Citroen DS4 fuse and relay

This model belongs to the new premium Citroen brand – DS. This series was developed in conjunction with the Citroen C4 and has one platform and similar structural elements, including electrical circuits. Produced Citroen Ds4 in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and the present. We will present Citroen DS4 fuse box diagrams with a designation of the elements.


Passenger compartment fuse box

The fuse boxes are located under the dash (left side).

access to the unit in the salon

The resulting space will look something like this.

photo of the unit in the cabin Citroen C4

Complete photo block diagram

photo block diagram with fuses


  • F2 7.5A
  • F3 3A Anti-theft device or START / STOP button.
  • F4 5A Remote key reader.
  • F5 3A Remote control key.
  • F6A-F6B 15A Car radio
  • F7 15A Electronic start assist “hands-free”
  • F8 3A Burglar alarm siren, alarm processor.
  • F9 3A Steering wheel switch block.
  • F11 5A Stability control calculator
  • F12 15A
  • F13 10A Cigarette lighter.
  • F14 10A Hatchback rear cigarette lighter.
  • F16 3A Individual rear lights, glove box lighting.
  • F17 3A Sun visor illumination, front individual lamps.
  • F19 5A Instrument panel.
  • F21 10A Car radio and air conditioning control.
  • F22 5A Displays, parking sensors.
  • F23 5A Engine compartment fuse module
  • F24 3A Rain and light sensor
  • F2515A Block of airbags and pyrotechnic tensioners
  • F26 15A
  • F27 3A Dual brake pedal contactor
  • F28A-F28B 15A Car radio, autoradio (optional).
  • F29 3A
  • F30 20A
  • F31 30A Central locking.
  • F32 10A Power supply for rear view camera in C4L China. (16V NE 13pin output)
  • F34 5A
  • F35 3A
  • F37 3A Driver’s door wiper / rearview mirror control – Electrochromic interior rearview mirror
  • F38 3A
  • F39 30A

For the cigarette lighter, fuses 13 and 14 are responsible for 10 A.

There should be a relay and fuse box near it – BFH3.

Box diagram

Block BFH3


F1 40A heated rear window
F2 7,5A electrically heated mirrors
F3 10A relay
F5 30A rear power windows
F6 30A front power windows
F7 30A electrically adjustable driver’s seat
F8 30A sunroof
R1 – open outside mirrors
R2 – fold rearview mirror
R3 – heated rear window / heated mirrors

Engine compartment electronics boxes

Main fuse box

This engine compartment fuse box is located next to the battery.

block in the engine compartment

Photo for example

Fuse box


block in the engine compartment - diagram

The number of fuses depends on the equipment and the year of manufacture.


  • F1 15A Engine Control Computer – Power Protection and Distribution Unit
  • F2 5A Electric fan group control unit
  • F3 5A Engine control computer
  • F5 15A Engine control computer
  • F6 20A Engine management computer – fuel pump with fuel level sensor
  • F7 10A Engine control computer
  • F8 10A Engine control computer
  • F10 5A Safety contactor for cruise control – automatic transmission computer
  • F11 15A Left headlight – right headlight – ionizer
  • F14 25A Air conditioning compressor
  • F15 5A Power steering pump mechanism
  • F17 10A Electrochromic inside rearview mirror – power window / outside mirror control board, driver’s door
  • F19 30A Low / high speed of the windshield wiper
  • F20 15A Windscreen washer pump
  • F21 20A Headlight washer pump
  • F22 15A Horn
  • F23 15A Right headlight
  • F24 15A Left headlight
  • F26 10A Air conditioning compressor
  • F29 30A Starter

The following fuses are separately located at the bottom of the unit:

F10 5A Automatic transmission control group
F11 5A Shift-lock relay
F12 15A Automatic transmission computer

Battery fuses


Battery fuses


  1. Not used
  2. 30 A Transmission (mechanical with electronic control or automatic transmission)
  3. Not used
  4. Not used
  5. 80 A Power steering pump
  6. 70 A Heating unit (diesel engine)
  7. 100 A Protection and switching unit
  8. Not used
  9. 30 A Electric pump assembly for an electronically controlled manual transmission
  10. 30 A Valvetronic motor

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  • Hi thanks for the info.
    So what do you think I need to change to solve my ds4 crossback.
    Error code B1624 73.
    Supply protection and management unit. Fault in central power switch positive relay status relay closed.
    Many thanks

  • Is there a fuse for the engine management light

  • My citroen ds4 fuse box plug psf 127v nr burned completely where can I get the plug colour coding

  • Psf127v nr plug on the fuse box burned completely for citroen ds4 2012 model where can I get the wiring diagram?

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