Ford Galaxy Mk3 – fuse and relay

The 3rd generation Ford Galaxy has been assembled since 2016. Years 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and up to now. In this publication, we show the location of the boxes and the designation of the fuses and relays of the 3rd generation Ford Galaxy, with diagrams and their photographs. Note the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter.

ford galaxy 3

The actual assignment of fuses and relays may differ from the one presented and depends on the year of manufacture and the level of electrical equipment of your car.

Passenger compartment

It is located on the left side of the dashboard and is combined with the BCM (body conrol module) For comfortable access, part of the protection must be removed.

Access to the unit in the salon  Location

Photo of the unit in the cabin

Photo for example

Box in the salon photo


Block diagram in the cabin


10A Background lighting, Glove box lamp, Vanity mirror lamp, Ceiling lamp, Luggage compartment lamp
7.5A Seat with memory function, Lower backrest support, driver’s seat, Power mirrors
320A Unlock driver’s door
45A Electronic trailer brake
520A Ignition switch, Start button
610A Heated seats
710A Reserve
810A Reserve
910A Reserve
105A Power tailgate module
115A Reserve
127.5А Integrated module for front controls (climate control system and radio receiver)
137.5A Steering column, Instrument panel, Diagnostic connector
1410A Reserve
1510A Data link gateway
15A Childproof lock, Luggage lift window unlock
175A Reserve
185A Ignition lock (switch), Ignition switch with a push button
197.5A Passenger Airbag Disable Indicator, Gear Range Indicator
207.5A Reserve
215A Humidity and temperature sensor in the car, Control systems “blind / dead” zones, Rear camera, Adaptive cruise control system
225A Passenger Classification Sensor
2310A Power supply circuit delayed off auxiliary equipment
2420A Lock / Unlock
2530A Driver’s door window, Driver’s door mirror
2630A Front passenger door window, Front passenger door mirror
2730A Luke
2820A Amplifier
2930A Rear door window, driver’s side
3030A Rear door window, passenger side
3115A Reserve
3210A Global Positioning System Module, Voice Control (SYNC), Infotainment Display, RF Radio, Adaptive Cruise Control
3320A Radio
3430А Bus “start / run” (fuse 19, 20, 21, 22, 35, 36, 37, circuit breaker)
355A Airbag and seatbelt control module
3615A Auto-dimming interior mirror, Heated rear seat module, AWD system
3715A Voltage stabilization module
3830A Not used

Engine compartment

It consists of 2 sections and is located on the left side, next to the stand and is closed with a protective cover.

The location of the unit under the hood

Upper section

The photo

Photo of the unit under the hood


Block diagram under the hood of Mandeo 5


125A Windshield wiper 30A Hatch
2Starter relay
315A Automatic operation glass wipers, rain sensor, rear wipers
4Relay for electric blower fan
520A Accessory power outlet on the rear of the console
6Relay for auxiliary heater
720A Powertrain control module
8t20A Powertrain control module
9Powertrain Control Module Relay
1020A Front auxiliary power sockets, driver’s side
1115A Powertrain control module
1215A Powertrain control module
1310A Powertrain control module
1410A Powertrain control module
15Run / Start Relay
1620A Auxiliary power outlet on console, cigarette lighter
1720A Additional power socket in the luggage compartment
1810A Powertrain control module
1910A Power steering
2010A Illumination of position “start / stop”, cruise control
2115A Transmission control module, transmission oil pump
2210A Air conditioning system
2315A. Start / Stop, Blind Spot Alert, Rear View Camera, Adaptive Cruise Control, Proximity Warning, Voltage Quality Module, Air Quality Sensor
2410A Reserve
2510A Anti lock brake system, ABS
2610A Powertrain control module.
2710A Reserve
2810A Rear window washer pump.
295A Air mass meter
32Cooling fan relay
33Air conditioning relay
3415A Electric steering column lock.
38Cooling fan relay
39Cooling fan relay
40Horn relay
41Horn relay
42Fuel pump relay
445A Heated washer spray
4610A Generator
4710A Brake Switch
4820A Sound signal
495A Air flow sensor 20A Heating element for diesel fuel
5010A Cooling fan, transfer case 20A Signal
5310A Power seats.
545A Remote control for fuel-fired heater, 10A Brake switch
5510A ALT sensor

For the operation of cigarette lighters and USB sockets, fuses 17, 16, 10 and 5 at 20A are responsible.

Lower section

Access example

Access to an additional block


additional block diagram under the hood


5630A Fuel pump
5720A Diesel fuel vaporizer
5930 / 40A Cooling Fan (DW10F and 2.0L GTDI AU)
6030 / 40A Cooling Fan (DW10F and 2.0L GTDI AU)
6140A Heated windshield (left side)
6250A Body systems control unit
6320 / 30A Cooling Fan (DW10F and 2.0L GTDI AU)
6430A Additional heater
6520A. Heated front seats
6640A Heated windshield (right side)
6750A Body systems control unit
6840A Heated rear window
6930A Anti lock brake system
7030A Passenger seat
7160A Additional heater
7220A Fuel pump 30A Hatch or Rear seats
7320A Rear heated seat
7430A Driver’s seat module
7530A Additional heater
7620A transmission oil pump
7730A Climate controlled seat module
7840A Trailer towing module
7940A Electro blower fan.
8030A Power module in the luggage compartment.
8140A Inverter 220 V.
8260A Anti-lock brake system pump.
8325A Cleaner motor
8430A Starter solenoid.
8520A Fuel-fired heater 60A Anti-lock brake pump


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