 for 25A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Type 2

the photo

4th generation ford transit fuse box


4th generation ford transit fuse and relay box diagram


110A Low beam, right headlight
210A Low beam left headlight
310A Right side lights, license plate lights, upper side lights, interior lights
410A Left side lights, license plate light
520A Rear window heating relay
620A Headlamp washer pump relay
720A Heated windshield relay
83A Electronic control unit (EC1D fuel system (models “turbodiesel”)
920A Cigarette lighter
1010A Interior lighting lamps, clock, radio memory, windshield washer pump
1120A Emergency warning signals, sound signal
1210A Headlight washer pump, taillights
1310A High beam right headlight, high beam indicator lamp
1410A High beam left headlight
1510A Heated seats, instrument panel lighting, heated glass
1610A Brake lights, reversing lights, automatic transmission lock switch, water-in-fuel sensor, oxygen content sensor (“turbodiesel” models)
1710A Direction indicators
183A Anti-lock braking system
1925A Heater motor
2015A Switch and windshield wiper motor
2115A Automatic transmission downshift solenoid valve
2215A Rear window wiper
233A Power relay (turbodiesel models)
2420A Low-intensity low beam headlights
F330A Anti-lock braking system
F430A Anti-lock braking system
ALow beam headlights
Bdipped headlights
CNot used
DNot used
EPower management
FMain power relay
GPower Relay
HHeated rear window
INot used
IINot used
IIINot used
IVHeated windshield
V” Rear wiper
VIAutomatic transmission downshift solenoid valve
VIIDirection indicators
VIIIHeadlight washer pump
IXRelay for wiper operation
XHeater engine
XINot used
XIINot used

The fuse number 9, 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

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