Citroen Xsara Picasso – fuse and relay

The compact MPV Citroen Xsara Picasso has been produced since 1999. It was delivered to European markets in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. During this period, the car received an update. This mainly affected the front view. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the designation of the Citroen Xsara Picasso fuse boxes: their location and diagrams, as well as highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

xara picasso photo

The xsara picasso has 2 main fuse boxes. In this video you can see how to get to them.

Depending on the configuration and the year of manufacture, a different design of these box is possible.

Engine compartment

Type 1


block diagram under the hood citroen xara picasso option 1


110 AReversing lights – Water in diesel fuel sensor – Coolant
215 AFuel pump supply circuit
310 AElectronic control unit (ECU) of the ABS system
410 AEngine (ECU) – Automatic transmission ECU
510 ABVA – Diesel Fuel Additives
615 AFog lights
715 AAutomatic lighting
820 AEngine (ECU)
915 ALow beam lamp, left headlight
1015 ALow beam lamp, right headlight
1110 ALeft high beam headlamp
1210 AHigh beam headlight, right
1315 ASound signal
1410 AFront and rear washers
1530 AEngine sensors, ignition coils, injectors, Solenoid valves
1630 AAir pump
1730 AFront wiper
1840 AAir supply actuator, service panel

On the side of the unit, there are separate maxi fuses.

maxi fuses

  • MF1 (20-80A) low speed fan power relay, high speed fan power relay
  • MF2 (20-80A) wheel anti-lock calculator – stability control calculator
  • MF3 (20-80A) wheel anti-lock calculator
  • MF4 (20-80A) Intelligent Service Module
  • MF5 (20-80A) Intelligent Service Module
  • MF6 (20-80A) 12 fuse module in passenger compartment
  • MF7 (20-80A) Ignition switch
  • MF8 (20-80A) fluid heating system

Type 2


Xara Picasso block diagram under the hood 2

Protected components

  • MF1 70A + BB power supply CM (intelligent service module) – windscreen wiper – heated rear window – lock
  • MF2 70A fan group (P)
  • MF3 60A fan group (P)
  • MF4 60A anti-lock wheels (A)
  • F5 20A buzzer
  • F6 30A low beam headlamp relay (P)
  • F7 30A fan low speed relay (TU5JP / L3) with cooling system
  • MF8 70A Passenger compartment fuse module 28 (A)
  • MF9 50A power supply CM (intelligent service module) – Direction indicators – power window – sunroof – + VAN – rear wiper – cooling compressor
  • MF10 40A Light control (A)
  • MF11 Free
  • MF12 70A anti-theft alarm contact (+ AA, + CC, + D) (A)
  • MF13 40A anti-theft alarm contact (+ KK) (A)
  • F14 20A diagnostic socket – calculator power supply (TU5JP)
  • MF15 Free
  • MF16 40A Passenger compartment fuse module 28 (A)
  • MF17 30A auxiliary heating system nozzle (A)
  • F18 power supply (via dual relay) Free
  • F19 Free
  • F20 10A + CC fan relay (all types except TU5JP / L3 and EW7J4) (base)
  • F21 + BB Free
  • F22 25A Direction indicators
  • F23 15A + CC wheel anti-lock calculator
  • F24 5A Engine control computer (A) – preheating module – flow meter – protection blocking module 3 relays
  • F25 15A power supply (via dual relay) fuel pump
  • F26 40A + BB Two-position relay (P)
  • F27 30A Two-position relay (P)
  • F28 5A power supply (via dual relay) resistance of the carburetor heating system or damper module (TU5JP / L3)
  • F29 40A – (5A) + BB air pump (EW7) (A) – auxiliary heating warning lamp (DW10)
  • F30 10A right fog lamp (P)
  • F31 10A left fog lamp (P)
  • F32 10A + CC vehicle speed sensor – reversing light contact – protection blocking module 3 relays
  • F33 15A Fluid temperature module (TU5JP) – diagnostic socket – Fuel heating system – contact pair of the engine coolant level sensor (DW10TD)
  • F34 5A power supply (via double relay) oxygen probe – Tank cleaning solenoid valve (petrol) – RVG solenoid valve – solenoid valve (diesel fuel pump)

Passenger compartment

access to the unit in the salon

Type 1


block diagram in the cabin option 1


115 ADiagnostic connector – Caravan tow hitch
420 AElectronic control unit (ECU) – Instrument cluster – Car radio – Diesel fuel additives – Steering wheel control buttons
515 A
610 ADiagnostic connector
715 ARain and light sensor
930 ASunroof – Rear Power Windows
1040 AHeated rear window – Heated outside rearview mirrors
1115 ARear window wiper
1230 AFront electric windows
1410 ASteering wheel controls – Diesel fuel additives – Airbag – Parking sensors
1515 AInstrument cluster – Car radio – Air conditioning – Navigation
1630 ACentral electric lock
2010 ARight brake light
2115 ALeft brake light
2220 ACigarette lighter, Courtesy light, 12V outlet, Glove box lighting

The fuse number 22 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Type 2


block diagram with fuses ksara picasso


A20ACentral locking system
B25AWindshield wiper
C30AHeated rear window and exterior mirrors
D15AAir conditioning compressor, rear window wiper
E30ASunroof, front and rear door windows
F15APowering the multiplex system
F1Front and side airbags, seat belt pretensioners
F2Not used
F35AClutch pedal switch
F45A“+” After ignition switch, multiplex system (BSI)
F510APower to engine stop valve (2.0 HDi)
F65AContinuous power supply for hazard warning lights
F75AMultiplex continuous power supply (BSI)
F810ACoolant temperature sensor, interior headlights, instrument cluster
F95ALuggage compartment lighting
F11Not used
F12Not used
F13Not used
F1415APower supply of the additional socket and electrical equipment of the trailer
F1520ARear door windows
F1640AProtection block
F1715ACar radio
F18Not used
F195ARear fog lights
F20Not used
F21Not used
F2210ACeiling lighting, glove compartment lighting
F2320ACigarette lighter fuse citroen xara picasso
F24Not used
F25Not used
F265AElectrically operated mirrors
F275AContinuous power supply to additional equipment and multiplex system (BSI)
F28Not used
F2910 ALeft high beam headlamp
F3010 AHigh beam headlight, right
F3110ALeft low beam headlamp
F3210ARH low beam headlamp
F3310AHeadlight range control
F3410ALicense plate light, front left and rear right side light
F3510AFront right and rear left side light
F3615AAir conditioning system
F375ANot used
F385APush button switch
F395ANot used
F4040AAir conditioning fan

The fuse number 23, 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

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